The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2016 (aka: recipe for happiness)

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Heyyyyyy! So you’re probably thinking, ummmmm Tiffany… this does not look like a recipe. True. But also not true. It’s a different kind of recipe. A recipe for happiness and satisfaction. What? Stay with my guys, I’m about to tell you about the most amazing thing I’ve discovered this year – and that’s saying a lot because I recently discovered the magic that is adding your boarding pass for flights to your iPhone so you don’t have to have a printed copy. Like WHERE has that been all my life??


As you know, I have six month old twins. SIX months people. They are rolling e.ver.y.where. and getting stuck under e.ver.y.thing. Cribs, our king bed, the console table, the kitchen island. It’s no joke. And life gets more awesome and more crazy every day. I love it. But I’ve had to get a serious handle on things like time management, organization, and meal prep, just to save my sanity. So when I found this thing called The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle with promises of delivering the best tips, tricks, and secrets of happy homemakers I was happier than me at a food truck party with nothing but taco trucks.

You guys. You know how I feel about tacos. (insert ten heart-eyed emojis here please)


Okay so what is The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? Let me break it down for you…


The bundle contains 93 superb eBooks and eCourses designed to help you:

  • cut down your time in the kitchen with crockpot freezer meals and make-ahead breakfasts
  • organize and declutter your home
  • teach your kids to clean (and create a chore system that works – YES!)
  • save money by making DIY personal care and cleaning products
  • create realistic weight loss plans and add more healthy movement to your life
  • learn how to keep your kids safe online (I can’t be the only one petrified of this right??)
  • start your own business or find a great work-at-home job (like me me me!!! I love my work at home job!! Because I get to hang out with YOU all day.)
  • get the mothering encouragement you need on the hard days (no matter what stage or age your kids are at. we all need it!)
  • and even relax and recharge in the evenings with a little adult coloring (have you discovered this yet?? obsessed.)

The combined value of everything in the bundle is over $1,000, but you get everything for a humongous 97% off! What the what?? Yesssssss. 97 percent off. It’s practically free people.



Worried about information overload? Don’t be: there’s a handy Interactive Quick Start Guide to help you take action right away. The Ultimate Bundles team creates a new edition every year and this year’s bundle is the BEST EVER. I know that because guess what?? Okay I can’t wait I’m just gonna tell you. My Miracle Dough eCookbook is in this year’s Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!!!!!!! (<—-soooo many exclamation points)  Did you even know that I had an eCookbook? Well I do and it has been incredibly popular ever since I released it last year! What is Miracle Dough? It’s a dough I created that requires only FIVE ingredients and 30 minutes and has endless possibilities – cinnamon rolls, pizza, soft pretzels, hot pockets…. the list goes on people and I use it ALL the time. If you want to read more about it and see pictures of the amazing recipes that come in the book you can check it out here.


The good news? My book (which normally sells for $12) is included in this amazing bundle along with 90 other incredible sources for uplifting and encouraging you to be the best homemaker/mother/wife/friend/person you can possibly be and the total cost for you is just $29.97. That’s it. For the whole entire bundle.  I am happy to say that this is not a joke.

The bad news? On May 2nd at 11:59 PM Eastern Time, The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (2016 Edition) will no longer be available. That means you have 5 days (just five) to grab it before it’s gone forever.

Click HERE (or on the image below) to find out more and buy The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (2016 Edition)!!!



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I just started following your blog and I didn’t know you have twins! I have seven month old fraternal boy twins:) they’re awesome aren’t they?? I also have a four year old boy. I like the idea of staying organized and on top of everything so I will check this out😀

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