Greek Yogurt Banana Muffins

 Fluffy chocolate chip banana muffins made extra moist and packed with a protein boost from greek yogurt! 


I was ***this close*** (imagine my index finger and thumb pinched with a teeny tiny sliver of air between them, thanks) to posting another soup recipe today. We’ve been having a lot of soup lately because it is more than a little chilly around here. And by chilly I mean freakishly cold. I know, I know, it’s all relative. You North Dakota folks are rolling your eyes at me. I can tell you’d be those out-of-towners walking around in flip flops and short sleeves if you were visiting my neck of the woods.

But then you Floridians would be wearing three parkas stacked on top of your long johns.

Like I said. It’s all relative.



Anyway, back to the soup. I almost posted another soup recipe but decided to give you a teeny tiny soup break and share a really really yummy muffin recipe today instead. And I know this is a little contradictory but just hang in here for a minute… I actually don’t like bananas. Read: I HATE bananas. My mother in law made a strawberry “fluff” jello stuff as a side for our lasagna and I could smell the banana chunks from a mile away. Uck – please, keep it away.


So I don’t like fresh bananas. Or banana flavored candy. Or bananas in my smoothies. But… I have found that I can tolerate them in baked goods as long as they are loaded with chocolate chips. My mother in law actually makes killer chocolate chip banana cookies which were the first banana-including food I ever tried and enjoyed. Speaking of which, would you like that recipe? Because I might be able to sweet talk that one out of her if you’re a banana chocolate chip fan??

Yes. You want it. I knew you would. Alright quit begging! I’m on it.


In the meantime, please take 30 minutes of your day to put those browning bananas on your countertop to excellent use – aka: greek yogurt banana muffins. Why the greek yogurt? I’m glad you asked! Greek yogurt makes them extra super moist – a must.  (There’s nothing worse than a dried out muffin, am I right??) The greek yogurt also adds a nice protein boost which turns a treat into a more-than-acceptable breakfast option.

Here, I saved this one for you…


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Greek Yogurt Banana Muffins
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Fluffy chocolate chip banana muffins made extra moist and packed with a protein boost from greek yogurt!
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 16
  • 2¼ cups flour
  • 1½ teaspoons baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 4 tablespoons butter, softened
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • ¼ cup brown sugar
  • 3 medium bananas, mashed (about 1 cup)
  • 1 cup plain greek yogurt
  • 2 eggs
  • 1½ teaspoons vanilla
  • 1 cup chocolate chips (optional)
  1. Preheat oven to 350. Line muffin tins (regular size, not jumbo, not mini) with baking cups/cupcake wrappers.
  2. In a medium bowl whisk together flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. In a larger bowl cream together butter and sugars. Add mashed bananas, greek yogurt, eggs, and vanilla, and mix well. Add flour mixture to wet ingredients and mix until combined. Stir in chocolate chips if desired.
  3. Pour about ¼ cup of batter into each muffin cup. Bake for 20-15 minutes until tops are lightly golden. Allow to cool for a few minutes in the muffin tins before removing and allowing to cool completely. Serve warm or at room temperature, store in airtight container.
*If you have almond extract, I like to replace ½ teaspoon of vanilla with ½ teaspoon almond extract!

 *Recipe slightly adapted from Kraft.

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I’m always in for a new banana muffin (bread) recipe! These look cute and delicious! Often prefer using Greek yogurt in baked goods!

    These look lovely, Tiffany! I love using Greek yogurt in recipes! Pinned!

      Thanks Tori! I made them twice because the first ones came out so pale on top they looked naked ha! The second time I baked them a little longer to get that golden top and they ended up tasting much better too – especially with a tiny hint of tang from that greek yogurt! 🙂

    Greek yogurt is my happy place! I use it in place of sour cream in just about everything!! 🙂

      Have you ever used Greek yogurt to replace they mayo in egg and tuna salad? Sorry off topic but thought I would ask.

        Hi J R, I haven’t done it in tuna salad but I’ve use greek yogurt time and time again in chicken salad instead of mayo – works great and even my husband loves it!

          I have and I love it! I don’t miss the mayo at all. Way healthier.

My go-to in muffins is typically sour cream – because it makes them SO moist! But I’m thinking I’ll have to try greek yogurt next time, as I’m sure it’ll do the same thing with less calories and more nutrition! These look amazing. 🙂

    It’s so true, sour cream works wonders for moisture in baked goods, but I’m pretty much ditched my sour cream and always use greek yogurt now!!

These look amazing!! Stunning pictures.

    Thanks Diana that’s so sweet! They taste even better than they look! 🙂

Wow, these muffins are gorgeous. And, yes to the banana muffin recipe. Since it’s freezing here, I definitely wouldn’t mind another soup recipe–bring it on!

Tiffany, I love recipes with greek yogurt! And your photography is beautiful!!

