Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs

Juicy and savory seasoned Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs are the perfect baked or grilled 30 minute hearty, healthy meal!

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Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs |

In my mind there are some foods that just go together. French fries and ketchup. Oreos and peanut butter. Chips and salsa. Diet coke and cherry syrup. And of course, we can’t forget, steak and potatoes.

I’ve always been a fan of potatoes, as far back as I can remember. Whether mashed, split open and piled with sour cream, cheese and bacon, or deep fried and salted, I’m on board.

Steak was a different story though. For years and years I believed that I didn’t like steak.

I thought it was tough and flavorless, that is until my late teenage years when I ate at a Japanese restaurant and devoured a fillet mignon in about 2.7 seconds. All it takes is one amazing steak, cooked the right way, to convince you that steak is actually pretty fantastic.

Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs |

I had no idea steak could be so juicy, so tender, so melt in your mouth perfect with such incredible flavor! Now I’m hooked.

Especially when we are talking about garlic steak. I’ll take garlic on pretty much anything (seriously. garlic is LIFE.) but garlic steak is just out of this world delicious.

Since I’ve become somewhat obsessed with foil packs this summer, I decided to try a twist on steak and potatoes with lots of garlic and seasonings. Turns out this recipe was just waiting to happen because it is perfection.

Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs |

I like my steak with just a teeny tiny hint of pink right in the middle, just to the point it’s about to disappear completely.

If you like it that way too, I suggest cutting the steak into larger 2-inch chunks because the potatoes need enough time to cook all the way through. If you like a heavier char and more doneness to your steak, just cut it into 1-inch pieces and it should come out just right.

Steak and potatoes are a fantastic combination and they really shine in this easy and insanely flavorful foil pack meal! Savory herbs, olive oil, and garlic bring these ingredients to life in just 30 minutes with pretty much zero cleanup.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs |

What people are saying about these Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs

“Whenever I mention trying new recipes, my husband cringes because we’ve disliked a few. But this was a HIT!! Even my daughter who’s a picky eater wanted seconds!! Very yummy recipe we will be making again!!” – Brandy

“I tried this and it is fantastic!! We are having it again for supper tonight.” – Heather 

“Great meal, I cooked the foil package on the barbecue for 30 minutes, potatoes and meat turned out great and delicious.” – Don

“This recipe is heavenly! I have tried for my boyfriend and we both love it! Thanks!” – Emilia


Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs |
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Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs

Juicy and savory seasoned garlic steak and potato foil packs are the perfect baked or grilled 30 minute hearty, healthy meal.
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Keyword foil packs, steak
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 4 people
Author Tiffany


  • 2-2 1/2 pounds top sirloin steak, trimmed of fat and cut into 2 1/2-inch pieces (see note)
  • 1 pound baby yellow potatoes quartered (or halved if they are already less than 1 inch in size, see note)
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt and pepper, to taste (I use about 1 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon black pepper)
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon dried parsley
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • fresh thyme or parsley for topping (optional)


  • In a large bowl combine steak, potatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper, garlic, and seasonings and toss to combine.
  • Divide steak and potatoes between four 12x12 inch sheets of foil, then wrap the foil tightly around the contents to form your foil packs. Grill over high heat for about 10 minutes on each side or until steak and potatoes are cooked through OR bake at 425 degrees for about 20-25 minutes until cooked through to desired doneness (see note).
  • Garnish with fresh thyme or parsley and serve immediately.


Be sure to cut your steak into pieces that are at least 2x2 inches, and potatoes into pieces smaller than one inch. This ensures even cooking.
*For medium doneness on the steak, boil the potatoes first for five minutes before adding to the bowl and proceeding with the rest of the recipe. This will help them to cook faster once in the foil pack.
**If you prefer a char on your steak, you can open up the packets at the end and cook for a couple minutes directly on the grill, or for baking you can switch oven to broil for a few minutes (with packets opened).



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    make the life better.

I like to bake this …but it is not recommended to use aluminum foil t cook meat..any advice of how to bake it ???

    Hi Marta, You can line your foil with a layer of parchment paper, or you can bake wrapped in just oven-safe parchment paper, you’ll likely need a toothpick or two to secure the packet and keep it closed.

      Hi Tiffany, I’m going camping tomorrow so wanted to take this dish with us. Recommendations for cooking times if placing baking parchment wrapped on foil greatly appreciated:)

    Why arent you suppose to use foil to cook meat, i have been doing it for years and never new that..

      oh the new thing is something about it’s bad to use foil cause I think the aluminum can get into your food or something. Who knows, they are always coming up with this is bad and that is bad when it’s something we have done for years.

      I have health issues which include an auto-immune illness. Docs told me to stay away from foods cooked/baked/prepared in aluminum. Hope this helps.

        Hi, those interested in ALUMINUM foil cooking or pots lineD with aluminun (PROS and CONS). It seems that people. Who are strong and super healthy have an easier time with various risks with foods and questionable ways of preparing/cooking foods. I have had immune system problems since i was a young child diagnosed with rhumatoid arthritis. It seems as though my health was compromised all of my life. I am now 63. My doctor for years was Dr. William Crook of Jackson, TN. I followed his advice b/c I Knew the benefits of his reSearch. He wrote several outstanding books. Before his death.
        His RESEARCH had started to turn up links between cooking with aluminum and Early onset of ALZHEIMER’S. I am not sure what research shows at this point, if anything. I learned to keep an open mind on Such subjects. .

      Aluminum foil leaches heavy metals into food!!! My Dr tested me for heavy metal toxicity & Aluminium came up way too high! He told me to use cast iron or stainless steel pans & throw away all tephlon & aluminum cookware & never cook w tin foil! It accumulates in ur body & is very detrimental to ur health! I w use a cast iron Dutch oven to make this camping! Or parchment paper lined so the food doesn’t touch the tin foil! Not sure if it w still leach into food or not?

        what do you do for soda, and canned veggies..those cans are alu.. i have heard this but i still use it.. 73 and have always used it…

          Those cans are lined with plastic.

        I Heard cast iron isn’t safe to cook with either.

          Then I must be doomed and dead … have used both aluminum foil and cast iron skillets and dutch ovens since high school home ec class and i’m 75 and still kickin’! guess my days must be numbered!


      One answer I have heard is that there are higher levels of aluminum in brains of Alzheimer’s patients. This is of course not detected until an autopsy is performed… But it’s a better-safe-than-sorry option.

      The aluminum in the foil supposedly leaches into the food. To much levels can cause problems.

      Aluminum foil or in pans is toxic linked to alzheimer’s disease


    Try parchment paper crimped around the edges much like making a stromboli (at least I think that’s what I’m thinking of…..sorry it is late). Take a piece of parchment paper and on 1/2 of the sheet place the meat, potatoes and other stuff then fold over the other 1/2 of the parchment then crimp the edges together to seal. Bake as recommended. Worth a try.

