Chocolate Chip Bunt Cake

 Chocolate Chip Bunt Cake – moist and delicious chocolate cake made with greek yogurt for a healthier flare! Don’t skimp on the chocolate chips either!

My mother has been making this cake forever. I mean for-ever. Or at least as long as I’ve been alive. So, she’s been making it for a while. And don’t get offended but we call it chocolate chip bum cake. Not bunt cake. I promise that it’s not what you think. Although this cake probably does have a few calories which might be attracted to that area of the body… but really.
It’s my brother’s fault. He started calling it bum cake a long long long time ago and it stuck. From here on out on the blog, we’ll call it by its proper name though. Chocolate chip bunt cake.

Mother probably makes this cake once a month. Which means I’ve easily had it over a hundred times. And I never get sick of it. There might be a little nostalgia played a role here but 99.9 percent of the love I have for this cake is due to the fact that it is just plain good. So so good.
You most likely haven’t had a bunt cake like this. But you need it.

I barely changed this recipe at all from my mothers’ version. She uses sour cream and half the amount of chocolate chips. If you have greek yogurt sitting in your fridge without plans, use it because I think it’s incredible. But if you just have sour cream, still make the cake and simply replace the greek yogurt with the same amount of sour cream and you’ll have yourself an incredibly moist bunt cake on your hands.
But don’t skimp on the chocolate chips. Please. Keep the full two cups in there. One can never have enough chocolate chips.


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I just wanted to leave a comment since I didn’t see any on here. I found this amazing cake through Pinterest when my husband asked for a chocolate chip cake for his birthday. Let’s just say this came out AWESOME! My husband and kids gobbled it up. I ended up drizzling chocolate gnache over it and it was perfect. Thanks for a great recipe 🙂

Is vanilla pudding 5oz one? Or smaller one?

Batter was more of a dough. Thinking the cake mix should not have included pudding already in the mix. Baking now so got my fingers crossed.

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I’ve got this in the oven to take to a Memorial Day picnic. What size bundt pan? I barely had enough batter for 3 layers.

    Hi Mary- I use a 12 cup/10 in bundt pan. I hope it turned out great for you! 🙂