Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos

Flavorful creamy chicken made in the slow cooker, then rolled up in soft tortillas and baked or a few minutes until crispy! An easy and tasty meal you’ll want to make again and again! 

Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos

The Cinco de Mayo foodie festivities are continuing around here.I suppose we are sort of working in reverse here with churros for dessert yesterday and cream cheese chicken taquitos for dinner today. But that’s just how we do it around here. We totally have ice cream before carrots and breakfast for dinner. We like to keep things interesting.

Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos

Slow cooker meals are some of my favorites. For one thing, the whole set-it-and-forget-it part really speaks to me. I’m especially good at the forgetting part. I love that dinner time rolls around and suddenly it’s “oh hey we should eat something. Hey look at that, dinner is ready!”.

Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos

These cream cheese chicken taquitos are one of the easiest dishes you will ever make. And one of the yummiest! The cream cheese chicken is creamy and flavorful, seasoned perfectly with just a couple of spices. Just throw it all in the crock pot and a few hours it’s ready to be rolled up and thrown in the oven for a few minutes to get nice n’ crispy.

Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos

My husband, who is not normally a big taquito-lover , went crazy for these! We were practically in tears when the last one was gone and we already have plans to make them again! Perfect for Cinco de Mayo or any other day of the year!!

What people are saying about these Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos

“I made these today for like the 3rd or 4th time because we love them so much! I added a little pepper jack cheese along with a mexican blend shredded cheese and I also cooked some green pepper and green chiles with the chicken mix in the crock pot. Turned out delish!” – Lacey

“Thank you for this incredibly easy and delicious recipe! I am a total beginner and it was such a success I am moving on to your other recipes and keeping this one a favorite to use again and again for sure πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing!” – Amber

“This recipe is amazing!! I made it last night for my family! My dad, who’s the cook in our house, said he would pay money for that in a restaurant! Absolutely phenomenal! Thank you so much for this recipe! Definitely going into the favorite recipes folder!!” – Brianna

“I tried it tonight, it was delicious! My husband and picky 2 years love them πŸ™‚ I added white onion and used pressure cooker instead of crock pot( because that was very last minute decision to make this) but it turned out good! I also added sower cream on chicken mixture before rolling the taquito:) I will make them again, thanks for the great and easy recipe!” – Naomi

Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos
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Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos

Creamy chicken taquitos made in a slow cooker, then rolled and baked til crispy! Soooo yummy and incredibly easy!!
Course Appetizer, Main Course
Cuisine Mexican
Keyword Chicken, cream cheese, taquito
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 15 minutes
Servings 4
Author Tiffany


  • 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 1 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 8 ounces cream cheese
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 1/2 cup shredded colby or Mexican blend cheese
  • 12 6 inch corn or flour tortillas
  • optional: cilantro, salsa, sour cream, or other toppings as desired


  • Add chicken, chili powder, garlic powder, cumin, salt and pepper to taste, cream cheese, and water to crock pot. Cover and cook on low 8 hours or on high 4 hours.
  • Minutes before serving, remove chicken from crock pot, shred with two forks, and return to slow cooker. Give it a stir. Let it cook about 15 minutes longer.
  • Preheat oven to 400. Place about 1/4 cup of the chicken mixture onto the middle of each tortilla. Top with 1-2 tablespoons shredded cheese. Roll tightly and place in a single layer on a greased baking sheet. Bake 10 minutes, until tortillas are slightly browned and shredded cheese is melted. Serve with desired toppings and sauces.


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We just love taquitos, and I think these are going to be a winner in this house. Love that they start in the slow cooker!