      If you’re looking for a video of howto seal it securely, the name of this technique is cooking en papillote. Most commonly used with fish or chicken breast, so that’s probably what you’ll find when you search on google or youtube, but you can cook pretty much anything that way

    Why can’t you cook meat in a foil pack?

      aluminum has been getting alot.of and press.lately. research is showing a correlation between aluminum and certain diseases dementia and Parkinsons, same with sprays lime deodorant and air.dresheners
      pumps and solids are more.recommended as is parchment paper and baking

        I’m a doctor. That’s nonsense. Stop believing everything u read on the interwebs.

          5 stars
          Thank you. I am really sick of the food police, and what they say don’t eat, how not to prepare etc.. I’m just sticking with the moderation idea. My weight is good and my lab work is great. I am 60 years old. I have joint issues, but I am never sick.

          Just because ur a Dr. Does not mean you know everything. It was a Dr. That told me aluminum foil was not good to cook with.


          Doc, maybe you need to continue studying. Remember you are in practice so you never will get everything right.

          Then ‘doc’ you should most very well, know that aluminum is indeed related to certain dementia-(type) ailments??

          Good for you Doc! I’ve managed to make 56 years, using foil, eating cookie dough, and maintaining a GMO inclusive lifestyle. People freak out over every little thing.

          We may as well not use any of the old methods of cooking then If you believe every little bit of B.S. that gets publicity the world would be full of people too scared to eat. Please have some common sense.There is possibly more chemicals in the baking paper than there are in the aluminium foil.

          Thanks Doc, too many people believe everything they read onlinejk.

          Thank you I was going to say the same thing I need aluminum foil to cook all the time I know I’ve ever had a problem . It is nonsense only part I’m not her doctor

          Thank you!!!! I swear every few months people come up
          with something else!

          No you’re not. I have read several studies done (from PubMed) that indicate aluminum could be a factor in dementia/Alzheimer’s. If you know so much tell us why it’s not harmful.

          Wow, so the fact that my husband has heavy metal poisoning from aluminum based deodorant and from vaccines is not true then? My 3 year old also can not handle heavy metals in her system and was vaccine injured bc they contain high levels of aluminum. I guess the specialists are just liars.

          Hahaha. Thanks for clarifying that. Surely several people thought for sure they were going to die from cooking in foil. I’m sure webmd told them so.

          I like your common sense so over people trying to change everything we do Joanne New Zealand

          Thank you!!!!!

          Th ha anks Doc. For clearing this foil issue. My Mom used it cooking for years, im now 57, and been dong the samenever got sick…This dish is awesome, can also use chicken breast, as well as pork chops.

          Amen been using foil since a kid, no problem, i am 81 and still using.

          5 stars
          thanks for bringing some common sense to this discussion. These so-called “Health” claims usually begin with “I heard…” without any documented proof from a reliable source.

          Totally agree DOC. !!!

          Thank you


          hahaha, Awesome “doc”. they did exactly what you told them not do do 😉

        Yes, nonsense. I saw the article on Huffington Post and would tend to agree that it can be unhealthy if you did this often..but cooking in foil once or two times a year is not going to have any health risks.

        Have you researched the correlation between flu shots (the mercury in them) and how they destroy brain cells? And their relation to Alzheimer’s and Dementia? Yeah, been cooking with foil all my life and doing ‘foil pack’ meals with no problems.


        Oh, and BTW, folks, research is showing that lack of cholesterol may be the main cause of Alzheimer’s. The brain needs cholesterol in order to function properly.

          Sorry about the caps, I have no idea why that happened. I’m on PC.

        4 stars
        If you are going to pattern your life and health according to the Huffington Post…… and get your real news off Facebook, then I might suggest developing some common sense is a far better option. Skip the foil, parchment paper and all else, put the entire thing in a cast iron Dutch oven and cook it. Iron is far healthier than the Huffington Post.

        Nothings healthy anymore, not the food we eat or even the water we drink….nothing new.

        Do you really believe everything I read on the internet? I learned some time ago not to do that. I am 74 years old and I have used aluminum foil all my life, raised 4 kids on it especially when camping across the USA.

          Aluminum is a heavy metal. It would make sense that there would be such correlations. New things are discovered all the time. This could very well be true. Just because someone says it has not affected them, does not mean it has not. And, it can very well have affected someone else.

      It’s now linked to many health problems especially Alzheimer’s.

        4 stars
        Alzheimer’s (dementia) has been around a lot longer than Aluminum foil. More than likely it is defective genes. This is like when eggs and butter were to be avoided but now they are ok. Looking for reasons like this is what keeps scientist employed.

          Sorry but aluminum has been around forever in our soil so that could still be associated with health issues


    There are bake bags in the ziploc section in the store that can be used as well. I’ve used them for poultry and roasts in the past.

    Possibly line the pouch with parchment paper?

      Awesome idea! I will do this.

    I used baking paper and foil wrapped it up with baking paper then foil so the foil doesn’t touch the food

    5 stars
    I used a tin disposable pan. Tons of juices and still easy clean up!

    Baking paper should do the trick.


Yum this looks amazing! What type of forks are those I love the look of the handle 🙂

    Thank you! These forks are some antique ones I found a while back, but I’ve never seen them anywhere else besides that one little shop and I bought all they had ha! I wish they still made silverware like that!!

      I so agree Tiffany they are awesome!

      Thanks, Doctor. That’s what I was about to say. I do understand foil gets too hot in a confection oven. They advise not using it for my new Oster, but I had a Black & Decker I used it in for years and it never hurt it. Usually, not always, when something like this is posted there is an ad for something within the article like the oven and microwave bags. They are great, but they can’t do all that foil does.

5 stars
Hi! What kind of steak did you use?

Has this been tried in a crockpot?

    It could be done but it won’t have that grill/oven bake taste. I guess you could try it, I’d suggest quickly browning the meat on the stovetop first in olive oil or butter, really sear in that flavor. I don’t know if you would need to add any liquid or if the oil would be enough…I am thinking you may need to. Perhaps a lil worcestire sauce.

      Browning it first will help make it taste more like an “authentic” steak and not like boiled and bland. It really makes a WORLD of a difference I have found, definitely a step I won’t skip again. I made a huge pork roast the other day and I seasoned it wel land pan seared it in olive oil for 5 mins each side with a lid over it. It really browned both sides nicely, gave great flavor and looked a lot more appetizing when completed. Next time I do pot roast I am going to definitely pan sear first! Game changer!!!

Ok why aren’t you supposed to go meat in aluminum foil?

    My electric fan oven doesn’t cook well in foil I don’t know why so I never use it. Think it’s the same for convection ovens too.

    I think they believe the aluminum get’s into the food?

      5 stars
      Since my first training in 1999, you regularly tell me about your desire to get content beyond just information. After having initiated the Academy of Positive Nutrition for professionals 3 years ago, I thought a lot about how to offer quality and useful information accessible to all. This is how this digital version of the Academy was born. Click this

    Apparently there is no good reason to avoid using foil to cook the meat and potatoes in. I have used foil all my life for recipes like this but I like to spray the foil with a nonstick coating, like Pam, to keep the food from sticking. The question was asked multiple times for the reason why you shouldn’t use foil. There wasn’t a reason given to anyone asking, so I’m assuming (shame on me for that) that there isn’t a good reason for not using the foil.

