Miracle Dough – The e-CookBook!

Miracle Dough - the fastest, easiest dough for everything you can imagine!

Gahhhhhh! I am both insanely stoked and incredibly nervous today. I have been working on something HUGEΒ and this is the big reveal! So let me give you a little bit of background information here…

This past year I made it one of my goals to conquer my fear of working with yeast doughs. I made cinnamon rolls and I made bread and I made rolls and pizza, and I tried a whole bunch of different dough recipes in the process. But as you know, I’m not the most patient of people. (enough said….) And being not-so-patient made it really difficult for me to love working with dough because so many dough recipes require lots and lots of rising time, and kneading, and punching down the dough, and rising again…. It’s too much for me. If I’m in the mood for ______ (cinnamon rolls, pizza, etc), then I kind of want it pronto. Like, yesterday.

Miracle Dough Cinnamon Rolls

This past summer I decided to see if I could make a simpler, much quicker dough than the ones I’d been finding on the internet, in cookbooks, etc. Well…. I did it. I made a simple dough that doesn’t require a million years of rising time and I used it to make the chewiest, best tasting soft pretzels known to mankind. But then something incredible happened. I decided to do something crazy and try to use the same dough that I used for soft pretzels to make cinnamon rolls. Sounds totally nuts right?? I tried it, and it WORKED! Not only did it work, but my brother who does not like cinnamon rolls (that’s just sinful but we won’t go into that right now) sampled them and said they were the best cinnamon rolls he’d ever tasted and that all of the things he didn’t like about cinnamon rolls were actually fixed in this recipe! Woah.

Miracle Dough Soft Pretzels

And then I went hog-wild. I started trying this new miraculous dough with everything I could imagine. The results were incredible and my mind was blown! One easy dough for all of my favorite foods?? Amazing. Just amazing. So I named it Miracle Dough: the one-stop dough for sweet and savory recipes.

Miracle Dough Recipe Collage

So what’s the deal with this dough? Let me break it down for you: this dough has 5 INGREDIENTS. That’s it. Just 5 ingredients, no eggs, no milk, just 5 simple ingredients. And one of those ingredients is water so that hardly even counts as an ingredient! And the other key part of this dough is how long it takes to prep. 30 MINUTES. Just 30 minutes including rising time! Seriously, start to finish, in 30 minutes Β or less you’ll have fluffy dough sitting on your counter ready to rock n’ roll for whatever finger-lickin-good recipe you’re about to whip up. (please do share…) And guess what?? You may have already used Miracle Dough and you didn’t even know it! Remember these recipes??

Miracle Dough Recipes

Yep – all made with Miracle Dough.Β So are you convinced yet?? Good! Now get your copy pronto – I can’t wait to see what you make with this fun dough! Oh and if you do use Miracle Dough be sure to snap a photo of your creation and share it with the hashtag #operationMD Β πŸ™‚


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Congrats on this awesome e-book! Every recipe looks so tasty and easy to make!

Congrats!!! This book looks amazing, and that is definitely a miracle dough. All your creations look to die for!

    Thanks so much Rachel!! It’s pretty exciting to have my (first πŸ˜‰ ) book out!! πŸ™‚

I’m SO proud of you Tiffany!! You worked incredibly hard at developing all of these recipes, and it really shows. Your photography, your creative recipe ideas, your perseverance… It’s truly inspiring! I hope this cookbook is unbelievably successful because you deserve it!

    Amy!!!! Gosh I love you girl. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Thanks so much! It’s doing well – thanks so much for your support!! Email me – we need to chit chat!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Do you think this dough could be made with gluten free flour??

Hi Tiffany, just downloaded your ebook, I am thrilled with the variety of recipes, just a couple of questions. Can this dough be made in advance? and can it be frozen.

thank you, Michelle

I was wondering if the miracle dough could be converted into a gluten free miracle dough? My sister has health issues that require her to be on a gluten-free diet and we are always baking and trying to find new recipes to try -especially breads! It would be awesome if we could find a quick recipe such as this one so she can enjoy even more of her favorite foods. πŸ™‚

    Hi Jocelyn! I am actually currently testing this recipe to see if it can be adapted to gluten free. πŸ™‚ I’ll definitely be sharing the results!

      Ooooh, that’s awesome to hear! I hope you can get it all figured out. We have gotten pretty good with creating our own cookies, biscuits, and dinner rolls, but haven’t found a yeast dough that would work with tons of stuff yet, so if you get the gluten-free version of this rolling, I will definitely be one of your first customers! πŸ˜‰

This appears to be extremely similar to ‘crazy dough’ from Kitchen Nostalgia’s post from June. What is the difference? Her recipe is posted for free, as well.

