Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs

Juicy and savory seasoned garlic steak and potato foil packs are the perfect baked or grilled 30 minute hearty, healthy meal!

Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs |
In my mind there are some foods that just go together. French fries and ketchup. Oreos and peanut butter. Chips and salsa. Diet coke and cherry syrup. And of course, we can’t forget, steak and potatoes.

I’ve always been a fan of potatoes, as far back as I can remember. Whether mashed, split open and piled with sour cream, cheese and bacon, or deep fried and salted, I’m on board. Steak was a different story though. For years I thought that I didn’t like steak.

I thought it was tough and flavorless, that is until my late teenage years when I ate at a Japanese restaurant and devoured a fillet mignon in about 2.7 seconds.

Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs |

I had no idea steak could be so juicy, so tender, so melt in your mouth perfect with such incredible flavor! Now I’m hooked. Especially when we are talking about garlic steak. I’ll take garlic on pretty much anything (seriously. garlic is LIFE.) but garlic steak is just out of this world delicious.

Since I’ve become somewhat obsessed with foil packs this summer, I decided to try a twist on steak and potatoes with lots of garlic and seasonings. Turns out this recipe was just waiting to happen because it is perfection.

Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs |

I like my steak with just a teeny tiny hint of pink right in the middle, just to the point it’s about to disappear completely. If you like it that way too, I suggest cutting the steak into larger 2-inch chunks because the potatoes need enough time to cook all the way through. If you like a heavier char and more doneness to your steak, just cut it into 1-inch pieces and it should come out just right.

Steak and potatoes are a fantastic combination and they really shine in this easy and insanely flavorful foil pack meal! Savory herbs, olive oil, and garlic bring these ingredients to life in just 30 minutes with pretty much zero cleanup. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs |


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Garlic Steak and Potato Foil Packs
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Juicy and savory seasoned garlic steak and potato foil packs are the perfect baked or grilled 30 minute hearty, healthy meal.
Recipe type: Main Dish
Cuisine: American
Serves: 4
  • 2-2½ pounds top sirloin steak, trimmed of fat and cut into 2½-inch pieces (see note)
  • 1 pound baby yellow potatoes. quartered (or halved if they are already less than 1 inch in size, see note)
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt and pepper, to taste (I use about 1 teaspoon salt and ¼ teaspoon black pepper)
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon dried parsley
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • fresh thyme or parsley for topping (optional)
  1. In a large bowl combine steak, potatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper, garlic, and seasonings and toss to combine.
  2. Divide steak and potatoes between four 12x12 inch sheets of foil, then wrap the foil tightly around the contents to form your foil packs. Grill over high heat for about 10 minutes on each side or until steak and potatoes are cooked through OR bake at 425 degrees for about 20-25 minutes until cooked through to desired doneness (see note).
  3. **If you prefer a char on your steak, you can open up the packets at the end and cook for a couple minutes directly on the grill, or for baking you can switch oven to broil for a few minutes (with packets opened).
  4. Garnish with fresh thyme or parsley and serve immediately.
Be sure to cut your steak into pieces that are at least 2x2 inches, and potatoes into pieces smaller than one inch. This ensures even cooking.
**For medium doneness on the steak, boil the potatoes first for five minutes before adding to the bowl and proceeding with the rest of the recipe. This will help them to cook faster once in the foil pack.


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I like to bake this …but it is not recommended to use aluminum foil t cook meat..any advice of how to bake it ???

    Hi Marta, You can line your foil with a layer of parchment paper, or you can bake wrapped in just oven-safe parchment paper, you’ll likely need a toothpick or two to secure the packet and keep it closed.

      Hi Tiffany, I’m going camping tomorrow so wanted to take this dish with us. Recommendations for cooking times if placing baking parchment wrapped on foil greatly appreciated:)

    Why arent you suppose to use foil to cook meat, i have been doing it for years and never new that..


      The aluminum in the foil supposedly leaches into the food. To much levels can cause problems.


    Try parchment paper crimped around the edges much like making a stromboli (at least I think that’s what I’m thinking of…..sorry it is late). Take a piece of parchment paper and on 1/2 of the sheet place the meat, potatoes and other stuff then fold over the other 1/2 of the parchment then crimp the edges together to seal. Bake as recommended. Worth a try.

    Why can’t you cook meat in a foil pack?

      aluminum has been getting alot.of and press.lately. research is showing a correlation between aluminum and certain diseases dementia and Parkinsons, same with sprays lime deodorant and air.dresheners
      pumps and solids are more.recommended as is parchment paper and baking

        I’m a doctor. That’s nonsense. Stop believing everything u read on the interwebs.

          We may as well not use any of the old methods of cooking then If you believe every little bit of B.S. that gets publicity the world would be full of people too scared to eat. Please have some common sense.There is possibly more chemicals in the baking paper than there are in the aluminium foil.

          Thanks Doc, too many people believe everything they read onlinejk.

          Thank you I was going to say the same thing I need aluminum foil to cook all the time I know I’ve ever had a problem . It is nonsense only part I’m not her doctor

          Thank you!!!! I swear every few months people come up
          with something else!

          No you’re not. I have read several studies done (from PubMed) that indicate aluminum could be a factor in dementia/Alzheimer’s. If you know so much tell us why it’s not harmful.