      There are many replies. A lot of research leans towards aluminium being linked to dementia

        You can prove anything you want in a study. Better safe than sorry. If you believe something to be try, don’t do it. There are other ways to cook than with foil. Each to his/her own.

          I totally agree with you, that YOU CAN prove anything you want in a study. Sooner or later someone is going to prove that “living” causes “dying.”

      There actually was a reply if you scroll up you’ll see it was posted at five something in the morning on the same day you posted yours the aluminum has been associated with Alzheimer’s and various other diseases it leaches into the food so you can use parchment paper to line the aluminum foil or Parchment paper by itself

        A doctor replied – don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

          Exactly! DON’T NECESSARILY believe some yahoo claimIng to be a doctor.

        According to “Consumer Reports On Health” newsletter, Sept 2017, the link between Alzheimer’s and aluminum has failed to be confirmed by research. This was the thinking a few decades ago but not now.
        However, I still don’t let aluminum touch food…old habits die hard, so I lined the foil packets with parchment. The potatoes didn’t cook in 25 min. I’d parboil them first the next time.

        So you’re fine with wax getting in your food but not trace amounts of aluminum? That’s strange to me.

      5 stars
      I have found that the Reynolds wrap foil that is non stick works really good also. Instead of spraying mine. Started using it for “grilling only” a couple yrs ago. Works great.
      As far as not using foil to cook this in. Researchers are trying to say that the use of aluminum foil has been linked to Alzheimer’s among other things. I have heard this for years about aluminum cooking pans but never about foil.
      But stop and think about it, if it was really all that “bad” for us wouldn’t they have pulled it from the shelves by now? Also what these days doesn’t cause Cancer or something else??

      It has been answered numerous times why. And to google if you want.

    I get sheet of foil and place it on the counter. I put the parchment paper on top of it. I put the food on the parchment paper and fold it over and then I fold the foil over. Parchment paper is the best!

How do you get your steak to look “grilled”? Every time I cook foil packs, the meat never looks “grilled”, but more like it is boiled!

    Hi Monica! When I’m baking foil packs, I like to open up the foil pack toward the end and switch my oven to broil for the last few minutes to get a nice browning. For grilling, my meat gets brown as long as the food in the packet isn’t stacked too deep if that makes sense – I try to spread it all out in an even layer so the packet is kind of flat when it goes on the grill. You can also move the meat over directly onto the grill for the last couple of minutes to get some char on it. 🙂

      5 stars
      HiTiffany… I tried this and it is fantastic!! We are having it again for supper… I add some fresh rosemary too. Thanks again….

      Thanks…this was going to be my question too. The recipe is quite tasty, but not at all brown. Definitely more of a steamed look. I will try opening toward the end next time. Great tip!

So, if you boil the potatoes first, do you still cook it in the foil pack for the same amount of time?

    Hi Pat, if you boil your potatoes first, you can reduce the cooking time for the foil packs a bit depending on the desired doneness for the steak.

      2 stars
      Of your cooking these on a grill is it direct heat or indirect heat, I see most recipes leave out these little nuances, it makes a difference??

Can you do these in the oven? What temp and time do you think if so?

    oops, didn’t read all the way. LOL. Thanks for this recipe!

Can you bake this in a Pyrex dish?

    Yes! I recommend switching your oven to broil for a few minutes right at the end to get a good color on the potatoes and steak. 🙂

Hello! Can you add a veggie to the packets? Would that change the baking time or temperature if you do?

    You definitely can! The time will only need to be increased if you’re adding a lot of veggies and the packets are large. 🙂

    Nicole Precourt I have done this and added carrotts, onion, and a small ear of corn. I did mine in the oven and still cooked it for 30 to 45 mins and it was great. I love corn on the cob, potatoes, and carrotts together and used the onion to add a little more flavor. I also added a bay leave (fresh from my herb garden) for a little more flavoring. I’m by myself, but I did all 4 packets, cooked all 4. My daughter came and ate with me, so the other 2 I placed in the fridge. One of my sons came over later that day and his wife was out of town, so I gave him one to have for supper. The other one I placed in the freezer at the end of the day. That was about a month ago and I took the last packet from the freeze last week. I dumped it into a microwave safe dish and heated it in the microwave. It was as good then as it was when I first cooked them. And I did use the foil. Have always used foil and I did spray it with the non stick spray. I did add butter to mine since I had the corn in it.

      Thank you for leaving a comment about the recipe and how well it turned out.

Are there any tips/tricks to having it come out crispy and caramelized like that and not just steamed?

    Hi Michelle, Definitely! If you are baking, you can open up the foil packs and switch your oven to broil for a few minutes at the end. Same with grilling, you can open up the foil packs and transfer the steak directly onto the grill to get a good char. 🙂

      That kind of defeats the purpose of an easy foil packet doesn’t it?!

        Does it?

My husband like med. for his steak. How long would that take to cook?

    About 15 minutes on the grill (half on each side) and be sure to boil your potatoes for 5-8 minutes beforehand! 🙂

OMG. Easy, fast and delicious! A must make

I use the Reynolds grill bags. However I was disappointed that the meat was not pretty and looked golden. It looked more boiled. I followed the directions completely. However it did have good flavor – cooking time of 20 is spot on

    Hi Melinda, I’m glad you liked the flavor! Sometimes I open up my foil packs at the end and move the meat straight onto the grill so it gets a good char on it. 🙂

Does the steak actually get the charred look? I fear it will be pale & steamed looking.

    If baking, you can open up your foil pack at the end of the cooking time and switch your oven to broil for a few minutes to get a nice broiled surface. You can also open up your foil pack on the grill at the end and put the meat straight on the grill if you want a really good char. 🙂

5 stars
I like my steaks more medium rare, so maybe boil my potatoes for eight minutes???

I made this in the oven. It turned out really good. I maybe need to add a vegetable next time like carrots. Oh and adjust the spices. I liked it. The steak was really tender

Love it! Would you ever add any veggies in there?

    Onions and mushrooms are my top picks!

    Can I use chicken instead of steak with this recipe

Love all the receipts on here. I love this idea of the potatoes with the steak. However, as it has been mentioned not to cook/bake food in aluminum. What do you suggest we use to get the same effect.


    Hi Samantha, You can always line your foil packs with parchment paper. 🙂

      Hi Is parchment paper baking paper?

        Hi Jan, I haven’t heard of baking paper?? I buy parchment paper near the foil and ziplock bags at my grocery store. 🙂

          How can we get the nutritional value of this meal?

        Jan, yes baking paper 🙂

        No, Papyrus is really baking paper. Parchment came after papyrus, and before rag/linen writing paper. Of course, after the technique of making writing paper from cotton pulp was refined, baking paper was simple ground up and added to water to allow you to burp/belch. I hope we don’t need to keep going over this.

hey girl- this looks so yummy!

I’ve been cooking meat in foil for along time. Didnt know I wasn’t supposed to. What is the prob)em?

