Blondie Sundaes with Hot Maple Cream Sauce

Blondie Sundaes with Hot Maple Cream Sauce
In general, I don’t order dessert at restaurants. Not because I don’t want to, oh no that is not the issue. It’s just that I have a problem. It’s called my eyes are bigger than my stomach. And I can hear my mother’s voice in my head saying exactly those words.
Me: “Oh my gosh I am SO full. . . “
Mom: “Looks like maybe your eyes were bigger than your stomach.”

When we go out to restaurants, I have a habit of looking over the dessert menu before ordering my meal. Bad idea. What nobody knows is that the reason I take sooooo long to decide what to order (and I do mean SO-stinking-long) is that I’m secretly entertaining thoughts of ordering dessert. Just dessert. Like instead of a main course.
But somehow my dinner-before-dessert upbringing wins out in the end and I settle for something a little more traditional, as far as main course options go. Something a little less sugar-loaded and a little more nutrition-savvy. Often I order something thinking, oh I can totally finish that and still have room for dessert.

Do I ever finish my barbecue chicken with mashed sweet potatoes or broiled salmon and still have room for a decadent treat? No, pretty much never.  But I dream of having a stomach twice the size of the one I currently have where I could fit all of that into one glorious meal.In the meantime, if I have dessert from a restaurant, it’s usually to-go.
One of my favorite restaurant desserts is served at Applebees. Have you been to Applebees? They have a bourbon street selection on their menu right now that is so SO good. But the real winner is their dessert. And I’m speaking of just one. The Applebees Blondie.
A thick and chewy blonde brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and dripping in gooey maple-y cream sauce.To. Die. From.   Meaning if I could choose my own cause of death, it might be from eating too much of this blondie sundae.

If you’ve never been to Applebees, or you’ve never warmed up a blondie and topped it with ice cream, you’re in for a life-changing experience here. Really. You will probably email me and cry exclamations of joy and thankfulness for sharing this wonder with you.
I’m totally okay with that. We can chat about our love of blondie sundaes, maple anything,  and maybe plan a party in honor of this dessert.

Just a heads up, this dessert is pretty rich. Mainly the sauce. It’s rich. So make sure you’ve got plenty of cool vanilla ice cream underneath that waterfall of sauce you’ll be pouring. The creamy mild vanilla balances out the rich maple sauce so well. And if you run out of blondie, just pour a bunch of sauce over the ice cream by itself.
But try it with the blondie first, you’ll be glad you did.

*Recipe adapted from Create-a-torium Crafts


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Stunning combination of flavours!!

I’m thinking about serving this as a dessert for friends next week. Do you bake them at 350? I couldn’t find the oven temperature.

    Yes! Thanks for pointing that out i will have to fix that right away! Hope you love them as much as I do!!

Honest to God, I cannot think of a fall dessert I’d rather have than this luscious blondie a la mode…in a restaurant, or anywhere!