Frosted Pumpkin Rice Krispies

Frosted Pumpkin Rice Krispies – A perfect holiday spin on your favorite rice crispy treat recipe!  The pumpkin spice really gives them a festive mood!


Did you  know that KRAFT makes pumpkin spice marshmallows??

I had no idea! But believe you me, the wheels are turnin’ and I am coming up with alllll sorts of wild ideas for those puffy little pumpkin-shaped marshmallow guys.

(Like um, s’mores for one. . . SHHHH!)


And now I will take the opportunity to ask for your forgiveness.

What is this, pumpkin recipe number three in the past week? Let’s see. . .  Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwiches. . . Puffy Pumpkin Waffles. . . yep! Number three. I swear that not every third recipe from now til New Years will be pumpkin. I really promise. It’s just this week. Or couple of weeks. I mean, have you tried to use up one of those big cans of pumpkin in one or two recipes? ITS HARD!

Granted, this recipe doesn’t actually call for pumpkin purree, but these rice krispies are actually what started this whole pumpkin kick. And I finally ran out, so just grin and bear it and know that the end is very very near.

After one more post. 😉



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What a fun pumpkin twist – definitely want to try this for the holiday season!

These look yummy for fall! Pretty picture too.

    Thanks so much Renee!!

sounds yummy!

    Thanks Dina!

I was standing in the store earlier this week looking at those marshmallows thinking they would make some yummy rice krispie treats. I am going to print your recipe and make it this weekend! I shared it in my Pumpkin Round Up on my blog today too! 🙂