Strawberry {Fruity Pebble} Bundt Cake

Want cake for breakfast? This Strawberry Fruity Pebble Cake is the perfect way to get away with cake before 10 am by topping it with colorful cereal.

Fruity Pebble Strawberry Bunt Cake

Occasionally I have a stroke of brilliance. Often though it’s more like subconscious brilliance. When my  inner, more-genius self takes over and does something totally amazing that makes me proud for days.

This cake is absolutely one of those brilliant moments.

It all started with an idea. A passing thought. Hey, I should put fruity pebbles in a cake…

During the execution though, the idea blossomed into something much greater than just a cake with some colorful cereal in it.

I realize that I didn’t include a picture of the inside of this cake. For that I apologize. Let me just tell you that the inside of this cake… is pink. Although I don’t normally do pink (it just looks terrible on me, I’ve come to accept it), I do love pink in this cake.

Bright strawberry pink, studded with seven million fruity pebbles. At least seven million. Maybe eight.


Maybe it’s the kid in me that is so excited about this cake. The kid who likes bright colored anything and the sugar addict who just loves all delicious and tasty treats.

And this I assure you is delicious, tasty, and by the way probably the most moist cake I’ve ever had a bite of.

This was the second dessert I made for my niece’s going-away-to-college party. I’m feeling old. I think my brilliant sub-conscious may have been trying to rebel by creating a dessert which brought out my younger, saturday morning cartoon watching self.

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I love this colorful bundt cake! What beautiful photos too.

    Crazy coincidence, I’ve been stalking your blog all night ha ha! Thanks so much Sally!

OMG I’M TOTALLY MAKING THIS. And then the BF will PROBABLY drop dead from excitement when he sees it. And then I will get to the WHOLE CAKE to myself! Also, I’m sure that you look lovely in pink!

    Ha ha thank you!!! I assure you this cake wears pink much better than I do… the boyfriend will DEFINITELY drop dead from excitement AFTER he tastes this amazing cake!!! Enjoy!!!

I keep seeing this cake on every food site! It’s just so pretty and I bet the taste is just amazing! HOW fun with Fruity Pebbles!

    Thanks so much Averie! What can I say, sometimes I just want breakfast for dessert and dessert for breakfast. 🙂

Visiting from the Time to Sparkle party… This cake looks fab! So colorful and who doesn’t love Fruity Pebbles! great recipe 🙂

We absolutely LOVE fruity pebbles. Thanks so much for linking up to our Strut Your Stuff Saturday link party with this delicious bundt cake. We invite you to share this on our new sister site – It’s a recipe sharing community and helps drive traffic back to your blog among other amazing features. Hope you’ll stop by and leave some recipes! Have a great Labor Day Weekend.
-The Six Sisters

    Thank you so much!! I’ll definitely be heading over to myrecipemagic to share this and lots more goodies!!

This looks both classy and whimsical…and tasty!
We would love to have you link up with us at our weekly Super Saturday Link Party at We love your work!

Fruity Pebbles and cake? My favorite things? Oh my! Thanks for sharing! I bet your niece loved it! I’m pinning this bad boy to make in the future!

    One can never find too many ways to eat fruity pebbles. 🙂 thanks Angela!!

I really want to make this cake, but I cannot find Strawberry Creme Jello pudding anywhere:(

The recipe isn’t on this page anymore. I’ve made it many times (it’s a family favorite now!) and I was hoping to make it tonight but can’t find it online anywhere, just tempting pictures!

Where is the recipe

    Hi Christy- I am not sure what happened to this page! We are working to get it fixed!

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