One Pot Lemon Herb Chicken & Rice

Buttery One Pot Lemon Herb Chicken & Rice with lemon herb spices all fixed in 30 minutes in one pot! 

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One Pot Lemon Herb Chicken & Rice | Creme de la Crumb

This is an ankle socks moment.

Trust me, it’s not what you think.

One Pot Lemon Herb Chicken & Rice | Creme de la Crumb

I grew up in the nineties so if you can remember back that far (woah) you might recall those long socks we used to wear all the time reaching anywhere from two to five inches above your shoes. I was fairly young and easily influenced when the ankle sock movement began but my 8 (yes eight) older siblings were not so easily swayed. When I finally gave into peer pressure and tried on my first pair of ankle socks…. revolutionary.

I experienced a similar awe with my first pair of skinny jeans. It’s that where have you been all my life  feeling.

One Pot Lemon Herb Chicken & Rice | Creme de la Crumb

This is an ankle sock moment. Where have you been all my life one pot dishes?? Why has everyone else in the world known how wonderful they were while I avoided them?

I have no good answers for those questions. But it doesn’t really matter one way or the other – one pot dishes are here to stay on this blog. Do you mind?

Try this one out and I guarantee you won’t mind one bit!

One Pot Lemon Herb Chicken & Rice | Creme de la Crumb

What people are saying about this One Pot Lemon Herb Chicken & Rice

“I made this tonight, oh my, it was amazing, I followed the easy instructions carefully and I took pictures of the yumminess and sent it to all my girls. Thank you, this is definitely a keeper! Company will be impressed with it. I served it with dill carrots! Cant wait to eat the leftovers!” – Danita

“We loved this recipe! I modified it for my family of 6: used about 2 lbs chicken (about 2 large breasts). I pounded it down and cut into 8 pieces. Doubled the rice ingredients. I find with regular rice I have to bring it to a boil and then stir it before I put a lid on it for it to not seem “crunchy.” After I stirred it, I added the chicken on top. This is a great summer dish!” – Karisa 

“I made this yesterday, it was so easy and so good. I made it with quinoa which took about 45 mins. I wish I had read the comments about simmering for 15 and adding the chicken later so it doesn’t over cook. However my chicken was still moist and turn out yummy still! But great note and great recipe!” – Janet 

“This dish is fantastic in so many ways! Definitely deserves that 5th star. I have a one year old and a two year old that loved it. And with a one year old and two year old I have bath time immediately following dinner so the one pan makes for very quick clean up. It is so delish I can’t wait for left overs the next day! When I made this dish I only had 1 1/4 cup of chicken broth so I ended up using 1 cup water with a chicken bouillon cube.” – Whitney

One Pot Lemon Herb Chicken & Rice | Creme de la Crumb
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One Pot Lemon Herb Chicken & Rice

Buttery chicken and lemon herb rice all fixed in 30 minutes in one pot!
Course Main Course
Cuisine American, Italian
Keyword Chicken, fried rice, Lemon
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 4
Author Tiffany


  • 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning


  • 1 cup uncooked white rice
  • 2 1/4 cups chicken broth (I used low sodium)
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning


  • Melt butter over medium heat in a large skillet or pan (one that has a lid). Season chicken with salt and pepper to taste, and Italian seasoning. Brown chicken in the butter for 1-2 minutes on each side. (Chicken shouldn't be cooked through at this point) Transfer chicken to a plate.
  • Add rice, chicken broth, lemon juice, and remaining Italian seasoning to the pan (no need to clean it first). Place chicken on top, then cover and simmer over medium-low heat for 20-25 minutes until liquid is dissolved.
  • Garnish with fresh parsley or cilantro if desired and lemon wedges for squeezing. Serve immediately.


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So easy to make, and it tastes really good!

I made this tonight must need to use instant rice because I had to cook this for 45 mins. I will have to modify so the chicken doesn’t over cook. It was really yummy just a little over done.

    I didn’t use instant rice, I used regular white rice… not sure what might have gone wrong for you with the timing, maybe it would have helped to bump up the heat a bit! Glad you thought it was yummy though!

      This actually happened to me as well. I think based on the taste and too much liquid that I must have had too much lemon! Maybe you could specific how much lemon juice by ounce because lemons can range quite a bit!! It was really yummy though!! I paired it with green beans.

        Normally the juice of 1 lemon is about 2 tablespoons. Hope that helps!