    I do not know the author of Kithen Nostalgia and I’m not familiar with their dough recipe so I can’t tell you how they differ. I can only vouch for Miracle Dough. πŸ™‚

      I was curious so I had to check out the other recipe (so nosy, I know!). Considering hers has 8 ingredients and you stated that yours has five, I think they aren’t too similar. πŸ™‚
      Your dough sounds so appealing! I have recently conquered the yeast roll and a delicious herbed bread that I eat at least once a week (by myself, it’s a problem I have). But a one-size-fits-all dough would be amazing! I think I’ll have to check it out. And your photos are beautiful.

        Thank you so much Shawna! πŸ™‚ My family LOVES this dough – especially me because I’m the one preparing it and it is so darn easy! Plus it works for so many different things that I have it memorized and can whip up just about anything without even referring to the actual recipe. πŸ™‚

My wife just made the dough for the first time and made cinnamon rolls. She couldn’t believe how quickly the dough was ready, and how easy it was to work with. The cinnamon rolls were AMAZING! We can’t wait to try other recipes. Great job Tiffany!


I tried to purchase the e-cookbook for the miriacle dough and it froze after i put in all my info.

    Hi Julie! Gah, that’s frustrating! Have you tried again since that time when it froze?

Hey, I ordered you e-book and can not wait to try out all of the delicious looking recipes πŸ™‚ I was just curious if you had tried making sandwhich bread with it? If so how do you cook it and at what temperature?

Thanks so much,


    Hi Kristen, I actually haven’t tried sandwich bread with this recipe so I couldn’t say for sure, if you do try it please let me know how it turns out because I’d love to share it with my other readers! πŸ™‚

      What kind of flour do you use for this dough? I was thinking all purpose. But was wondering if there was a way to use white whole wheat flour?

        Hi Kristen, I use all purpose flour for Miracle Dough. You could try it with whole wheat flour, I might recommend trying just half whole wheat and half all purpose at first, just to see how it goes. And maybe increase rising time by a couple of minutes since whole wheat typically yields a more dense dough. πŸ™‚

I’ve tried twice now to download your book but it froze both times. I was charged both times but still couldn’t download the book… What should I do?

    Hi Courtney, Gah that’s frustrating! Go ahead and submit a message through my contact form (under ABOUT) and I’ll help you get it all sorted out!!

Hi Tiffany!
I found this via Pinterest and after reading your blog post, I decided to get the ebook. I’m looking forward to using it! I also wanted to tell you that you did a great job with the book itself. Great pictures and easy-to-follow recipes. Thank you very much! And best wishes. πŸ™‚

    Thank you so much Traci! The miracle dough recipe has been a real game-changer in my house, I hope you love it!! πŸ™‚

Hi Tiffany..
I just bought your e-cookbook… all looks yummy… πŸ˜€
I just wondering if I could subtitute the honey with sugar..? Thanks

    Hi Anne, yes you should be able to sub in sugar.

I can’t download this Ebook info.

Where is my digital copy of book? I paid but never got my copy and won’t download.

    Hi Aurelia, if you weren’t able to get it to download just email me at tiffanyazure (at) yahoo.com πŸ™‚

Are your recipes gluten free and wheat free? I like the thought of your miracle dough but have to adhere to gf and alternate flours. Thanks for your help.

I made, for the first time, your cinnamon roll recipe. I doubled it and they are almost all gone! I love your Miracle Dough for pizza crusts and am very much looking forward to trying more recipes! I posted a picture on FB of the rolls I made and have put your name on the recipe! I hope my medical transcription friends come searching for your Ebook!!

    I am so happy to hear that! Thank you Jennifer! Hope you keep loving Miracle Dough – it’s been a game changer for me!

OMG I thought the miracle dough was too good to be true. but it’s not. it’s as simple as you say, and it’s absolutely delicious! i cannot wait to try everything in the e-cookbook. thank you!

    I am so happy to hear that Jennifer! Miracle Dough was a game changer for me – I hope it is for you too!

Rachel im looking forward TO trying out the miracle dough and checking out your e-book. Thank you for all the hard work.

I couldn’t open the ecookbook for the Miracle Dough! Drats!

I’ve just recently discovered your recipes online and they are wonderful!! but i can’t find the miracle dough recipe or the ebook you referenced. can you be of assistance?? Thanks

I realize you have an e-book of the Miracle dough ingredients and recipes, but do you also sell it as a hard copy, a real book?

    I don’t at this time!

Would really love to see the Miracle Dough Cook book!

your cookbook will not open

Where’s the recipe???

the miracle ecookbook did not download. can you email it to me?

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