Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yeah, I really have a chocolate chip cookie fetish. A bad one. The dangerous kind, you know? Where any self control exhibited at all is really a HUGE accomplishment? Like…. only eating six cookies in a row and waiting an hour or two to come back for the seventh and eighth ones. 🙂

Growing up, I never had a desire to learn to cook or bake because  my mother was so fantastic in the kitchen. Why ruin a good thing right? My mother tried to teach me how to make something as simple as cookies many a time and a common response heard from my chocolate-chip-cookie-stuffed bouche (bear with my french) was “but it tastes so much better when you make it!

And one time I really tried. I did. I set out to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies, just basic ones, no tricks involved. And it was pretty sad. I mean, who forgets to put the chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies. Who forgets the NAMESAKE of the cookie?? Me. That’s who. And who, when they’ve finally realized their humiliatingly catastrophic mistake, rushed to poke some of those beloved little morsels into the top of the hot, already-mostly-baked cookies? Also me.

But when my culinary adventures began, I set on the popular quest to find the “perfect chocolate chip cookie”. And I have tried many many recipes my friends. Many. And what I’ve decided is…There isn’t one. There is no “perfect” chocolate chip cookie recipe. At least not for me. Because the truth is that I’ve discovered I have a plethora of chocolate chip cookie moods. I have a thick-and-chewy mood, and a slightly-doughy mood, a crispy-bottom-soft-top mood, a fluffy-lighter-than-air-eat-ten-and-still-have-room mood…  You get the picture. And so today I have decided to share with you one recipe that hits the spot when I’m pining for a firm-bottomed, soft-top, dense-and-perfectly-sweet chocolate chip cookie.

How do YOU feel about the “Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie” debate?
Share your most beloved chocolate chip cookie recipes with me!

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I love adding cornstarch to cookies! It seriously changed my baking life when I started including it! These look great. Your photography is legit!

    Okay I’m a little embarrassed that I never answered your comment before this!! Ha ha! Thanks so much Janetha, these really are such a great go to!

I just made these for my husband and he LOVED them! I will definitely make these again! Thanks Tiff!

    I’m so glad to hear that you liked them, they’re one if my favorites and so easy! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and let me know how great they turned out! It makes my day to hear when people love my food as much as I do! Thanks Jeanette!!

I’ve never been able to make chocolate chip cookies that weren’t crackers before this recipe. the cornstarch changes everything. i have to make these all the time now because of requests i get! thank you so much for this delicious recipe!

    THE BEST when you finally find the perfect chocolate chip cookie!! So happy that you’ve found it here. Thanks, Kate!