    5 stars
    I’m making it right now and I’m having the SAME problem! I did exactly as the recipe said…but I have a history of being unlucky with rice…lol

    Sounds like you had your temp a good bit too low. Try it on medium instead of medium-low, and your rice should be done in 25 mins.

    No white rice should take more than 25 minutes to cook. Rice is always about the intensity of the flames and the proportion of water that is used.

I made this tonight, oh my, it was amazing,i followed the easy instructions carefully and i took pictures of the yumminess and sent it to all my girls. Thank you, this is definitely a keeper! Company will be impressed with it. I served it with dill carrots! Cant wait to eat the leftovers!

    Ooh yum, dill carrots?! That sounds amazing and would definitely go with this dish. So glad you liked it!!

      Can you add quinoa instead of rice?

        I haven’t tried that with this recipe yet, but it would probably work! Let me know how it goes! 🙂

        Quinoa usually needs a slightly higher proportion of liquid to grain than rice does, so make sure your ratio is what you’d normally use. The cooking times are a little bit long for quinoa as well, especially white quinoa, so check your favorite recipe for cooking time. If it wants less time than this recipe suggests, you might cook the chicken for just a smidge longer.

      I maid this recipe and it was amazing my kids and husband loved it. Thank you for the recipe

We loved this recipe! I modified it for my family of 6: used about 2 lbs chicken (about 2 large breasts). I pounded it down and cut into 8 pieces. Doubled the rice ingredients. I find with regular rice I have to bring it to a boil and then stir it before I put a lid on it for it to not seem “crunchy.” After I stirred it, I added the chicken on top. This is a great summer dish!

    Great tip about the boil-then-stir with the rice Karissa! Thanks!!

This looks amazing! Love the photos, what camera do you use? I like the recipe, not so many elaborate ingredients. Can wait to try it, would make for a nice summer dish.

    Hi Cindy! Thanks so much, this dish really is so yummy! Also, I have used a Canon 7D for the past two years and just upgraded about two weeks ago to the new Canon 5Ds 🙂

Made this tonight and loved it… Adding more chicken and rice next time so we can have left overs 🙂 thanks for this amazing recipe!! Xo

Hey Tiffany, What a great and easy recipe. I wanted to let you know that when I went to print off your recipe, your follow on Pinterest, facebook, etc. shows up in the instructions and makes it a little hard to read.

    Oh shoot – thanks for letting me know Amy I’ll look into that!!

Wondering if you have ever added veggies to the pot? I’m thinking broccoli or asparagus would work well?

    Ooh that sounds amazing – I haven’t tried it but now I’m thinking I will definitely have to throw some in next time!!

      I made this tonight and it was great! I used jasmine rice and added fresh broccoli with about five minutes left to cook. I like my veggies crunchy! Delish!!!

        Yum I definitely have to toss some broccoli in there next time!!!


    Pounded to an even thickness – generally no thicker than 1 inch.

You say you can use brown rice. Brown rice takes 45 minutes to cook. Will the additional time dry out the chicken breasts. Suggestions?

    Hi Sunny, there is a chance that you might end up with chicken that is less moist if you go a full 45 minutes so I would suggest waiting to add the chicken to the pan til 15 or so minutes into the cooking time!

Great recipe! No complaints from any of my kids and thats a big thing!

    Yayyyyyy – it’s definitely a winner if the kids love it!!!

Okay, how long did you ACTUALLY simmer this for? I have the dish in progress and it’s been simmering for 45 minutes covered. The liquid hasn’t even begun to boil off.

    Hi Brian, I simmered this dish for 25 minutes – all of the liquid was gone at this point!

It was good, but I had the same issue with the rice having to cook it for 45 minutes and ended up having to add water and broth. I used brown rice if that makes a difference on time. All in all it turned out good. My husband’s thinks it needs some sort of sauce on it but he says that about almost everything!

    Ha – sounds like my husband! He says every dish without sauce is lacking something!! The brown rice probably needed the extra cooking time – white rice cooks faster!

I made this yesterday, it was so easy and so good. I made it with quinoa which took about 45 mins. I wish I had read the comments about simmering for 15 and adding the chicken later so it doesn’t over cook. However my chicken was still moist and turn out yummy still! But great note and great recipe!

    Thanks Janet! I’m happy to hear it turned out great with the quinoa!!

It is so difficult to find easy, healthy meals that my whole family will eat. My three-nager, husband, and I all loved it! And it was super easy! I used white rice, and it was cooked perfectly after 30 minutes. Thank you for the recipe!

