Recipe Development and Food Photography: I would love to work with your brand to create recipes using your products and photograph dishes for use on packaging, website, or other uses as agreed upon. I’m also available to be a recipe contributor for other websites offering taste-tested recipes to their readers. Please contact me for rates and other questions.

Brand Ambassadorships: I love to create long-lasting relationships with brands and am open to working on campaigns long-term with products and brands that I love.  Together we can promote a positive image for your brand and business.

Reviews & Giveaways: I am available to write about product reviews and share giveaways with companies and brands that I believe in or think would be a good fit and high value for my readers.

Brand Sponsored Travel: I would be thrilled to represent your brand and travel to various events/conferences, headquarters, touring facilities, etc. and share my experiences with my readers through blog posts and social media outlets.

Freelance Food Writing & Photography: I would love to write and/or photograph editorial content for your website or various publications.

Please email me at tiffanyazure(at)yahoo(dot)com for more details or to request a media kit.

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