I never saw the reason not to cook meat in foil! Please answer this question. All of my friends have done this fir years. Thank you!

    I’ts now thought to be linked to high levels of aluminum in your body which is causing things like Alzheimer’s etc.
    Switching to parchment paper seems to be the advice they are giving on here.

So if you grill it as instructed is this for well done steak?

4 stars
Out to purchase additional parchment paper now. Excited to try this recipe!

5 stars
Hi. I’m 63 but not old. I have had eye surgery – retina detachment. Is this page hard to read or is it my vision? I’d love this page and subsequent recipes to be darker. The video is enticing and then I can’t read the reicipe…….

    My 74 year old friend just had that surgery also, hope your recovery is going well! She’s had a few scary moments but hoping she springs back as good as new when it’s all said and done since she’s always been so active.

    The print is very much on the light side hopefully she can darken it up to help you and others out.

    It’s looks quite yummy and I will be trying this soon as I bought stuff today to make it.

    Lynne You might try using a magnifying glass and see if that helps, maybe if print were larger it would be easier to read

    I do agree the print is very light on this page, not sure why, I’ve never noticed it before on other pages.

    Other option is to copy and paste the recipe to Word on our computer where it shows up darker ( I tried it and it worked)

    This must be something to do with the font she is using

    If you use zoom and make the font larger, the color also gets darker by doing this.

I love how NOBODY answered the question if why we shouldn’t cook with Aluminum Foil, so I looked it up. A study was done, and it seems the Aluminum can leach into the food when cooked at high temps. Especially when cooked with spices and ingredients that are highly acidic. Even though we ingest Aluminum many different ways, too much could be linked to diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Our bodies do secrete it, just not by much. At least that was what I found.

    Someone did answer that question

      The question was answered several times.

    This was answered many times above your post. BUT, good of you to check it out and post what you found.

    The question was answered a dozen times. It basically comes down to your personal preference. If MY doctor said something to me, then I would be more inclined to get it attention. Otherwise, it’s petty much a case of “I read somewhere that…”

BTW, This looks super yummy and can’t wait to try it!!

Can I substitute sesame oil for the olive oil?

    Sesame oil has a very strong sesame flavor and will change the flavor of the dish, but you could use vegetable, canola, or peanut oil.

Will this work with chicken? (:

This may be a crazy question, but do I use a baking sheet in the oven or do I place them directly on the oven rack?

    Directly on the oven rack. 🙂

      Thank you! I’m going to try this today.

      Oh, maybe this is the problem! I put them on a baking sheet and they are taking FOREVER to cook. I’ll try switching that…

Can this be done in a crock pot?

Wonder if it would taste good with pork chop? Going to try the steak just have pork chop in the fridge for tonight!!!!!!

    Hey Jody! I haven’t tried it with pork chop but that sounds delicious! Let me know if you give it a go, I’d love to hear how it turned out!

If I make it in the oven (and not the grill), what temp do I bake it at and for how long?


disregard previous question, I just noticed the baking details on your site. Sorry

It would be wonderful if you could add a nutritional label to the recipe. Some of us are watching our calories, etc. Recipe does look tasty.

    She can’t because she’s not a nutritionist. Just put food and amount into fitness pal of everything u eat & it will tell u ur calories /etc…

    You can count your calories using my fitness pal, there you can scan the bar code of your item and it will give you info about nutritional content.

I am wary of the steak looking more steamed than the way your photo shows. How about browning the steak in a pan before proceeding with the recipe?

    Yes that definitely works! Also, when baking the foil packs, you can open the pack about five minutes before the end and switch from bake to broil for a few minutes to get some additional color.

Hi this looks delicious! I am going to make it tonight for dinner. I am deciding on which way to make it and saw someone mentioned cooking it in pyrex. I always cook is pyrex and was wondering if the cook time would be the same and if I should still use aluminum foil? I never knew cooking in aluminum foil could be bad for you before this post and do not have parchment paper.

    Hi Catherine, The foil is just for convenience – if you want to use a pyrex dish you don’t need to line it with anything, simply grease the pan first. 🙂

5 stars
Hi, I am not a cook but would like to try this. Sorry if I sound stupid but what does it mean change your oven to broil?

    Hi Lorna, if you want additional browning on your meat and potatoes, you can switch your oven from bake, to broil at the end (with the foil packs open at this point). All you do is turn your oven off, and then turn it back on but with the “broil” option instead of the bake option.

How did you get the deep brown color?

    Hi Richard, When I grill these foil packs they are less dark at the end, but when I bake them, I usually switch to broil and open the packs for the last few minutes to get some extra color on them.

      You could also lightly brush your dish with gravy aide or Gravy Master when it has Finished cooking, Put it back in the oven for about 5 minutes. It will brown beautufully! Enjoy…

How did you get the charred look on the pictures you posted?

    Hi LaDonna, I usually grill these foil packs but when I photographed them I baked them and then just opened up the foil packs at the end and switched the oven to broil for a few minutes. 🙂

What do you think, if I added some Broccoli and/or Cauliflower for colour?

Could we add shrimp to the pack? Raw or cooked?

    You can add raw shrimp to the foil pack but should wait until maybe about halfway through the cooking because shrimp cooks pretty quickly. 🙂

5 stars
Hi Tiffany. Thank you for this delectable recipe. I’m am trying it tonight at the urgent request of my daughter (who not-so-subtly posted it to my facebook page). I am using the foil packets as recommended. My question is, should I use double sheets of foil?

    I recommend just one layer of foil – hope you love it!

    IF you are cutting the steak small to cook well done, instead of partially boiling the potatoes, you can just nuke them for a few minutes. Try this with a squeeze of lemon before sealing to break the heaviness of the oil and meat. Not too much, just a bit.

What if I wanted to add shrimp in to my foil pack? Would I cook for the same amount of time?

    Shrimp only takes a few minutes to cook so I would add it into the foil pack half way through the cooking.

5 stars
Managed to follow your recipe and the result was delicious. My husband was delighted. Thank you Tiffany!

The video is a little deceiving. If I have to boil the potatoes before baking and throw the meat on the grill after baking, why not just cook everything separately. And that way you will also eliminate the dangers of cooking in foil. Just a thought!

My son who is 8 watched this video and asked if he could cook it for dinner. We have just done our grocery shopping and are going to cook this tonight. Fingers crossed. Looks amazing

Ok this looks amazing and I’ll be tryout no it with foil tomorrow! I’m sorry but everything causes cancer, Alzheimer’s, or something. I’m not worried about foil. 😊

5 stars
I meant, I will be trying it with foil tomorrow. Lol long day 😳

These are great done on the BBQ too!
Also, lamb works well instead of steak! Garlic and rosemary good combo!

3 stars
I zapped the potatoes for 2 minutes in an effort to soften them up. I still have to cook this for 40 minutes and they were still a little “al dente”. Meat was overcooked…flavor was good though.