This recipe looks great! Did you use actual uncooked rice or just uncooked parboiled rice?

Thank you for this recipe! Can I ask what your pan and towel are sitting on? Do you have a dark blue slate countertop? Whatever it is it gorgeous!

This looks yummy and pretty easy. One thought though. If I use brown rice which I usually do, it takes much longer to cook. Usually 45 minutes. I also do it in the oven. No fail brown rice. So was wondering why not finish this in the oven. More even heat and maybe put the chicken in ten minutes later?

    Hi Sunny! If you do pop it in the oven I would cover the dish with foil just to make sure the chicken doesn’t get dried out!

      Thank you for the info.
      When doing brown rice in the oven it is necessary to keep it tightly covered, so covering this chicken dish works perfectly.

Great weeknight meal. I made it as written and it was very tasty. Thanks for posting!

So delicious!!! The chicken was so flavorful and cooked all the way through and I used thick pieces. So good I’m eating it for dinner right now!

For all of the people with the uncooked rice problem… My mom showed me a trick when cooking rice. she soaks her rice in water in a cup about 10 minutes before cooking. This helps cook the rice at perfect timing according to the box.

Lolol I had the ankle sock moment with leg warmers. But like 2 years ago ….. Not when they were cool. But they keep my legs so warm and fuzzy! Where were they the first 20 years of my lifeeee! But anyways, this dish looks amazing. And anything one pot has my name all over it, can’t wait to try!

Just FYI on the rice, since it seems to be a recurring question…. I used long grain brown rice that usually takes 45 mins to cook. I followed all of the directions except I let the rice cook in the pan by itself for a while without the chicken and then put the chicken on later. I cooked the rice for 20 mins by itself, took the lid off, stirred it a little bit, and then put the chicken on for the remaining 20 mins. It turned out wonderful! AND all of the liquid was gone by then, too. Hope this helps 🙂

Do you have the calorie details for this meal by any chance?

Super simple and moist. A healthy meal for the hubbie and myself. Thank you for sharing!!

We ame this a lot, kind of my “I don’t know what to make for dinner” go to recipe that everyone loves. Thanks!

We make this a lot, kind of my “I don’t know what to make for dinner” go to recipe that everyone loves. I’m making it now! Thanks!

    I’m exactly there with you – I use this all the time for those times when I have no dinner plans ha!

Thanks for a lovely recipe! It came together wonderfully. I used jasmine rice and it was ready in 25 min.

Would this be okay with shrimp

    I haven’t tried that but I bet it would be great!

Hi, sorry to ask this question but when you say white rice do you mean long grain whit rice? hoping answer is yes cause that’s all I have lol Thanks

    Hi Ashley! Yes, I might need to clarify that in my recipes from now on but any recipe on my site that calls for white rice is long grain white rice 🙂


So easy and so good! Thanks for sharing!

3 stars
Cook time is off. It took a lot longer for my chicken to get done than 25 minutes.

5 stars
Made this for my man with fresh yellow corn on the cob as a side. We both loved it. Not to mention how cheap it is and how many leftovers we have!

4 stars
Hi Tiffany, This was very flavorful, but I substituted skinless, boneless chicken thighs and the rice was soggy. It was very tasty and I also added some carmelized onions. How can I adjust the recipe so it is not soggy? Thank you. Naomi

    4 stars
    It was delicious and my husband loved it. I will make it again with your advice on how to make it less soggy! Lol

    Hi Naomi! Hmmmmmm, well chicken thighs do retain more moisture than other cuts of chicken (breasts in particular) but I think that it probably has more to do with the amount of liquid and cooking time for you. You may have had better results if you let it cook another 5 minutes or so? You also could try reducing the liquid by a few tablespoons. 🙂

      4 stars
      I had the same problem. But I think it’s because I used short grain rice. It wasn’t fluffy but the flavor was amazing. I added carrots and broccoli. My chicken was a bit over cooked. I think I cooked it too long in the beginning. I need a try this again. But it was still tasty.

I had the same problem as lahuna. 25 minutes in my rice was still sitting in a pool of chicken broth. I used brown rice, not instant. Next time I’ll try minute rice. My heat seemed pretty spot on, electric stove set on 5.

This was truly easy and delicious! My husband usually isn’t a lemon fan but I sure am! He couldn’t get enough of the rice- which tasted similar to risotto to me. Thank you!