    The slow cooker takes out a lot of the work so you only have a couple of minutes prep before serving! Looooove my slow cooker. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

These look phenomenal — already pinned! πŸ™‚ I’m really good at forgetting about dinner too, but my problem is that I don’t actually own a regular-sized slow cooker! I have an itty bitty 2-person one that holds maybe 3 cups of liquid (if I’m lucky!). Do you think I could scale this down for my tiny crockpot? And does it matter what cream cheese (regular, neufchΓ’tel, fat-free) I use? And breakfast for dinner is pretty much my favorite thing ever. My mom used to make us pancakes all the time during our childhood when she was too tired to cook, and it was the best. We’d get to douse them in maple syrup and still have a cookie or cupcake afterward — aka our double dessert nights!

    Yes, you could easily half this recipe and do it in a smaller slow cooker – I’ve done it and it turned out great! Doesn’t matter what kind of cream cheese, I really like neufchΓ’tel, but any block cream cheese would work! πŸ™‚

      3 stars
      I tried this, but I”m wondering if my crock pot was too big because it didn’t seem to have enough liquid when I put it all together and it ended up burning at 5 hours on low. Any suggestions?

        5 stars
        I put mine on low and it burned and I put 1/2 cup Water too

Found your wonderful blog on foodgawker. This turned out fantastic. Thank you very much for the recipe!

    I’m so glad you liked this!! πŸ™‚

I fixed these for dinner tonight and everyone really liked them. Thank you for the recipe.

    Hi Shannon! You’re so welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed this recipe! It’s a favorite in our house!

These looks amazing, I can’t wait to try. What salsa is this in the pictures? It looks perfect.

    Hi Kristin! The salsa in these pictures is my favorite Perfect Blender Salsa – it’s here on Creme de la Crumb under the sides and appetizers category!!

Hi! Just found you through Photograzing and I am so happy I did!
I have a couple of questions:
could you tell me the approx weight of the chicken?
I don’t have a slow cooker: do you think I could get away by simmering on the lowest setting of my induction stove top and frequently checking for doneness?

thanks a lot!

    Hi Marcella, I’d think you could use about 1 pound of chicken – and I think without a slow cooker, the best way to make these would be by first baking the chicken or cooking it on the stove top with a little oil until cooked through. Then softened the cream cheese a bit before adding it, the spices, and the chicken (shredded or finely diced) to a bowl and mixing together. Then you could go ahead and spread the mixture into tortillas, roll tightly, and bake. Hope this helps!

I made these tonight, and I think I may have done something incorrectly. Do you let the filling cool first? Mine cooked the 8 hours, but was not thick enough to roll without a bit of a mess. It was still delicious, but where did I go wrong? Any help would be great πŸ™‚ I am new to this and could use the guidance. Thanks for sharing this!

    Hi Jessica! Are you sure that the amount of water was correct? Also, if you used very small chicken breasts, that might have been an issue as well. If you use the correct amount of water and medium-large chicken breasts, the mixture should chicken up nicely when you shred the chicken. Hope this helps!

      mine came out a bit watery too but I used a slotted spoon to fill my tortillas
      and that worked out perfectly. Very nice recipe!

This is in my crock pot right now! I used extra big chicken pieces…still looks a bit watery. It’s only on hour 3 of 4, so I’m still hopefull that it will be ok. I added diced bell pepper too, yum! I’m planning to do the super fast chicken shred with my kitchen aid once it’s done πŸ™‚ Thanks for the yummy recipe!

    Please tell me how your shred chicken with your kitchen aid — I have one and hate that step! lol

Just curious as to what type of tortilla you use and is it just because of taste preference or do you find one kind works better than another?? And do you have to grease or spray tortillas with oil a bit in order to get them crispy?

    Hi Meredith, I used 6 inch flour tortillas for this recipe and if you spritz them a bit with some cooking spray before putting them in the oven they will get just a little bit crispy on the outside – mmmmm!

      Just tried these – smelled DELICIOUS while it was cooking! I tried using corn tortillas, softened a bit in the microwave with a damp paper towel. They didn’t soften enough to roll (without breaking apart) however, and so I actually ended up layering the tortillas, cheese and chicken mixture in a baking pan and baking them for 10-15 min. They still tasted awesome! Next time though, I will either use flour tortillas, or soften the corn ones in a pan with some oil first.