I read all of the comments but had one question to clarify. If you are baking at 425 in the oven what would be the estimated cook time to get steak that was medium well? I know the potatoes should be boiled 5 minutes before putting in the foil packet but wasn’t sure how long to leave my steak packets in the oven to get medium well. (I don’t want to over cook 2.5 lbs of steak!) ha ha

5 stars
Love the recipe looks delicious can’t wait to try it does it matter what kind of steak? I like filet mignon instead of sirloin steak would it turn out the same? I know some steaks are a little juicier with a little fat in them, also I’m thinkin about adding yellow and green zucchini, and onions to the pouch I always cook those 3 things in a dish on grill anyway and I think it would be yummy with the steak n potatoes anyway thanks so much for the recipe and I will let ya know how it turns out and just something I noticed you must get really tired of posting the same response to the same questions people are asking if everyone would just scroll thru all the comments you would answer your own question she sounds like a very busy woman doing all of us a favor free of charge so let’s not make it anymore stressful than it already is try to look for the question you have and if it has been already answered before asking her to take the time to give you the same answer she has giving 15 other ppl im just sayin!! Continue the good work lady can’t wait to try them! Have a Great evening!!

I am going to try this in the foil packet but cook it in my pressure cooker. Praying it works..I love my 7 in 1 programmable pressure cooker. Think I will saute the steak for a second first. Thank you for posting this recipe.

I just made this steak and potato in foil..I followed the instructions, and must say it was not that tasty as it looks..We were all very disappointed..Will not make this again..


I have food allergies that are cross contamination sensitive, and have become obsessed with foil pouches when I travel and I’m cooking in a sketchy kitchen. It’s an easy way for me to minimize the risk. I can’t wait to try this, and I plan to add some Brussels sprouts or asparagus! Thanks!!

I made this for dinner a couple of nights ago and was terribly disappointed. The meat was okay and the most of the potatoes were undercooked. I followed the recipe to a T -‘cut the meat and potatoes to size according to the recipe, boiled the potatoes for 5 minutes beforehand, broiled it for 5 to 8 minutes after baking. There was a lot of liquid in each pouch and and there was barely any browned meat or potatoes. Doubt I’ll make it again.

Thought this was very flavorful and has potential, but the cooking time (on high) for the meat was WAAAAY to long for us. I even shortened it to 8 min per side.

Not impressed with this recipe at all – and I used filets…. I did it in the oven -as instructed – but it just didn’t have the flavor that I expected. If only there were a way to cook it all on the gas or charcoal grill to give it that added flavor – then maybe. I like the concept of it all – but oven baking just doesn’t foot the bill for us….

Can you tell me the nutritional value per serving? I count calories.

5 stars
Hi I made this the first time with extra garlic, added a little turmeric and a little onion powder. I like mine well done so I put it in the broiler for 5 minutes at the end but some parts were nicely cooked from the bottom in the foil packs. I love the ingredients in this recipe! This time I am trying with chicken and baking in a Pyrex baking dish so wish me luck.

3 stars
I tried this tonight. I was really excited to do so. It turned out okay. I don’t think I seasoned it heavily enough. For those that tend to be more heavy handed with seasoning their foods, try doubling all the seasonings, I think it may make a difference. It was rather quick and easy! I’m thinking it probably tastes even better on the grill.

4 stars
Hi I made my first foil pack … I did have to brown it. Which actually dried it too much BUT it was only my first one. The steak was almost melt in my mouth. It is fast cooking I had onions and bell peppers. I think though instead of opening the packs I would heat oil in iron skillet and do the quickest fry to brown it just before serving. Thanks though it was an easy and quick meal.

Can I use chicken instead of steak for this recipe

Will searing the steak do anything

3 stars
So I cooked this at the recommended time and my potatos are still hard. I followed the directions to a tee. What went wrong here?

    Hi Tammy! Did you by chance cut your potatoes too large? I would also check your grill temperature – my grill is newer and gets very hot and cooks quickly (as it should) but my in-laws have a grill that for some reason does not get very hot, everything takes 2-3 times longer to cook!

3 stars
I’m not a fan of thyme, so I subbed onion and added a tiny bit more garlic because we love garlic. It was ok. Different, but still not something I’d rave about

Made this tonite on the grill. Delicious!!!

5 stars
Since I live alone, does this freeze well? Maybe make into 4 foils and then dump each packet into a ziplock bag and freeze (without the foil) or do you have a better suggestion?

    I saw another lady say she put he’s in freezer and it was perfect or just half the recipe.

5 stars
Given that research has been reversed on so many things, how can you believe ANYTHING a scientist says anymore? Use the foil, eat all the fat you want, leave the fat on your meat, use real butter…enjoy your food, disregard SCIENCE. Life iis too short to do what they want instead of what you want. None of it will add (or subtract) one day off your Life. We are all going to die. Get over it already!

Hola Everyone, Jay from Texas here. Foil pack cooking is a big thing here. Every camping trip to the lake or river is a for sure foil pack weekend. I recommend foil pack Sausage with onion and red, yellow, green bell pepper and also foil pack fish with butter, Mrs dash, and thinly sliced onion, bell pepper and celery. Yummy

3 stars
For those of you that are lucky enough to have a Dollar Tree store near you, check for the parchment paper there first. I was shocked (but delighted) that they carried it, because that stuff can be waaaaaay expensive elsewhere.

5 stars
Omg!!! I tried this tonight but I tweeked it a little. I used 2 pks of Lipton onion soup mix instead of garlic and the others ingredients I did use Olive oil and worchester sauce So good. The steak was so tender as well as the potatoes. 30 minutes and done!! Soooooo good

3 stars
Can this recipe be done with stew beef/ beef chuck?

Have you ever done in pressure cooker? If so, how much liquid would you add and how long would you cook?
Thank you!

5 stars
Whenever I mention trying new reciepes, my husband crimes because we’ve disliked a few. But this was a HIT!! Even my daughter who’s a picky eater wanted seconds!! Very yummy reciepe we will be making again!!

I added mushrooms, green beans and sliced onions. Delicious! As for cooking in tin foil, I worked with Alzheimer’s patients for many years and attended lots of lectures, workshops, conferences and symposiums on the disease. Would I cook daily with aluminum cookware? No. Do I worry about cooking in foil several times a year? Absolutely not.

5 stars
This recipe is heavenly! I have tried for my boyfriend and we both love it! Thanks

Is this something we can make ahead of time and stick in the freezer and bake when ready?

Does anyone have an estimate of the calories per serving on this recipe?

    4 stars
    Great meal, I cooked the foil package on the barbecue for 30 minutes, potatoes and meat turned out great.and delicious.

    If you go to the following site: you can figure out the calories of any recipe. Google is a wonderful thing.

Looks great! Definitely going to try this out tomorrow. Question, based on your recipe, what is the wellness of the steak? Is it rare, medium rare, medium, medium-well or well done? Thank you!

We made this for dinner tonight and it was fabulous. Also baked it in the oven at 350 for a little more than one hour. YUM!!!

I admire your patience with how many times you answered the question about how to brown the steak! Can’t folks read?

5 stars
I am making this right not and let me tell ya!! It smells amazing! Thank you. I never knew you could cook like this till I went out camping with some family this last summer and it is amaing!