Are we sure it’s 2 1/4 cups for chicken broth per one cup of rice? Usually rice is one cup water per one cup of rice. I made this last night and my rice was swimming in the broth. And by the end it was mushy.

    Hi, Joe. When cooking rice, I use one cup rice to two cups liquid. Bring to a BOIL and cook for approximately one MINUTE. Cover tightly and reduce heat to low. Cook 20-25 minutes. Comes out perfect Everytime! FYI: removing lid during cooking will ruin rice, making it hard in the middle. Also, sorry about uppercase typing….just noticed…nothing meant by it. don’t want to have to write reply all over again. Lol

5 stars
This dish is fantastic in so many ways! Definitely deserves that 5th star. I have a one year old and a two year old that loved it. And with a one year old and two year old I have bath time immediately following dinner so the one pan makes for very quick clean up. It is so delish I can’t wait for left overs the next day! When I made this dish I only had 1 1/4 cup of chicken broth so I ended up using 1 cup water with a chicken bouillon cube.

Your one pot lemon chicken is amazing! It is a favorite in our house and so easy that my husband made it tonight. I was so excited to come home to it cooking and only have one pot to clean up!

5 stars
Tried this dish before and it was delicious. However, I was wondering the modifications required to use orzo instead of rice?

Hello, I may be missing it but is there any nutrition info provided for this dish?

I love the flavor of this dish but my cooking didn’t turn out quite right. My chicken was dry and a bit overcooked and my brown rice was a bit crunchy and undercooked. I did halve the recipe so there wasn’t as much liquid, but there also wasn’t as much chicken or rice. My chicken wasn’t probably totally thawed and I’ve never been one to pound my chicken evenly thin. But those seem like factors that would make the chicken undercooked. Any ideas? I

Great looking recipe! How much time should I add for using brown rice? Thanks!

    Brown rice will need another 10-15 minutes so I would actually cook the rice for 10-15 minutes, then add the chicken to cook the rest of the time so the chicken doesn’t get dried out 🙂

5 stars
Thank you so much for sharing your talents and recipes with us!! This is my family’s new favorite meal and I am making it again tonight for company!! Thank you again so much!!!

This is lovely one of my favorite dressings. Thanks for sharing this recipe.


4 stars
Made this tonight and everyone liked it. It took a bit longer to absorb all the liquid but it was easy and tasty and my whole family liked it. Thanks for a great recipe.

Hey! Is it possible to substitute broth with stock?

    Yep that works fine! 🙂

      Just made it. Used no-salt chicken stock, two breasts (it’s all I had) seasoned with s&p and 1tsp Italian seasoning; and cilantro for garnish. Also let the chicken sit in the seasoning for an hour and added some salt to the rice before cooking. Light and delicious flavor. And almost zero effort. Was meant to be eaten for lunch tomorrow but I couldn’t help myself and ate a serving for dinner now lol. Beautiful dish, bookmarking. Thanks! 🙂

5 stars
Absolutely amazing.

Super yummy! But should I have stirred while the rice was cooking/simmering?? The bottom of my pan was super burnt at the end!

    mine burned too 🙁

5 stars
Quick, Easy and Delicious! Family loved it!

5 stars
Making this now, it’s was incredibly easy to prep. I added some garlic powder and some frozen chopped broccoli to it ,so I will let you know how it turns out.

What size (in oz) of chicken breasts do you use? Should it be a total of 1 lb or 2 lbs of chicken breast?

5 stars
I would give this 3 stars. I followed the directions EXACTLY, which I think is the only way to rate a recipe honestly. The chicken was somewhat dry and would have benefitted from marinating in lemon juice and olive oil. No type of rice was suggested so I used jasmine and the flavor was good, but came out like a creamy risotto. Overall the recipe was easy and the flavor good, but the dryness of the chicken prevents a 4 star rating,

5 stars
Simple healthy and Delish! I added some sautéed garlic & onions, and some capers. Will make again, thank you!

My perfect rice ratio is 1:2 so I only used 2 cups of stock. I used white rice but it took 40 minutes for the water to be absorbed by which time the rice was mushy. I wonder whether in the successful recipes some of the liquid evaporates. Next time I’ll try a wider pot and/or chicken with a smaller surface area so as to leave more of the rice exposed to allow some evaporation.