These look so good and would be a great week night meal to make.

Thank you for a great recipe. I am always looking for new yummy recipes for my little family.

I, too, had the water issue and actually used 1 1/2 times the amount of chicken the recipe called for (I used just over a pound and a half of chicken in weight). I had to pour off an impressive amount of liquid to be able to come up with a workable substance to roll up. The flavors were great, though! Next time I will use maybe 1/3 cup of water, if that, since the chicken will give off some liquid as well. Thank you for the recipe! These were great to travel with to some new parents (I’m auntie Sara!) and roll when we got there to throw in the oven. Also, very filling!

I made this today. It is a very nice recipe. I will serve it with a spicy salsa next time. Thanks again for another great recipe.

Hi, I just found this recipe today. I love cream cheese and thought this sounded amazing. Therefore I’m making this for dinner tomorrow. I was wondering if I kept a doubled paper towel just under the lid if it would cut down on the extra moisture that my slow cooker seems to produce? I don’t want this to come out too watery. Also, do I put the cream cheese in at the beginning or half way through? Thanks for sharing this recipe.

So good! Tried these tonight and they turned out great – added some crumbled bacon to the filling because I had it leftover and was super yummy together!

    Oh I’m a fan of bacon on ANYTHING! Thanks Katie!

I made these tonight and they were fantastic!! I didn’t have time to get the crockpot going before dinner, so I just baked the chicken, shredded it, and mixed all the other ingredients in before rolling them up. Even my super picky one year old loved them!!

    That’s a great idea to bake the chicken, the cream cheese is my favorite part and these really are perfect for adults and kids since everybody loves them! So glad you enjoyed these Mary! πŸ™‚

Do you have any recipes for homemade tortillas?

I am so excited to make this tonight! It looks so good and pretty simple to make! One question, is the chicken added to the crockpot raw or cooked.?

I am so excited to make these tonight! They look so good and pretty simple. One question, do you add the chicken to the crockpot raw or cooked?

    Hi Michelle! So sorry I wasn’t able to respond to your question a little sooner but for future reference put the chicken in raw, either frozen or thawed. If you use frozen, it’ll take a little longer to cook than if you use thawed. πŸ™‚

      Hey! If I am doubling the resipe how long would it need to cook for?

        The baking time would be about the same. πŸ™‚

I made these today for like the 3rd or 4th time because we love them so much! I added a little pepper jack cheese along with a mexican blend shredded cheese and I also cooked some green pepper and green chiles with the chicken mix in the crock pot. Turned out delish!

    Ooh, I love that you kicked up the spice a bit and the green chiles would go PERFECTLY with these! Genius!! πŸ™‚

Thank you for this incredibly easy and delicious recipe! I am a total beginner and it was such a success I am moving on to your other recipes and keeping this one a favorite to use again and again for sure πŸ™‚ thank you for sharing!

    Amber I’m so glad you loved this recipe! It’s been one of my most popular recipes, both with my readers and with my husband who is head over heels for it! Stick around and try some more recipes, if you ever have questions or comments PLEASE don’t hesitate to comment or send me a message – I love to hear from anyone who loves simple yummy recipes as much as I do!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Hi! I’m wondering if you had any burning around the edge of crockpot? Not sure if my crockpot cooks hot but came out a little burned/dry. I added all ingredients as listed…

Cant wait to try these tomorrow!! I Might add a little corn and black beans πŸ˜‰

Currently at home with this in the crockpot, smells SO good! Thank you for recipe!

    I hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚

I had a good bit of mixture left over. Do you think I could freeze it?

these were so awesome! My husband loved them and even my picky 17 month old loved them! It’s going on the dinner rotation πŸ™‚ thanks!

    Oh man, any recipe that wins over a picky 1 1/2 year old is a WINNER in my book!!! So glad you like these, they’re a top favorite in my house!! πŸ™‚

What would you suggest the ratio of ingredients to be if I wanted to double this for a crowd?

