Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples

The only thing better than a juicy harvest apple is a baked apple filled with rich cheesecake!  Top it off with caramel sauce, graham cracker crumbs, and pecans for the ultimate no-fuss Autumn dessert! 

Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples

Let’s play a game. It’s called, How Many Delicious Things Can You Stuff Inside a Baked Apple? Ever since I made those apple crisp stuffed baked apples I’ve been dreaming up more ways to get my baked apple fix. I believe between the apple crisp and these cheesecake stuffed apples, I have truly entered apple harvest heaven and can die a happy girl.

Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples

Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples

I hate when my husband is out of town because a) I miss him, obviously,  b) I am left to squish all of my own spiders and I don’t do clean up duty which means there are a lot of shoes in random places around the house, and c) I am stuck in an empty house with no one to keep me company besides all of this dang food I’m cooking up! What’s a girl to do when she’s staring down a bunch of gorgeous baked apples stuffed with cheesecake, all of which have no real agenda?

Devour them. That’s what a girl is to do.

Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples

Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples

These apples are delicious warm, at room temperature, or chilled. Whatever your preference, you really can’t go wrong. They only require 6 ingredients (seriously. just six) but if you’ve got time to round up three more (you do, you do!) then you should really go all out with the toppings. If you want to make some homemade caramel sauce, feel free, but if you’re just not in the mood for it (I don’t blame ya, I have those days) opt for caramel ice cream topping, it works perfectly. And I know the recipe says that the graham cracker crumbs are optional but, they’re not. They kind of bring the whole cheesecake thing together and you will not regret sprinkling some of that crumbly goodness right on top.

Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples

Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples

These have to be my new favorite fall dessert. I’m always and forever a fan of pumpkin (in case you haven’t noticed the 9 million pumpkin recipes on this blog) but sometimes you’ve gotta mix things up and these stuffed baked apples are the perfect way to do it. I mean, they’re filled with CHEESECAKE. How can you go wrong with a crisp Autumn apple stuffed with cheesecake?? Exactly. You can’t. And the fact that these babies are extremely easy just makes them that more amazing. This recipe will feed six normal-ish people, or three very hungry people, or one of me, but you can double the whole thing and feed a crowd with these too!


Cheesecake Stuffed Baked Apples

The only thing better than a juicy harvest apple is a baked apple filled with rich cheesecake! Top it off with caramel sauce, graham cracker crumbs, and pecans for the ultimate no-fuss Autumn dessert!
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Keyword apple, cheesecake, stuffed
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 6
Author Tiffany


  • 6 apples (I used gala apples)
  • 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • optional: graham cracker crumbs, caramel sauce, pecans


  • Chop the tops of the apples off and scoop out the insides. Discard the core and seeds.
  • In a medium bowl cream together cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Mix in vanilla, egg, and cinnamon until smooth. Fill each of the apples 2/3 full with the cheesecake mixture.
  • Place filled apples on a baking sheet (make sure they aren't touching) and bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes until cheesecake filling is set. Transfer to a plate and place in the fridge until completely cooled.
  • Serve apples at room temperature or chilled. If desired, top with caramel sauce, graham cracker crumbs, and pecans.


*Recipe prep time does not include cooling time which is 1-3 hours.

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I like this game! I can’t wait to see what else you stuff inside apples. Now you’ve got me thinking! These are awesome. pinned!

What a fantastic idea Tiffany! I love the idea of adding cheesecake to the inside – yum!

Lol. I am the same way when my husband is away. Apple loola yummy

Oh goodness! You have outdone yourself! Gorgeous and delicious!

I get the same way when my guy is away too! That spider thing is the worst. Our old house was practically infested, and we found at least 3 every day. It was awful! But a reward of dessert after I killed one… Especially cheesecake stuffed inside of apples… I just might be brave enough to squash them. 😉 Pinned!

I was so excited to try these and then my mom helped…needless to say she didn’t think to cream the cream cheese and sugar first before adding the other ingredients and we ended up with a chunky cream cheese soup of sorts. We still used it as filling and it’s in the oven now so we will see how much of an epic fail this is lol.

    Ha! Oh man, moms are such great helpers right? I’ve actually updated that portion of the recipe just to make sure no one else gets confused! Hope yours turned out okay!!

I just found your blog and want to say it’s amazing. The recipes look yummy and the photography is gorgeous. I would so eat this entire recipe myself too, but my girlfriend would probably get mad at me. We’ll be trying this for sure.

These look amazing. I have some cream cheese in my fridge right now, and this gives me ideas!
Great recipe and photos.
Love it!

I will definitely try this! It gave me an idea to try a savory stuffed apple. I am going to use sausage and a bread stuffing with cranberries and use it as a side dish for chicken or turkey.

This is great idea for work place holiday parties! I can’t wait to try it out.

Hi! So you don’t leave any of the apple inside to bake? Just making sure.


    That’s right, you can use the insides of the apple for another recipe or discard them. The cheesecake that bakes inside of the apple gets infused with a bit of apple flavoring from the juiced inside the apple! 🙂

Totally drooling over here. These cheesecake apples are INSANE! Definitely pinning, and I will have to make these before the season ends. Yum!

    Thanks Valentina! They taste as goos as they look!

It looks like the chopped apple pieces were put inside too but it doesn’t state this in the recipe. please clarify

If we want to add the caramel, do we put it in the cheesecake mixture? From some of the picture it seems like it’s actually inside the apple (not just drizzled over). Thanks! 🙂

    Nope, the caramel is only drizzled on top 🙂

How thick did you leave the apple sides/bottom? Looks delicious!

    About 1/8-1/4 of an inch 🙂

Could you do this and leave them in the fridge overnight or do you think it wouldn’t be as good the next day?

    Hi Krissy! These are definitely best fresh or day-of, but I have eaten them chilled the next day and they were still delicious! 🙂

i used honey crisp apples and they took quite a bit longer than 25 minutes, about 40. i used the insides for a potato hash and in about an hour it will be time to enjoy the fruits of my labor. ( a punny!) thanks for a great recipe!

Do you think you can pre make these and serve them the next day?

    Yep you can!

white velvet cheesecake will taste great inside apples with my vanilla caramel sauce drizzled over the tops. thank you

WOW……… this looks good

Yum! With all the pictures, I’d love to see step by step!

do you discard the apple flesh as well?

Do you think this would work with Splenda and low fat cream cheese-on a pretty strict diet but these look hard to resist and I’m having a Halloween dinner party!

    Hi Sue! These would be perfect for a Halloween dinner party! I know that low fat cream cheese will work, not sure about the splenda though because I never cook or bake with splenda so I’m kind of unfamiliar with how it compares to traditional sugar – good luck! 🙂

Can you freeze these? There are only two of us in my household lol and I would hate for them to go to waste!

    Hi Courtney, I bet you could! I’d wrap them individually in plastic wrap and then freeze. Then just unwrap and bake when you’re ready to have them – probably will need a few extra minutes in the oven if baking straight from frozen!

what did you do with the apple that you scooped out

    Hi Ruth, you can use the usable flesh to add to your filling. The part with the seeds and core is not edible though and should be thrown out.

This was delicious! My family and I tried them this evening. Wonderful!! Thank you so much!

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