5 stars
Really, really great dish. I struggled with which rice to use though. Regular rice (not instant) takes 45 minutes to cook, too long. Instant rice is 10 minutes, not enough time. So I used Zatarain’s Yellow Rice mix that takes 25 minutes. I bumped up the chicken broth to 2-1/2 cups (amount of water needed in Zatarain’s Yellow Rice mix directions). The final was fantastic. Next time I will only juice 1/2 of a lemon, some bites of the rice were very lemony.

5 stars
Delicious and easy

I love it. Looks great. This is definitely something for me 🙂

5 stars
I just tried this tonight and it was so good! I will definitely be making it again. The only issue I had was getting the rice to cook all the way, but that was probably my fault. Thanks for the recipe!

Do you have nutritional information of this recipe? I’m on a diet and I want to find some good meals of chicken and rice. This one looks amazing!

Hi Tiffany
I want to thank you for your wonderful recipes – I love your Island pork tenderloin, lemon chicken, Cajun chicken and cheese enchiladas to name my favourites.
Your recipes have improved the quality of my life in ways that I can’t even begin to describe. Thank you for your creativity.

Tried this last week, and tonight is the third time making it because my husband and I LOVE it. Turns out PERFECT every single time. We’re going to try adding a little soy sauce and Asian seasonings tonight! 😬 Thank you for the easiest, tastiest meal that I’ve tried in a while!

I mixed in some sautéed spinach to it once cooked and it was delicious!

5 stars
This dish is very good! Tryed it a few months back & I’m making it tonight! Its just so good! Thanks for sharing 😉

5 stars
Loved your recipe and will definitely make it for my family, But was wondering if this is something I can incorporate to my meal prep for the week?

I followed the recipe exactly and it was awesome! It is easy enough for a weekday meal and good enough to be a company dish!! Thank you!

I don’t have broth or stock on hand..can I use water? Or what can I substitute? Really want to make this tonight!

    Yes you can substitute water! I’d add a little extra salt. 🙂

Made this disk tonight. It was easy and delish. Thank you for sharing.

This is my go to chicken recipe! Love it!! Made several times. Always a big hit! Usual make fresh broccoli with it. No changes to recipe. Thanks for awesome dish!!!

Hey, I made this dish with brown rice and despite the 45-minute simmer time, it turned out great. My chicken was a little dry, but nothing too unbearable.

Buuuut, I think you should update your post to reflect the difference in time and steps when using brown rice. I noticed that many people had this issue a year ago.

Other than that, thank you for an awesome recipe that I’ll be trying again. It’s the perfect meal prep recipe. Next time I’ll add vegetables’

    3 stars
    I agree as I am in the middle of waiting for my brown rice to finish cooking. I pulled the chicken out to make sure that it did not overcook and become dry. The smell is amazing though so hoping that we are ready sooner rather than later! I added some chopped garlic in the pan before browning chicken too for some added punch.

5 stars
This was delicious! I love the flavoring and it is so easy! This is a very tasty dish that I will definitely make again!!

4 stars
This was good. Lemon was a bit heavy for us, so would cut that in half next time (maybe I just had a really juicy lemon). Also, you say to simmer “until liquid is dissolved.” I think you mean “absorbed.”

This looks amazing and simple! What would you classify a serving and how many calories per that serving?

4 stars
This sounds great! I have a pile of leftover cooked rice from another dish earlier this week. I’m going to shortcut this recipe by getting a cooked rotisserie bird and do everything except cooking it for more than like 5 minutes!
(fyi – I found your recipe when searching for “chicken and rice recipes”)

Looks so good cant wait to make

I found this post through your cilantro lime avocado chicken dish. Are there any sauces you recommend to go with this dish? we are sauce people ourselves!

4 stars
I meal prepped this for lunch and it is delicious! I added a few things too. So good!

One of my favorite dishes! Great recipe, easy and so delicious

4 stars
I made this today. I added some lemon pepper drawing to the chicken. It tasted good but the rice was mushy. I think next time I’ll use less broth. Overall good dish though!

I love this recipe, I add some mushroom and artichokes. I made this for a friend going through chemo and it was a wonderful treat for her and her family.

Could you do this in the oven? I am going to be cooking for 25 and looking for easy prep / cook recipes. Thanks!

Hallo, really nice crecipe. I just wanted to know if you add hot or room temperature broth. I didn’t read any comment about that. Thank you

    Room temperature broth 🙂

5 stars
Just made this and it is so easy and yummy. I hate cooking but this was easy and will definitely be on the menu again soon

I made this for dinner yesterday, it was so delicious! With every bite my husband said mmmm, Mmmm!

