35 Cheesecake Themed Desserts

35 Cheesecake Themed Desserts – I’ve had so much cheesecake on my mind that I’ve actually rounded up 35 really amazing creations from my favorite bloggers!

I don’t know why but I’ve had cheesecake on my mind lately. Lots and lots of cheesecake. And lots of cheesecake recipe ideas. Do you mind if I post about twenty cheesecake-themed desserts in the next month or so? You won’t get sick of that will you? I just really need to make at least a third of the rather incredible ideas that have been popping into my head lately. As you can see, I’ve had so much cheesecake on my mind that I’ve actually rounded up 35 really amazing creations from my favorite bloggers. Cheesecake is so versatile, you can do anything with it! I know actual National Cheesecake Day was last Fall, but let’s pretend like it’s today okay? And lets celebrate with this roundup!! Go ahead, take a gander, I dare you to resist.

35 Cheesecake Themed Desserts!

See? I knew you couldn’t resist.


1. cinnamon roll cheesecake bars

22. peppermint cheesecake swirl brownies

33. mocha cheesecake brownies

43. strawberry cheesecake pops

55. cheesecake stuffed strawberries

66. rolo cheesecake bars

77. strawberry cheesecake frozen yogurt

88. ganache cheesecake brownies

99. chocolate cheesecake squares

1010. raspberry cheesecake ice cream cupcakes

1111. rainbow cookie cheesecake bites

1212. strawberry cheesecake ice cream

1313. devil’s cheesecake ice cream

1414. chocolate chip cheesecake bars

1515. carrot cake cheesecake cupcakes

1616. mint cookies & cream cheesecake bars

lemon creamcheese bars17. lemon cheesecake bars

1818. white chocolate craisin cheesecake pudding cookies

1919. peanut butter chocolate chip cookie  cheesecake bars

2020. carrot cake cheesecake swirl bars

2121. funfetti cheesecake pudding cookies

2222. almond cheesecake pudding cookies

2323. chocolate cheesecake dip

2524. cheesecake cupcakes

2525. lemon blueberry cheesecake bars

2626. reese’s peanut butter chocolate mini cheesecakes

2727. salted caramel apple cheesecake bars

2828. pumpkin cream cheese muffins

2929. strawberry cheesecake macarons

3030. irish creme cheesecake brownies

3131. key lime cheesecake bites with raspberry drizzle

3232. mini cheesecake bites

3333. cheesecake bites

3434. cheesecake cookies

3535. oreo cheesecake cookies

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Thanks for including my lemon cheesecake bars in this mouthwatering lineup! The lemon cheesecake bars are my favorite bar recipe on my blog!

I definitely need ALL of these in my life. I LOVE Cheesecake….so, so, much!
I Must try the Strawberry Cheesecake Pops this Summer.

You definitely know your way around cheesecake. I would like one of everything! Beautiful!

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