    I’m not sure I understand your question… If I were doubling the recipe, I would double each ingredient.

      For example, sometimes if a straight recipe is doubled the liquid ratio x2 makes something way too watery. I was wondering if you might think that could be the case with this one (in your opinion or experience). Does that make sense?

Found your site while searching for taquitos. It’s my second time making them and they are so delicious. I live in central Japan, so finding Mexican restaurants or ingredients can be a challenge. Luckily I found an awesome jarred salsa and a squeeze of fresh lime really fills my craving. Thank you so much!

These were delicious! I didn’t have enough chicken so I used leftover quinoa to bulk it up. My 1 year old adores these!

Can the chicken be placed in the crock pot frozen?

    Yes, you may need to increase cooking time a bit.

Can I freeze leftover filling? We love this recipe!!!

    I haven’t frozen it myself but I can’t see why not!

This recipe is amazing!! I made it last night for my family! My dad, who’s the cook in our house, said he would pay money for that in a restaurant! Absolutely phenomenal! Thank you so much for this recipe! Definitely going into the favorite recipes folder!!

Could I freeze the left over chicken? I want to try this but I only cook for myself and probably won’t want to eat it 4 days straight.

    yep you can definitely freeze it!

So glad I found your blog because this is the second recipe I’ve made from your blog that has turned out so good! (the first was the amazing pesto chicken pizza that I will definitely make again). My bf again ate for two people lol. I did not cook this in a slow cooker since I don’t have one, I just cooked chicken on the stove, shredded it, and then mixed it into the rest of the filling ingredients before baking in the oven. I love recipes that are relatively simple and this one is also simply delicious πŸ™‚

I am making this for supper tonight. I had everything but the cream cheese so I am substituting white queso cheese. I can’t wait to try them. Thanks for sharing on facebook.

Soo I made this and something went terribly wrong! I used all the measurements you said and put everything in there, but after the 8 hours the bottom was black, the cream cheese was like gray lumps and the chicken looked dry and so burnt! Is there a typo with the amount of water needed or is it really just 1/3 cup…? Is there a certain order the ingredients need to go in?

    Hi Sarah! So sorry to hear this didn’t turn out for you – this is actually one of my most popular recipes and I haven’t received any complaints about it not coming out right! πŸ™ The only thing I can guess is that maybe your particular slow cooker get hotter than most and it didn’t need 8 hours in the slow cooker, maybe closer to 6 would have been just right. Do you by chance have an older slow cooker? I know some people who have older ones tend to have issues with temperature and cooking time…

      It’s a little older, but every other recipe I’ve cooked in it turned out great. But I don’t think it’s the cooking time because the cream cheese wasn’t even melted. They stayed lumps. If I could attach a picture I would. Is it really just one-third cup of water? or 1 1/3? Because when I put the water in there it really didn’t look like enough. There was no sign of liquid when I saw it. Like it had all evaporated or something. If you would like to email me and I can show you a picture, maybe we can figure out what went wrong, lol. [email protected]

        I had the same problem with the cream cheese. I scooped what I could, put in the blender, which made it nice and creamy, then added it back.

Hi there! I am looking forward to making these taquitos!! I saw your response about halving this recipe but was wondering about doubling it. Have you tried that? I know sometimes doubling all the ingredients does not turn out well.

    I just saw an earlier comment and this answered my question.

      No problem, glad there was an answer for your question!

I was so excited to try these and I followed the directions exactly but they turned out black and burnt! πŸ™ I put my slow cooker on for 8 hours on low and I think that was the issue so I’m gunna try them again for only 4. I hope it works cause these look tasty!!

    Shoot! Yeah, sounds like it was in the slow cooker for too long – sorry! Hope round 2 works better for you!