Yum, making these muffins tonight! And YES, please get that cookie recipe from her to share, it sounds delicious!

I can never have enough banana muffin recipes (OR soup recipes, for that matter) and these look amazing. A+ for chocolate chips – they make everything better 🙂

These muffins look so yummy and I love that yogurt is an ingredient in them.

I remembered that about you!! No banana baked goods unless LOTS of chocolate chips are involved. So these must be some absolutely incredible muffins! 🙂 Pinned!

Made these this morning! I’m typically leery about homemade muffins because a lot of them have a grainy texture, but these were moist and spongy. They were good! Next time, I am going to try to add cinnamon and nuts instead of chocolate chips! The chocolate chips were delicious, but I loveeee nuts in my banana muffins!

Wooooow… I can’t believe I’ve just eaten them! I’ve tried many receipes but THIS ONE… wins all the trophies!!! I made half-chocolate chips / half-blueberries. Thanks a lot for sharing! I will have to invite some friends if not… I will eat them all today! Greetings from Southamerica! (and sorry for my English…)

    Ooh, I’ll have to try them with blueberries!! Genius!!

Is it possible to use vanilla Greek yogurt and leave out the vanilla extract?

Do you have nutrition facts for these? They just came out of the oven and smell delicious!

    Hi Shannon! Isn’t that scent heavenly?! Ahhhhh, I love it. I don’t have the nutrition facts on hand but I love using it’s my favorite resource!

Just made these, but I used blueberries instead of chocolate chips, yummy!

Delicious, loved by my kids… Question- can you freeze these?

    Hi Nadia, I haven’t tried freezing them but I bet if you wrapped them individually in plastic wrap you definitely could!

Wonderfully moist and tasty! I added cinnamon chips to these and came out great! Thanks for recipe I like.

Made this morning and it came out great!! I didn’t have a muffin tin on hand, so I made a banana bread using the same recipe. I had to keep it in the oven for a bit longer but it was so worth it. I kept everything in the recipe except the chocolate chips, had to keep it a little healthier… I have a wedding dress to fit into!! Thanks for the recipe!!

I made this recipe with coconut flavoured Greek yogurt because it was all I had in the fridge (I LOVE coconut) and the result was AMAZING. Super moist and tasty. I think next time I will add a little shredded coconuts to the top of each. Thanks for the great recipe!

    Oh my heaven – coconut?? YES PLEASE!!! I adore coconut beyond all reason – definitely trying that next time!

i tried it and it was very good. I substituted the plain greek yogurt with vanilla greek yogurt because that is what i have in the fridge. I omitted the vanilla extract and I subtituted the white sugar with 1/4 cup truvia baking blend. It was so moist and i cant wait for my kids to taste it. I can say it was a very good recipe! Thanks

I stumbled across this recipe during the week and pinned it for later use… then last night found myself baking these. Let me just say, they turned out amazing! So fluffy and not at all dry – love them! I have even frozen some to use as work snacks for during the week. Thank you for sharing xo

Do you think I can replace the white flour with something like almond flour or wholemeal flour?

    Hi Zee, I haven’t tried any other flours myself, they might work but the texture could turn out different – still might be delicious though!

I tossed some chia seeds in the batter for a little extra nutrition…turned out well, didn’t change the texture hardly at all and my son is loving them!

Thanks for the delicious recipe! I reduced the white sugar to 1/2 cup, omitted the butter altogether, and only used 1 egg (that’s all I had when I opened the carton!) — and they still turned out wonderful! Had enough batter to fill 12 muffin cups and one 8in round cake pan. Thanks again for the excellent (foolproof) recipe 🙂

These were delicious- thank you for posting!

I love making muffins and am always experimenting. These were so good and my boyfriend’s favourite ones I’ve ever made…and I’ve made a lot 🙂

can I use regular yogurt instead of Greek yogurt in this recipe?

    You could probably use regular yogurt – plain or vanilla flavored – I’m not sure how the consistency will turn out exactly because I haven’t tried it myself but I think the muffins will still come out!

I tried these today with some modifications for my daughter who has celiac and they came out amazing! Instead of regular flour I used 1 and 1/4 cups of oat flour and 1 cup of gluten free all purpose flour (rice/tapioca flour mix), and I used dark chocolate chunks, they came out fabulous! Thank you for such an awesome recipe!

    Awesome tips Amy!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

I just made these and they are fantastic. I had another recipe I used that was kinda “meh,” so I decided to branch out and try yours. So glad I did! I do think I will try milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet next time. The semi-sweet are a little bitter for my taste. 🙂 (I’m not sure which you used, so I guessed it was SS.) Thank you for sharing!

    Hi Merideth!! Yay, I’m so happy that you decided to give this recipe a try. My husband loves these and he is usually skeptical about throwing greek yogurt into things – but it works so well in these muffins! I have tried both semi sweet and milk chocolate – both are great but if you tend to like sweeter, definitely give the milk a try!