The directions are messed up. It results in hard, nearly raw potatoes and shoe leather sirloin. What a waste of expensive cut of meat.
I recommend parboiling the potatoes for at least 15 minutes and cooking for no more than 15.

I followed this recipe to the T and at 25 min the small (less than 1″) potato chunks were not cooked through. The top sirloin steak was also tough to the point where they weren’t even chewable. I had cut the pieces to about 2.5″ as we like our steak more rare. Put it back in the oven for another 10 min and the steak came out less tough, but pretty much well done. The potatoes were still not fully cooked.

Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 zfxuv

5 stars
I just made this for supper, using a small NY strip steak I had. I wanted to give it a test drive. It was fabulous! Baked it in the oven following the directions and broiled it for 5 minutes in the end. The meat was crispy, and the potatoes had a nice brown crust. There is enough left for lunch tomorrow. Served with steamed spinach, and it was like a steak house meal. Thank you for the recipe!!
I will try this with my grandkids next week.

Hi Tiffany, I made your herb chicken with asparagus dish the other day and it was awesome. Anyway, concerning this dish I see where you say it is good to put it in the broiler or sear it first for the charred look. Silly question but would you suggest cutting it in cubes prior to grilling/broiling or cut it afterwards? thank you

I made this on September 22, while camping. I used a tripod rack over an open fire pit. I microwaved the potatoes for 5 minutes. the foil packs were on the rack for 8 minutes per side. Everyone said the food was delicious.

I made this the other night and overall was pleased. I did double the amount of garlic and added an onion, some butter and some Worcestershire sauce. The family liked it well enough and have even cleaned the leftovers which is rare for them. Next time I will use even more garlic than I did the first time and add a pouch of Lipton Onion Soup Mix. I might also toss in some chopped celery while I am at it.

BTW: Like many dishes this had even more flavor when re-heated the next day.

I wish people would read all the comments first before asking the same questions that have been answered already [Multiple times, too] Very annoying

    i agree, the same question is asked over and over. why do people come on a site and not read it?

5 stars
Thanks for sharing.Your article is awesome! How long does it take to complete this article? I have read through other blogs, but they are cumbersome and confusing.
I hope you continue to have such quality articles to share with everyone! I believe there will be many people who share my views when they read this article from you!

1 star
This was a subpar recipe. It was essentially a steamed steak. I even tried broiling at the end, but the meat was very tough and over cooked. If you want to make a stew, make a stew. If you want to make a steak, grill your steak. Pick one and commit.

You get more Aluminum from your deodorant.

I’m cooking this now in the oven and I’m excited to see how it turns out. I’ll let you know!!

Okay, amateur question here…when you boil the potatoes first, do you boil them whole or cut them up first? Thank you!!

5 stars
Hi! Loved the flavor of this recipe but my steak was so tough? Did I just get a tough piece that time or is it always that way? Also, steak and potatoes were not brown at all. How do you cook chunks directly on the grill? Don’t they fall through? How did you get your steak and the potatoes so browned? BTW, everyone did love the flavor of this so I will be making this again, I’d just like to perfect the technique! Thanks!

4 stars
Made this tonight and it was good. The potatoes were not quite done at 30 minutes, but the steak was. The pieces of potato were small, but will boil first next time. Going to add mushrooms, zucchini, and butter next time. It’s kind of like deconstructed shish-kabob. Did the broil trick after baking and things browned nicely.
I think this idea in the foil has many possibilities. I may try marinating the meat first too. Yum!

4 stars
I had too much meat and ended up with 6 portions (that really could have been 7). My oven is old and there was more stuff, so i ended up cooking it for 35-38 min before I got that ‘beef stew’ tender. Should have boiled potatoes first to get medium well meat and broiled, but all in all, fantastic for a quick work meal for the week. Thank you!!! (how do i calculate calories for this? so new at this)

When i dit it last time, it came out very flavorful but the potatoes were not cooked enough. Any tips to ensure potatoes are not underdone?

    Your potatoes might’ve been cut a little larger than mine – I would recommend par-boiling the potatoes for about 5 minutes before proceeding with the recipe and you should have no problem!

Enough of the scare tactics about cooking with foil. I have seen no actual doctor’s names show up on the ones that say foil causes Alzheimer’s. But the link below shows actual doctor names and institutes that have done the studies.
As the famous comedian George Carlin once said… “Saliva causes stomach cancer!
But only when swallowed in small quantities, and over a long period of time.”

This sounds & looks yummy. I’m definitely going to try it. My QUESTION for you is I like my steak medium RARE, how long do I BAKE it for if I add corn on the cob, mushrooms or carrots? Also, would you suggest that I boil the potatoes first and for how long? Thanks!

    For medium rare steak, I would definitely boil the potatoes and corn first, then begin baking without the steak, and then add the steak in after about 5-10 minutes in the oven. The steak will likely need 10-12 minutes but keep an eye on it!

I Love all your Recipes , Thank you !

    You’re so sweet, thank you for your comment Georgia!! 🙂

5 stars

great recipes looking forward to trying them

4 stars
These look amazing. Hope to see more. THANK you

I made this for my bo and I and he absolu loved it! I would love a pdf vers of the receipe if it could get sent to my email so i can just print it out to add to my cookbook

I have made this recipe several times,the last time i made it with game meat and it was delicious!!!

5 stars
I have made this recipe several times and this last time i used wild game and it turned out perfectl.

After 25 min my potatoes atill were not cooked.. anyone else have this issue ?

Can your recipe be done with chicken? I see a recipe for shrimp with corn, i dont eat steak too often.

    Hi Yvette – you can definitely sub the steak for chicken.

I’m i’m about to try this recipe tonight and very exciting

Not Good
Instructions state on bottom to boil potatoes 1st! then proceed with the mixing. would not recommend

5 stars
Can i use normal potatoes if i don`t find baby yellow potatoes? The taste is the same or is a major issue?

    Hi Hanna – you could definitely use a russet potato or whatever your preference is. just make sure to cube them to ensure the potatoes are cooked in the same amount of time as the meat.

This looks really good! Hubby likes his steak medium so if i Boil the poTatoes first And then bake it in oven, should i still bake it for 20-25 min at 425 degrees F? Thanks

5 stars
Looks very Tasty

watered down too much by doing it in the oven 🙁

I remember in the 80’s that I heard when i accedently waCthed the news. You know the egg scare and all. The only thing that did not cause cancer in white rats was red lipstiCk and peanut butter. If ya don’t want to use foil use a frying pan with an oven safe lid

IF you Sear it in a skillet for a few minutes keep stirring it until DESIRED color and boil your potatoes for 5 minutes on medium heat then drain both and then add to the foil and bake. Very DELICIOuS and tender

People who dont want to use foil could maybe use a roasting bag?

Hi Tiffany
I want to cook the garlic and potato foil packs but in your instructions it says to cook at 425 degrees, my oven Only goes as high as 250 degrees so I was Wondering if you could tell me if they can be cooked at that temperature, if so would I have to bake them longer than the 20-25 minutes and if so, how much longer would I have to cook them for.