    I’ve made these both on low for 8 hours and on high for 4 hours. Both times they turned out great. Have you had any other issues involving time with your slow cooker? It might be the problem. But if you’re going to do the 4 hours next time, I suggest doing it on low instead of high, just to be safe. I also doubled my recipe both times. Not sure if that made a huge difference or not but it may have.

      Hi, when you doubled this recipe did you double the water amount?

Great recipe. Easy to make and tasted good.

Tried your recipe last week and loved it! I’ve been sharing it with everyone I know. Love that it was super easy, tasty, and that you baked instead of fried. Thank you!

    Thanks so much for spreading the love Kerry! We adore this recipe – it really is so easy and the cream cheese changes the whole game don’t you think?? Thanks again!

I want to make this for dinner but I work all day and don’t have time to make it when I get home. Would it be possible to put it all together and then stick it in the freezer over night? So then all I would have to do is dump the contents of the bag and go?

    Hi Caitlyn, I haven’t tried it myself but if you wanted to try it out I’d suggest freezing all of the ingredients in a bag the night before then adding to the slow cooker in the morning and setting to low. πŸ™‚

Thanks mate. I am a restaurant owner and added this in my menu. Guess what!! People are really liking it..

    5 stars
    wow, so you just steal it? she does something nice for us and only for you to make money off something you didn’t even create, this is why people charge us for recipes that’s kind of messed up…

What are thoughts on adding rotel to the mix!? Also, would a packet of taco seasoning work in a pinch in lieu of other seasonings? Thanks so much! Also just to be super thorough, when do you add shredded cheese? Thanks!

    I think rotel would be a great addition! Just be sure to drain it well or it might result in too much liquid in the filling. Also, you could sub in taco seasoning though the flavor will be different – not necessarily bad, but different than my version. And add the cheese when you are filling the tortillas πŸ™‚

I made these tonight and they are delicious. A real hit with my 13 year-old. Thanks for the recipe!!

This sounds yummy! I used to have a recipe for something similar, but you added corn, salsa, etc. then rolled up as enchiladas and baked them. Close enough, time to get cooking!!!

I only have thin chicken breast. can I use those in place of chicken breast. If I can how long would I cook and how many pieces?

Does anyone know if you can do this recipe without a slow cooker?

Do you think I could make these ahead of time, put them in the fridge, and then when dinner comes around pop them in the oven? thanks! about to try it right now.

    Yes I think that would work just fine!

Made today. Turned out watery however I did add onion & peppers. I just used slotted spoon to put on tortillas & after baked used some of the leftover liquid to pour over. Hmmm Hmmm good!

These are SO GOOD!!! Everyone loved them – next time I am going to have to double the recipe! So easy and delicious – perfect for busy weeknights. I used 1/2 cup water (in a hurry and didn’t’ read closely) w/ added Better Than Bouillon and it was the perfect consistency.

This was delicious! I was dubious as to how it would turn out but it was great. I also only needed 6 hours on low vs the recommended 8.

Very yummy and kid-pleasing recipe! I used a taco seasoning packet at the last minute due to being out of chili powder. I also added in some taco sauce spread on each chicken breast. The chicken shredded very easily. Would love to try with a can of Rotel next time!

Trying these tonight. My 5 year old loves taquitos but it’s hard getting her to try new things. These are pretty simple and not top many ingredients so hope she will like them.

Mine do not look anything like these. My corn tortillas all split and opened up! Can’t even pick them up. Maybe flour tortillas would have been better?

    I used flour tortillas for the taquitos you see in the pictures.

Hi, I am SO excited to make these but with my work day I would have to cook them on low for 10 hours, do you think that would be too long? I’m worried the cream cheese would get funky. Also, any suggestions to add some veggies to this/side dishes? Thank you!