Hello! I would like to ask how many grams 1 cup of bananas make? The last time I used Asian Bananas, I needed 8 bananas and the batter was uncooked. Would you be able to give me an estimate in grams ASAP please? 🙂

    Hi Jessica, I am so sorry, I’m unfamiliar with converting to grams but you could try googling it??

Is it okay to use 0% fat Greek yoghurt or is a higher fat one better?

Is it OK to use 0% fat Greek yoghurt, or is a higher fat one preferable?

    Yep, I always use 0% Fat Free Greek Yogurt in my recipes!

These turned out SUPER delicious! Didn’t have the greek yogurt so used half sour cream, half normal vanilla yogurt. Also only used nuts. I haven’t had too much luck with muffin recipes, always something wrong with them but these were perfect. Thanks!

Any suggestions on how to cut the sugar?

15-20 mins leaves these muffins very raw in the middle…. Im making these now & just added another 15mins.. I sure hope they turn out as expected

    Hi Stacey, I’m really sorry you ran into that problem, haven’t had this issue before and I haven’t had any readers report back with it either…

    Did you use regular muffin tins or large or jumbo? That would affect how much baking time is required. These should be made in a regular size muffin tin

Will these taste the same if I use whole wheat flour? I don’t have white flour 😕🙊🍰

    They won’t taste exactly the same and the texture will likely be more dense but they may still be delicious!

Oh my god this recipe just came up on my Pinterest and I made it on a whim. They taste amazing!! Like little banana breads! They are dense and delicious! I substitute 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour and then the rest used plain flour. They tasted great! Definitely going in my recipie book!

It’s the third tie that I try this recipe. We loooooooooove it!!

Just made these with my kids. We sprinkled some mini chocolate chips on top. They are awesome!

Why no jumbo or mini muffin pans? I wanted to make them mini…

Hey I just wanted to say i LOVE this recipe!!! Very moist and delicious 🙂

To all those who wonder about whole wheat in this recipe — it works great! It’s third or fourth time I bake muffins using this recipe (I have it bookmarked for a long time now 🙂 ) and this time I’ve tried replacing regular flour with whole wheat. I also went a step further and replaced eggs with cornstarch mixture, since I baked them for my vegetarrian friend, and I gotta tell you, the result was amazing! The difference, off course, was noticeable — they didn’t have this spongy texture that comes with regular flour — but still rather soft texture with just the right amount of moisture.

Made these this afternoon (but with vanilla greek yogurt, not plain). AH-MAY-ZING. Son’s picky friend was over, she asked for seconds. Also bought your miracle dough e-book last night, I look forward to trying it out. Thank you for sharing your lovely recipes! (Big thumbs up from husband on these muffins, too, and he’s usually not a breakfast-y type person). <3
(Ooh, hey, if I wanted to add rolled oats and nuts, do you have a ratio recommendation?)

    Hi Jennifer! So glad you liked this! I would try 1 cup rolled oats and maybe 1/3-1/2 cup chopped nuts?

I made these tonight and they were delicious! I also made some mini muffins in my mini muffin tin and they turned out just fine! I baked the mini ones for about 10 minutes and the regular ones for about 20 mins! 🙂 I will for sure be making these again!

Just did a 4 muffins version of this and omitted the egg because I didn’t have any. They are so much seriously fluffy! me and my boyfriend just have one each and will keep the others for breakfast to see how it goes. (This is my first time making any time of muffin or cupcake thing and I’m really excited!)

I really loved these muffins. It was my first time trying the recipe, and I followed it precisely. It was the best banana muffin I have ever made. Thank you for the recipe.

These are really fantastic!!! Thank you so much for this recipe!

I made these they are not done baking yet but the batter is delish!

Yum these are delish I love these

Make it all the time. The family loves it!

This is consistently one of my favorite recipes of all time. I have made these so many times! I love these muffins and look forward to breakfast after I’ve made them! Also work wonderfully as a snack or a treat!

I used this recipe but replaced the 1 cup total sugar with coconut sugar and they are amazing! Such a great grab and go breakfast for my littles!

Came out sooooooperr😌👍🙏🏽

Fabulous recipe, the best out there. I was wondering if it would work with grated apple? Anyone tried

    Hi Jenny- glad that you love the original recipe so much! Thanks! As far as the grated apple goes- I am not quite sure about that! My concern is that it would add too much moisture. I’m not positive! I’d love to hear how it goes if you do give it a try!


    I love hearing when a recipe of mine becomes a household staple! Thanks so much, Contessa!

Absolutely delicious and moist! Though i would definitely add 1.5 tSp of cinnamon. It adds such great flavor to the muffin. Will definitely make again!

    Oh I bet adding cinnamon to this would be delicious! Thanks for the idea! Thanks, Leah!