    Hi Jason – you could still cook them at 250 degrees, but you would need to increase the cooking time – I can’t say for sure by how much tho – you would just want to check on them every couple of minutes beyond the 25. also, you might want to cut the potatoes into smaller cubes to help them cook more quickly at that lower temp.

Put cheese on it AT the end and put in the oven for a couple of minutes just to melt, yum, 😁

Can you try this w/ pork?

    Hi Kasey – yes, this would also work with pork – you’ll want to watch to cooking time to make sure the pork doesn’t dry out or overcook tho.

we like our steaks rare how long should I cook them in the oven and how long should i boil the potatoes????

    Hi Tina – I would probably shoot for about 15-16 minutes in the oven to get them rare and you would probably want to boil potatoes for about 7-8 minutes to make sure they are cooked in the foil packs.

Could you sear the steak before you pack it?

    Hi Tina – you could definitely sear the steak prior to packing it – you might want to slightly adjust cooking time to make sure meat doesn’t get dried out tho.

5 stars
One of the best recipes I’ve tried. Good job!

Did anyone actually try the recipe?? I read the comments and all I got was an education in aluminum….which I am kind of skeptical of.

Really nice and simple a cant go wrong recipe

JusT made this again tonight. I added a whole garliv clove to each packet and mushrooMs in mine since im the only one that likes them.
We Love this rec

5 stars
Perfect match it is ! Thank you !

Can we talk about the recipe and not aluminum foil?

Oh my!!! I tried a little different versIon using yellow sweet onion, stEak seasoning, worchestershire and liquid somke. I cooked it in the oven for about 30 minutes. It was AHMAZING!!! THanks for the idea!

    Awesome! I’m glad your meal turned out great as well!

4 stars
These look so good – cannot wait to try this recipe!

    You’ll love it!

Is there a way to bake this in just a casserole dish or something?

5 stars
Looks delicious.

I will sure try this!

Is the recipe saying 2 to 2 1/2 lbs of steak or is it saying 2 steaks, 2 1/2 lbs each?

    2 to 2 1/2 lbs of steak!

If we want the meat medium it sAys to boil potatoes for 5 minutez prior to putting them in the bowL, does this mean we should cut and then boil them or boil theM whole and then cut them and Put them in the bowl? Looks delicious, like my meat medium, just want to get it right!

    Cut them first!

some of you people are too stupid to live.

Is it possible to use sweet potatoes with this recipe? I think they would take longer to cook, correct?

    Hi Laura- Sweet potatoes would probably take a little longer. I would recommend par-boiling them for 4-5 minutes before seasoning and putting them in the foil packs.

5 stars
Looks great! I love potato. can’t wait to try this!! thanks for sharing

Do you think this would work with london broil?

    Hi Kathy- I haven’t used London broil myself for this recipe but I think it should work! I’d love to hear how it turns out! Hope its great!

Thank You so-much to share your recipes to me <3 this meals and some of your dish to prepared <3 <3 <3

5 stars
Excellent! Even my 4 year old ate a bunch

    I always feel so proud of myself when I can get my young children to eat new things! Way to go!! 😉 I am so happy to hear that you loved this recipe!

5 stars
Absolutely delicious. The seasoning brings out tremendous flavor in the meat.

    Gerry- Thanks so much! I am happy to hear that you loved this!

This is nice

4 stars
Wow, my sister in law has been getting me to try out more dishes, I think I’ll add this to my list of things to try! TY.

    I hope that you love it! It’s SUPER EASY and SUPER DELICIOUS! 😉

1 star
I tried this for dinner it didn’t come out very tender but I did it in the oven. I don’t know if it would be better on the grill.

    Darn it- sorry to hear that!! Maybe your cut of meat was tough.. not sure! I hope next time it turns out correct for you! 🙂

I’ve been looking for a source of good recipes ever since my x let my cook book collection get ruined. This may be one.

    I hope that you enjoy the recipes that you try! 🙂

5 stars
I have read through other blogs, but they are cumbersome and confusing more than your post. I hope you continue to have such quality articles to share with everyone! I believe a lot of people will be surprised to read this article!

Can I use russet potatoes instead?

    Sure- that will work! It won’t cause too significant of a change! I hope that you love it! 🙂

5 stars
Wow, amazing!

5 stars
So good! I added butter at the bottom of my tin foil 🙂

    Yum!! I bet that awesome! Thanks for sharing with us, Kaisha!

5 stars
These are just my tastes. I know I would like it for sure.

5 stars
I’m trying this tonight, but want to add Shrimp to it as well. When do I add the shrimp into the foil pack?

    You will want to add the shrimp in the last 10 or so minutes of cooking! Hope you love these foil packs!

5 stars
These look so good! I love making these too!

5 stars
I’m in love with your WEB PAGES..
It’s so perfect!!

Want to Bake in oven. Temperature and amount of time please

    Hi Linda- bake them at 425 degrees for about 20-25 minutes until cooked through to your desired doneness!

5 stars
can i take it with YOGURT ?

I am 80 years old married 58years use foil all my life

I am80 years old married 58 years and healthy

1 star
??? i could barely chew through the meat bc it was so overcooked but the potatoes were still raw? maybe i cut the meat too small but it was still a very sad dinner.

    Sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience with this recipe. Hopefully you find another here that you love! 🙂

I tried the oven version and 20 min left the steak way undercooked. I needed another 20 min just to get the blood out. I cut the pieces bigger for “medium”.

Like the recip

5 stars
I just tried this tonight. I used russet potatoes iNstead of baby gold potatoes since that’s what I had. I had to skip the thyme because of a sensitivity but it came out really good. Thank you!

    Hi Becky- I am happy to hear that this recipe turned out great with russet potatoes as well! Thanks for sharing your awesome feedback! 🙂

5 stars
I love new potatoes, but to make these low carb, I would omit potatoes and add lots of fresh green beans and in addition to the olive oil, add butter and a touch of garlic salt for the beans.

    Hi Jill- I bet this would be great with fresh green beans! For sure let me know how they turn out!! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

is there a print button..tried to print a RECIPE and had to go through 65 pages!!

    Each recipe has a print icon on it! I am not sure what caused 65 pages? Sorry to hear that happened!

How do you turn the packet over on the grill without it leaking? Even though the foil is shut, can still leak.

    You can use two layers of foil if you prefer! 🙂

Great easy to prepare taste great

    So glad that you enjoyed these foil packs, Edie! Thanks for your feedback!

5 stars
I’m making this as we speak. I will use foil. I will enjoy it. You only live once! <3

Heres to you doc!

    Yolo! 😉 I hope it turned out delicious for you!

5 stars
woohoo yay! So glad. It’s a fav here too. Did you find this recipe on pinterest? Thanks for feedback

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    Hi Michael- I am not sure what has happened with that but I am working to get it fixed! Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂

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hi tiffany. just stopped by to say i love your site. so many great recipes throughout. looking forward to following your posts.

    Such a sweet compliment! Thanks for making my day! 🙂 I hope that you have found some recipes that you love!