Thanks for the tips, i like chicken rice

I’ve been making this every few weeks and taking it to work for lunches. I usually use brown rice and cook the rice for ~20 minutes before adding the chicken in. I also like to add in vegetables (broccoli, green beans) in the last ~10 minutes to make a complete meal and recently added a can of artichoke hearts too. So many good options for varying this dish and still so easy! Thanks for sharing.

5 stars
Hi! I made this last night, and everything went well, had no issues with timing and the rice itself turned out great, with a lemony tang. But the chicken was pretty tasteless, even though I’d seasoned it with salt, pepper and garlic & herb seasoning (didn’t have any Italian seasoning on hand). Do you reckon this could be because I used the wrong seasoning? Also, how much salt and pepper do you typically use to season chicken? (Sorry, I’m a student trying to avoid instant noodles so I’m pretty much both broke and a cooking amateur!)

Also, your site is really helpful for someone like me who’s on a budget and doesn’t want to invest much time or money in cooking, thanks!

    I have made this many times now, and I started to notice that too. I would try adding the chicken to the rice about half way through cooking the rice. The chicken comes out juicier and more flavorful because it doesn’t dry the chicken out as much. I’m not the one who made this recipe, but I’m just trying to give you my advice! Hope you can figure it out!

I’ve made this several times and it’s simply delish! I always end up eating more rice out of the pan after dinner. My husband even requests it! Only change is I take out the chicken once browned and add it back later to prevent it from overcooking. Amazing weeknight meal!

5 stars
This was seriously awesome! My family loved it and it was crazy easy. Delicious!

    I’m so glad you loved it!

3 stars
Made this today. Added French green beans for the last 10 minutes. Perfection in one pot! The husband didn’t even put Lawrys on the rice! Trust me…that’s an endorsement. Thanks for the recipe.

5 stars
Made this today. Added French green beans and the juice of another lemon 10 minutes before done. Perfection in one pan! The husband didn’t even put Lawrys on the rice. Thanks for the recipe!

4 stars
Made this exactly as stated (! Sliced one very large beast but didn’t pound pieces out ) Perfectly done within stated time and plenty flavorful with zero effort. I did bring broth with all ingredients to a boil then reduced to a simmer — as always with rice. Thanks for the easy yet tasty dish:-)

5 stars
Very good flavor! I used brown rice and ended up having to turn the heat up to boil and cook much longer. I just took the chicken out early so it didn’t get overdone. Thanks! It was easy and delicious!

Delicious! Thank you for an easy yet elegant recipe. Paired it with some snow peas which were a perfect complement.

The only thing I’m confused about is how you cooked it for 20-25 minutes and didn’t end up with overcooked chicken. I took heed of some other reviews here and added my chicken after bringing the rice to a boil. Even then, the breasts were done in 12-15 minutes. Maybe I pounded them too thin? They were slightly less than 1″ thick and about 2.5″ wide. In any case, I had soaked my rice for 30min prior to cooking, so luckily the rice was done in 15 minutes too. Just posting this for others who want to try this recipe. Don’t mean to complain. It was lovely!

Just made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious and easy! Even my 2½ year old scarfed it down. Plus what is nice is that the flavors can be changed and you have a whole different dinner. I think next time I will season the chicken with oregano and stir in olives, feta, and roasted red pepper strips for a Greek vibe. Thank you!

5 stars
I made this in a food tech project at school and it got me great marks for the class thanks for the A+

This was great! I got distracted by slicing the lemons and over cooked my chicken a bit before I realized it, but that’s my own fault. My dish was done in 25 minutes! It was soooo yummy. The rice was a pleasant yummy surprise. An added bonus- this was inexpensive to make- the only thing I needed to buy that I didn’t already have on hand was lemons and chicken! I also paired it with a side of steamed asparagus. I can’t wait to try some more of your recipes! Thank you!

    Hi there! I love how quick, easy, and inexpensive this meal is to make! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

5 stars
What a great recipe, Tiffany!! I made this last night–so easy and yummy, my family loved it. I put in a couple of cloves of minced garlic when I added the rice, because lemon, butter, and garlic= YUM!!! And I threw in some asparagus and mushrooms during the last 10ish minutes of cooking, I figured why dirty another pan?? Thanks for a quick and versatile recipe to add to my rotation! 🙂

5 stars
I made this in my pressure cooker last night and both the chicken and rice were perfectly cooked. I used brown jasmine rice so I just adjusted the liquid needed and it only took 20 minutes of cooking time. I like big flavor and the dish just needed a little something extra, but that could be down to the stock I used. I will definitely make this again! You should try this recipe in your pressure cooker if you have one.