Made these tonight! They were a hit!! Super easy and delicious πŸ™‚

5 stars
easy to make and made it twice!!! i loved it and very yummy. so glad you thought of it

I’m making it right now and the smell is amazing! It’s on slow for 8 and is currently on the fourth hour. However, the cream cheese is curdled. What do I do?:o

5 stars
I’m making it right now and It smells amazing! It’s on slow for 8 and is currently on the fourth hour. Unfortunately, the cream cheese curdled. What do I do?:o Should I blend the curdled sauce with more cream cheese in a blender then mix it back with the shredded chicken?

I’m 14 years old and I was in charge of making dinner for the night, I found these online and thought they would be easy enoght for me to make haha. My mom is super senstive when it comes to spicyness in food so instead of chili powder, I used taco seasoning. Everyone ended up loving them, great recipie!

5 stars
I made these for dinner tonight and they were great! Even my picky kids liked them πŸ˜€ I’ll be using this recipe often lol.

I tried it tonight, it was delicious! My husband and picky 2 years love them πŸ™‚ I added white onion and used pressure cooker instead of crock pot( because that was very last minute decision to make this) but it turned out good! I also added sower cream on chicken mixture before rolling the taquito:) I will make them again, thanks for the great and easy recipe!

You think I can make these and roll in the taco shells and freeze? My friend just had surgery and wanted to make these but ready for later!

I love it and it’s so delicious and easy to make! It’s my third time making it!

I love it and it’s so delicious and easy to make! It’s my third time making it!

5 stars
I did as the recipe said, last week I did the Hawaiian one everyone loved it. I figured I’d try this one. Iam new at cooking, well I got home and the cream cheese is still in a pile. Is that okay or had it gone bad from being heated and not mixed?

I have these in the slow cooker right now and the house smells sooooo goood! Can’t wait to taste them!

How many minutes before serving in step 2 does the chicken come out to be shredded?

Made these today! Delicious. No more store bought taquitos for us.

We have a local restaurant that serves an enchilada just like this, so to be able to almost replicate it is awesome! As is, the recipe is a good.
I personally prefer to double the spices, add in a small can of green chiles, and top with pepper jack cheese in an enchilada style wrap. Delicious and easy!

Have you made these and froze them before? I am trying to think of a freezer meal for a friend and I absolutely love these taquitos. If so how do you cook them after you take them out of the freezer?

    5 stars
    why would you freeze something like this?? THats wierd, just make them fresh or e.e just put the rest of the chicken that you dont use or eat in a container and refridgerate not freeze, then when you want more tacos take it out of the fridge and heat the oven again and make taquitos again because if you make alot of tacos and put them in the fridge they will get soggy.

These look delicious! Can’t wait to try them!

I don’t have cream cheese is there anything I could substitute that would taste just as good?

5 stars
So good, and easy to make. These were a huge hit for my family. I really like that they have flavor on their own, but their also simple enough that each person can top/dip them as they please. People who like spicy foods can just dip them in spicy salsa, while people who like things on the tamer side can use sour cream. This recipe is definitely getting added to our rotation of regulars. I’m already looking forward to making them again. Thank you!

This recipe was a disaster for me. Reading it I thought it seemed strange… for example an entire package of cream cheese with just 1/3 cup water and only 2 chicken breasts, how does the sauce form? I tried it anyway and sure enough, the ingredients turned into a burned mess in the bottom of my crockpot… I cut the cream cheese into small squares, was I supposed to do something different? I added more liquid because I was afraid of this happening and it happened anyway. I also only put it in the pot for 5 hours because I thought 8 seemed excessive. My crockpot is almost destroyed, the cream cheese did not melt at all just burned. Maybe post a video of how you make it? I followed the directions as closely as I could within reason and triple checked everything after it went awry.

    I am so sorry this recipe didn’t work out for you! πŸ™ Have you had issues with your crockpot getting too hot in the past? My guess is that your particular slow cooker cooks hotter than others. I would suggest cooking on low for 4 hours next time.

    5 stars
    Thats odd, i just throw my clean chicken, spices and the entire block of cream cheese in without cutting it, then add the water and mine is away perfect O_O did you put it on HIGH for 8 hours instead of 4?