5 stars
I read all so i love GARLIC STEAK aND POTATO FOIL PACKS, i will making this very soon, thanks for sharing this

    Hope you love it! 🙂

5 stars
I would love to see more ideas and recipes

5 stars
A perfect and fast way to make a meal. These look really good, by the way.

    Thank you, Diego! I hope that you love this recipe!

What veggies can be used besides potatoes??

Its awsome can a person use chicken as well

Its so nice can I use chicken as well

    Yes- I’m sure chicken would sub out fine with this! Just be cautious that your meat is cooked properly at the end!

I am going to make this tonight and am going to add split cherry tomatoes to it. It looks delicious.

    Yum! That sounds great. I would love to hear how it turned out!!

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5 stars
It looks so yummy and tasty. I will try doing this tommorrow. Thanks for your nice recipe

    I hope that you love it! 🙂

5 stars
Thank you for a beautiful potato foil packs recipe. Made this tonight for my family and the kitchen smells divine. It tastes even better.

    So happy to hear that you and your family loved this recipe! Thanks for sharing your awesome feedback, Onkar! 🙂

5 stars
Wow…this garlic steak…looks sooo good & more delicious….i really enjoyed your recipe….i will try to making this recipes….Thanks for sharing…..!

    Hi Madison! I am super excited to hear that you enjoyed this recipe so much. Thanks for your feedback!

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5 stars
wow! what a dish. thank you for sharing this recipe. definitely try this recipe with my family and friends.

    I hope that you all love it! 🙂

3 stars
I made this tonight. After 25 minutes at 425, the meat was still pink on the outside. The potatoes had begun to cook, but were still hard in the middle. The strip steak was cut 1 inch x 2 inches and the potatoes less than 1/2 inch.

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t have great success with this recipe! Not exactly positive what went wrong for you!

5 stars
could this possibly be done in a pressure cooker? Thanks!

    Jack- I’d probably ditch the foil altogether and sear steak bites in the pressure cooker, then add potatoes and little bit of water or beef broth and pressure cook. But at that point, it’s not even really the same recipe!

5 stars
Your blog website provided us with useful information to execute with. Each & every recommendations of your website are awesome. Thanks a lot for talking about.

5 stars
Trying this now!💜

5 stars
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Looks delicious, will try in shortly

I for one will be trying this recipe garlic steak and potatoes omg
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5 stars
Love this! I’ve never tried to do meat and vegetables together in foil packs, but I will now!

    I hope that you love it, Valenica! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

5 stars
Very Helpful Information, I like it Very Much.. Thanks for this post

5 stars
Thank you for sharing! I hope you will continue to have great articles like this to share with everyone!

    5 stars
    Hey Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. I will come back to your site

5 stars
All these comments are the reason I don’t have a food blog… such bs. anyway this sounds great, might add a few veggies to the mix. Thanks!

    Hope you love it 🙂

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looks realy good

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Thank you


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Love this! I’ve never tried to do meat and vegetables together in foil packs, but I will now!

    I hope that you have found a new favorite way to cook, Sara! 😉

5 stars
Thanks for the lovely share! gonna make this for my family today! Hope my kids love this

    Fantastic! Thanks, Ethan!!! I hope that you and your family loved this recipe 🙂

Amazingggg !!!!!

Hello. Can we bake in a regular baking dish and just cover with foil?

    Yes, you can!

Could you not jyst put it alk in A baking pan and cook it thst way?

    You can if you would prefer that- I do recommend covering with foil if you choose to do so!

What should a Diabetic eat. I do like healthy foods.

I feel silly asking this. but is it 5lbs of steak or 2 to 2 1/2 lbs?? please help!!

    Don’t feel silly, it’s 2 – 2 and 1/2 pounds of meat!

I am sooo looking forward to trying this recipe

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Can olive oil be SUBSTITUTEd with butter?

    That could probably work!

Can this be done with chicken?

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Ive made this meal several times now, me and wife absolutely iove It. Tasty and very easy to prepare. My youNg childreN tried some for the fIrst and they keep asking when I’m cooking it again! Thank you for sharing your talent.

    SO excited to hear that this has become a hit with your family, Col! Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your this amazing writing on the above topic, please keep helping us in future as well by providing similar content on the internet all the time.

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Made this tonight and I couldn’t believe how tender the steak was, Will DEFINITELY be made often, and sooo easy! *baked in the oven, in fool packets, exactly to your instructions. Thanks!!!

    Sorry, foil* packets 😉

    Awesome job, Kelly! I am excited to hear that you had such a great experience using this recipe. They are on repeat at our house all summer long!

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so yumyyyy i love this recipe

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Love this recipe! My first time making it and it was lovely. The only thing I added was onions to give it a sweet taste along with all the garlic.

    I bet the addition of onions was super delicious- definitely trying that next time! Thanks for sharing.

Easy to recipes!

Could you bake this foil pack in the oven?

    Bake at 425 degrees for about 20-25 minutes until cooked through to desired doneness… see the note at the bottom of the recipe for more details about it!

i couldnt have asked for a better post, this is a great recipe, the Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs is one id love to try out soon. Im sure joseph my son will love this

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Where is the link?

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    Your share is the great knowledge I have gathered, you are an important person I admire, thank you

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Awesome! I will be trying this maybe with my air fyer to make it healthier

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    amazıng artıcle thank you !

NutRitional info please?

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can you bake in foil lined baking dish fully covered and still have the same outcome to make larger portions?

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Thanks a lot for the post. It has helped me get some nice ideas. I hope I will see some really good result soon.

Can , you cook these foilpackets in the oven and if so , approx how long

    Bake at 425 degrees for about 20-25 minutes until cooked through to desired doneness… see the note at the bottom of the recipe for more details about it!

dust 2 varken astek mi kurdun

daha nice paykasa bu bro

gumuskolyecim i acmadan buralara link atmak lazım

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We loved this! Even the kids loved it and usually they are pickY. I poured some of the juices out and pouRed a bit of melted Butter on top after they came out of the oven and it make it even better. DEFINITELY adding this to my liSt!

    Oooohhh great thinking!

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The combination of potatoes and meat looks super in my opinion, thanks for this wonderful recipe.

5 stars
Made this for a crowd at the beach this summer. Huge hit. Huge.

    Awesome job, Nancy!

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What a fantastic recipe! Easy and Quick! After a busy and long day, it turned out that if we eat at home its gonna have to be a late dinner. I started cooking at 8 and we were sitting at the table at 8:30 enjoying our meal. Before I started to cook I was a little skeptical because I just don’t have luck with cooking any kind of stake that isn’t like eating shoe sole (tasteless and chewy). Well, let me tell you that cooking in the foil following your recipe using Grill was easy, mess-free, fast and DELICIOUS! Next time I’ll add more veggies, like onion or mushrooms…  Thank you, Tiffany! Now I’m on the mission to try all your recipes starting with all foil once 🙂 

    Yesss! So glad you had such a good turnout with this recipe!

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i like potato, i love this article, i shared it. thank you so much

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