Thanks Tiffany for your hard work and lovely recipes! I only just found your blog and I’m hooked!

5 stars
This by far is one of my favorite meals. With a few modifications, seasoning the chicken a day prior so no seasoning had to be added during cooking time, it was fantastic. It is a nice, get home after work and take care of everything else, type of meal because it cooks on its own after the chicken is slightly seared on both sides. I used Jasmine rice and the low sodium broth and the lemon added the perfect flavoring as well as topping it with cilantro. Traveling 90% of the time, having a quick dish and even better, having it taste phenomenal just made my day!

Thanks for this recipe!!!

Can I use microwave rice and still cook? If so does anyone know if your supposed to still use same amount of chicken broth. Any input on how to cook with microwave rice.

5 stars
I made this today using skin on bone in thighs, and made it in the instapot.
Saute the chicken with 1/2 the seasonings for 3 minutes per side right in the instapot.
Take chicken out.
Deglaze with broth, add seasonings and -well rinsed- rice. (Don’t skip this step.)
Nestle chicken onto rice.
13 minutes, manual high pressure, let it decompress naturally. When done, I shredded the meat off(discarding skin and bones), and add in 1/2 cup of cream of chicken soup. (Optional.)

My teenager ate happily. He likes nothing. LOL. Thanks for the recipe!

5 stars
Quick, easy, and tasty. I’m in love. I am definitely cooking this when I visit my in-laws. Thank you!

Winner winner chicken dinner. I did it with brown rice. I coked the rice for 20 min without the chicken, then added the chicken at the last 20 minutes. The rice still needed more time, so I took the chicken out and it it not dry! I love it.

5 stars
You forgot add beautiful in your description. Just COOKED UP the one pot lemon and herb chicken and rice recipe. I served iT TO A NEIGHBOR LADY WHO WAS SO IMPRESSED, SHE ASKED FOR THE RECIPE. sHE GOT THE e-mAIL WITH YOUR url MINUTES AGO. (eVEN MY CAT, WHO HATES “PEOPLE FOOD”) WOLFED IT DOWN.) gREAT RECIPE!

5 stars
The best I’ve found yet.. JUSt wanting to ask if lime instead of the LEMOn WOULD be OKAY?

    Hi Diana – A lime might change the taste slightly but the recipe should still be delicious. Let me know how it goes!

4 stars
02/01/2018 Made it tonight. Brilliant, Healthy, simple and one Pot Pleaser!

How many calOries in a serVing?

    There is an awesome website called My Fitness Pal that can calculate nutritional information for any recipe!

How much would I use to make enough for Only 2 servings

    This recipe is intended to serve four- cutting it in half should do the trick!

This looks delicious and I can’t wait to eat it, however after 28 minutes there is way too much liquid in the pot and the rice is crunchy (I’m cooking it right now). Bumping up the heat a bit and set the timer for 15 more minutes.

I noticed on One of your reviews you talk about pounding the Chicken to An even thickness but dont see it anywhere in the instRuctions?

    Hi Holly- I didn’t mention it. I’ll have to look into fixing that. I typically always pound my chicken to even thickness! Thanks for letting me know!

      No thank you, for thIs recipe! Making it now 🙂

Really cool RECIPES but i need to make it for like 8 people but I want to make sure I have extra what are your SUGGESTIONS

    Hi- Maybe just double it and serve with some side dishes? It in intended to serve 4, but you may be able to use a couple more chicken breasts with it if they are on the smaller side! I hope you and your company love this dish!

5 stars
Made this for My NEW boyfriend Who now THINKS I’m an expert Cook. He loved it so much He Took the Leftovers to work. It was amazing. Thank you!

    Yes! Way to knock it out of the park!! I am so happy that you two loved this dish- Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!

5 stars
Your food is delicious thanks I was so hungry and I saw your food and I was like yummmm then I made it it was easy to make and delicious to eat
Thank you❤️

    SO happy to hear that you loved this dish! 🙂

Pretty good and easy. Did not use low sodium broth and was too generous with the salt therefore a bit too salty for my liking! I had to let it simmer for 45 minutes.would definitely make it again!

    Hi Jane- darn it about the amount of salt you used. I am happy to hear that you were able to fix it and enjoy your meal! I hope that you love it even more next time!! 🙂

Recipie was amazing tastes so good. I used a table spoon of lemon juice and it was perfect.