5 stars
I love these Taquitos ! πŸ˜€ They are so easy to make and really delicious, I like to add sliced avocado. sour cream, homemade salsa and lettuce on top πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing your recipe <3 Really filling too i get full with one taco <3
This is definitly my fav thanks!

5 stars
These are amazing! Even my three picky eaters love these taquitos! I make these per your directions, and they are perfect.

I created a spreadsheet a few years ago to help me with meal planning, and have been updating it with every new recipe we try and like. It now contains around 90 meals, each categorized by main ingredient (Beef, Chicken, pasta, etc) and meal type (Mexican, Italian, American, etc), with a link to the recipe – yours included! It has saved me so much time with meal planning and making out my grocery list!

After talking with some friends, I thought this spreadsheet might be something worth sharing, so I have made it available from my blog to download for free! Now that my readers have your recipe, I’m sure they will be enjoying it as much as we do!

3 stars
I love making these! I added tomatoes, green chilis and cilantro for an extra kick today for Cinco De Mayo!

Can I use frozen chicken to make this? If so, would the cooking instructions change at all?

    Yes, frozen chicken can be used! Just make sure to add a little more cooking time.

5 stars
There is in my slow cooker right now, and smell amazing! We absolutely love taquitos, and cream cheese is always a bonus. Thank you for the awesome recipe!

    You’re welcome! Hope you love it!

I’ve had this recipe pinned for some time now and kind of forgot about it over time. My son and I plan on making it within the next few days. I have everything but a couple of the ingredients, but a trip to the store and a few dollars will be all it takes to make these. I plan on taking down over to my son’s dad when we have them so he can try them as well. I’m excited because Iove taquitos!

3 stars
GReat base recipe- turned out as it should!
However, not nearly enough flavor for my husband and I.
I think I may try adding some Taco seasoning next time along with peppers, onions, olives, tomatoes, and maybe some cut up veggie like Zucchini?
Also this was a rather large batch for just the 2 of us. Perhaps I could have fronze half but next time I will half the recipe.
Otherwise- great!

4 stars
Made this for my family last night. It was terrific. Thanks so much for the sharing this recipe. Will likely make this again and now need to check out your other recipes. You have a new fan.

5 stars
Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe! My husband said immediately after eating them the first time, “You could make those again.” πŸ™‚

5 stars
I made these for dinner on the weekend for my family and we really enjoyed them. I used one pound of chicken and was able to make nine in total instead 12. We dipped them in salsa when we ate them. Thank you for the recipe πŸ™‚

This dish is amazing! Do you know the nutrition value details per serving?

    Hi Casey – I’m so glad you enjoyed it! My Fitness Pal has a great tool that calculates calories for any recipe on the internet – you can go there and find calorie information for any recipe on my site! Thanks!

Thanks For this! I have made Them for my family quite a few times and they are in love! I will 5x the recipe and roll a bunch extra and freeze them and bake and broil for extra crisp. I have never had the watery problem, in fact, i have the opposite problem where The mixture needs more liquid. I have added diced jalapenos and diced bell pepper and added black beans in the tortilla as well. Im going to use two crockpots today and make enough for a few nights dinner for them when im out of town. Thanks aGain! Also, im not sUre why this is showing up in all caps, its not my computer

Made these and they were great! Served with sour cream and guacamole.

My BOYFRIEND loves this recipe!!!πŸ™‚

    Hi Nadia- Don’t you love when you can please the men in your life with a good meal!!? So happy that it was enjoyed! πŸ™‚

5 stars
I’Ve made these so many times for my boyfriend and I. It’s probably one of my top 3 crockpot recipes (and I use the crockpot a lot). Love it! How do you think doubling the recipe would go?

    So happy you and your boyfriend love this recipe so much! I think doubling would turn out fine!! Definitely keep me posted! πŸ™‚

I accidently bought big flour tortillas instead oF the little ones! Will this work or do i need To go to the store again?

    I think you’ll be alright! Anything to not have to run to the store again, right?! πŸ˜‰

5 stars

    Jordan- way to go! Sounds like you did great!! Thanks for your feedback. Happy to hear that all of you enjoyed this dish!

5 stars
I double the recipe because I have two boys and a hubby who love to eat! I don’t always have time to cook so we eat this the next day as well. I cover them with foil and bake them till heated trough. It’s really good with sour cream and salsa.

    Way to go, Elizabeth! I grew up with quite a few brothers- so I totally get feeding all the boys, haha. We typically eat this for two days as well! Happy to hear that you and your family enjoyed this recipe!

5 stars
Made these last night, but used the instant pot instEad! They were perfection and my kids asked for the lefTovers tO be lunch today! Thanks for the recipe!

    Way to go!! I am super excited to hear that this recipe turned out great in the instant pot! Thanks for your feedback, Traci!

1 star
Take This recipe down or please fix it. Did exactly what The instructions said. Came home After a 10hr work day exited to have dinner made and it’s all burnt.

5 stars
I’d call these FLAUTAS not taquitos but whatever you call them they were really delicious and super easy to make! Will definitely make again.

    Thanks for your feedback, Anais! Excited to hear that you enjoyed this recipe πŸ™‚

5 stars
Made it tonight and it was a big hit with everyone. I did it for 8 hours on low as the chicken just falls apart. Will be Part of our routine.

    Fantastic job, Rachel!! Way to go! πŸ™‚

Love this recipe as does my family. Do you have nutrition facts for this

    Excited to hear that you and your family enjoy this recipe, Jamie! Thanks πŸ™‚ For the nutritional information… I recommend using MyFitnessPal. They have an awesome (free!) online tool where you can input any recipe URL into and it will generate all the information for you!

4 stars
These were perfect! I folLowed the instructions and they came out perfectly. My fussy children ate them too. I agree with other remarks that i’ll serve them with a salsa next time.

    Way to please even the fussy children, Jessica! πŸ˜‰ Sometimes that is quite the challenge! Thanks for your feedback.

I was able to roll my corn tortillas without them cracking, but the rolled ones cracked open while sitting on the tray as I made more. I threw the few uncracked ones in the oven, only for them to split and crack while cooking. The filling is delicious, but how can I keep the tortillas in tact?

    I recommend heating the corn tortillas in the microwave before rolling them and placing a towel over the tray to keep heat/steam in while they roll the rest.

5 stars
This is one of my fav RECIPES and im currently very pregnant and craVing it right now! Has anyone tRied it in the instant pot? Ive never Done a cream cheese recipe in There so im not sure if it Would turn out.

5 stars
I often make this in the instant pot, even with frozen chicken- 35 mins plus 1 C water. Amazing recipe!!!

    Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

5 stars
This recipe has been a favorite for my kids since I found it and now I Dont have my slow cooker but I have an electric pressure cooker and I’m wondering how to adapt THis recipe for the PRessure cooker so I can throw it together after school instead of in the morning and still have the same result. New to pressure cooking in general so I dont know how to adapt my favorite recipes yet. Just looking to bring back my kids favorite dinner! Thanks for the Recipe!

    I Dont mean for the random capitalization but The comment box types out in all caps then the output just picks and chooses what to make uppercase. Sorry!

    Hey Brittany, I haven’t tried this recipe in a pressure cooker yet. I wish I had more info for you on that! I’d love to hear what you try or next time I give this recipe a shot in the pressure cooker, I’ll let you know!

5 stars
These are truly amazing and so simple to make. They are also great to make ahead and reheat for lunch the next day. We have been eating on these for 2 days. SO Yummy! Thanks for sharing.

    Yessss! SO happy to hear you enjoy this recipe!

Can you Use frozen chicken?

    Yes, frozen chicken can be used! Just make sure to add a little more cooking time.

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