    Yum! So glad that this dish turned out great for you!! Thanks, Toni!

Great recipe! It Checks all of the boxes—Fast, easy, delicious, HealthY, and easy clean-up. It is a keeper!

    You’ve nailed it with that description, Sherrie! 😉 So excited that you love this so much!

5 stars
I make similar dishes just with different herbs and flavors. I always use bone in chicken breasts so that they don’t dry out and have lots of flavor. I also use my Lodge Dutch oven and once everything is in the pot I cover and stick it in the oven on 350 for 30 minutes. Takes the guess work out of the stove top and the rice always comes out perfect

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing, Nicole! I love a good dutch oven!!

What kind of white rice did you Use. Cause I have bagGed rice and Instant Rice

    Hi Karia- I use regular white rice, not instant. Hope you love this dish! 🙂

      Yes It turned out great. I ended up buying the rice in the bag. The rice was amazing! Great dish. Me and my husband really enjoyed it.

Is baKing this dish possible? If so how long Should you bake it for and how hot should the oven be?

    I can’t be sure without further testing this one! If I were to try it out, I’d start with baking it at 375, covered with foil, for 25 minutes and then keep checking on it every 5 minutes until chicken is cooked through and rice is tender.

I was wondering if this dish could be made in the oven. If so, how long Do you think it should stay in and How HoT sHould the oven be?

It looks good and easy I cant wait to try it

5 stars
I was nervous about the rice since other reviewers had varied success with it, so I used my rice cooker, thus requiring two pots. But i kept all ingredients and measurements. dinner was wonderful! my family devoured it and wanted more! Thanks for a great recipe. Will definitely make again!

    Hi Sharon! Sounds like you did a great job. Happy to hear that your entire family loved this recipe!

5 stars
This is brilliaNT! So easy, quick and simple, yet so good..

    Super excited to hear that you loved this recipe! Thanks, Dee!

What italian seasoning Did you use for this? I just grabbed one from the store but it ended up being spicy 😕

    Hi Sara- I use McCormick!

5 stars
Just found your website and made this last night! Both boys devoured it and my husband couldn’t stop raving about how good it was! Looking through the rest of your recipes now figuring out what to trY next…so many choices. Thanks!

    Super excited to hear you were able to please all those boys in your life with this recipe, Tracey! 😉 I hope that you find many more recipes here at CDLC that you love! Thanks 🙂

5 stars
One of my favs! never disappoints

    Super excited to hear that you love this recipe so much, Heather!

I love lemon chicken will try tonight!!
May I have
Fat grams
Calorie and
Looking for meal prep meals
Ty 😊

    Hope you love this recipe!!
    I recommend using MyFitnessPal for all the nutritional information you are looking for! They have a great online (free!) tool where you can input any recipe URL into and it will generate the nutritional information for you 🙂

5 stars
I made this last night, and I tell you I’d eat it again tonight. It was absolutely delicious!

    Hopefully you had some leftovers! 😉

Can i add rosemary?

5 stars
easy tasty recipes i like it thanks for

Seriously so great!

5 stars
Love the Flavors in this recipe!! I made it in my instant poT and did 1 can(1.75 cUp) of chicken Broth and put 8 minutes on high pressure.

    Yum! I bet that was super delicious and smelled SO good! Thanks, Deborah 🙂

5 stars
This is one of my favorite go-to recipes … I use boneless skinless thighs – i also add some capers- I use basmati or jasmine rice – comes out perfect every time.

    Nice addition! Thanks for your input, Lori!

Can you use brown rice? Cant wait to try this recipe!

    Brown rice will need another 10-15 minutes so I would actually cook the rice for 10-15 minutes, then add the chicken to cook the rest of the time so the chicken doesn’t get dried out

5 stars
So GOOD AND so easy. Going in the weekly roTation! Next time i’ll add some bRoccoli in the last 5 min.

    Awesome idea!

Cover with a lid or aluminum foil and simmer over medium to low heat for 20-25 minutes, or until the rice is cooked and the liquid is absorbed.

5 stars
Delish!! A Super easy and quick weeknight meal. My kids both asked for seconds. This will be a regular in our rotation now!

    Kid approved- woo! 😉

Just found this recipe, thinking about trying it. Annoyed, however, to see the picture shows lemon SLices in the pot, but no mention whatsoever in the recipe!!

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