          I like your common sense so over people trying to change everything we do Joanne New Zealand

          Amen been using foil since a kid, no problem, i am 81 and still using.

        Do you really believe everything I read on the internet? I learned some time ago not to do that. I am 74 years old and I have used aluminum foil all my life, raised 4 kids on it especially when camping across the USA.

      It’s now linked to many health problems especially Alzheimer’s.

        Alzheimer’s (dementia) has been around a lot longer than Aluminum foil. More than likely it is defective genes. This is like when eggs and butter were to be avoided but now they are ok. Looking for reasons like this is what keeps scientist employed.

    There are bake bags in the ziploc section in the store that can be used as well. I’ve used them for poultry and roasts in the past.

    Possibly line the pouch with parchment paper?

    I used a tin disposable pan. Tons of juices and still easy clean up!


Yum this looks amazing! What type of forks are those I love the look of the handle 🙂

    Thank you! These forks are some antique ones I found a while back, but I’ve never seen them anywhere else besides that one little shop and I bought all they had ha! I wish they still made silverware like that!!

      I so agree Tiffany they are awesome!

Hi! What kind of steak did you use?

Has this been tried in a crockpot?

    It could be done but it won’t have that grill/oven bake taste. I guess you could try it, I’d suggest quickly browning the meat on the stovetop first in olive oil or butter, really sear in that flavor. I don’t know if you would need to add any liquid or if the oil would be enough…I am thinking you may need to. Perhaps a lil worcestire sauce.

      Browning it first will help make it taste more like an “authentic” steak and not like boiled and bland. It really makes a WORLD of a difference I have found, definitely a step I won’t skip again. I made a huge pork roast the other day and I seasoned it wel land pan seared it in olive oil for 5 mins each side with a lid over it. It really browned both sides nicely, gave great flavor and looked a lot more appetizing when completed. Next time I do pot roast I am going to definitely pan sear first! Game changer!!!

Ok why aren’t you supposed to go meat in aluminum foil?

    My electric fan oven doesn’t cook well in foil I don’t know why so I never use it. Think it’s the same for convection ovens too.

    I think they believe the aluminum get’s into the food?

    Apparently there is no good reason to avoid using foil to cook the meat and potatoes in. I have used foil all my life for recipes like this but I like to spray the foil with a nonstick coating, like Pam, to keep the food from sticking. The question was asked multiple times for the reason why you shouldn’t use foil. There wasn’t a reason given to anyone asking, so I’m assuming (shame on me for that) that there isn’t a good reason for not using the foil.

      There are many replies. A lot of research leans towards aluminium being linked to dementia

        You can prove anything you want in a study. Better safe than sorry. If you believe something to be try, don’t do it. There are other ways to cook than with foil. Each to his/her own.

      There actually was a reply if you scroll up you’ll see it was posted at five something in the morning on the same day you posted yours the aluminum has been associated with Alzheimer’s and various other diseases it leaches into the food so you can use parchment paper to line the aluminum foil or Parchment paper by itself

      It has been answered numerous times why. And to google if you want.

How do you get your steak to look “grilled”? Every time I cook foil packs, the meat never looks “grilled”, but more like it is boiled!

    Hi Monica! When I’m baking foil packs, I like to open up the foil pack toward the end and switch my oven to broil for the last few minutes to get a nice browning. For grilling, my meat gets brown as long as the food in the packet isn’t stacked too deep if that makes sense – I try to spread it all out in an even layer so the packet is kind of flat when it goes on the grill. You can also move the meat over directly onto the grill for the last couple of minutes to get some char on it. 🙂

      Thanks…this was going to be my question too. The recipe is quite tasty, but not at all brown. Definitely more of a steamed look. I will try opening toward the end next time. Great tip!

So, if you boil the potatoes first, do you still cook it in the foil pack for the same amount of time?

    Hi Pat, if you boil your potatoes first, you can reduce the cooking time for the foil packs a bit depending on the desired doneness for the steak.

      Of your cooking these on a grill is it direct heat or indirect heat, I see most recipes leave out these little nuances, it makes a difference??

Can you do these in the oven? What temp and time do you think if so?

    oops, didn’t read all the way. LOL. Thanks for this recipe!

Can you bake this in a Pyrex dish?

    Yes! I recommend switching your oven to broil for a few minutes right at the end to get a good color on the potatoes and steak. 🙂

Hello! Can you add a veggie to the packets? Would that change the baking time or temperature if you do?

    You definitely can! The time will only need to be increased if you’re adding a lot of veggies and the packets are large. 🙂

    Nicole Precourt I have done this and added carrotts, onion, and a small ear of corn. I did mine in the oven and still cooked it for 30 to 45 mins and it was great. I love corn on the cob, potatoes, and carrotts together and used the onion to add a little more flavor. I also added a bay leave (fresh from my herb garden) for a little more flavoring. I’m by myself, but I did all 4 packets, cooked all 4. My daughter came and ate with me, so the other 2 I placed in the fridge. One of my sons came over later that day and his wife was out of town, so I gave him one to have for supper. The other one I placed in the freezer at the end of the day. That was about a month ago and I took the last packet from the freeze last week. I dumped it into a microwave safe dish and heated it in the microwave. It was as good then as it was when I first cooked them. And I did use the foil. Have always used foil and I did spray it with the non stick spray. I did add butter to mine since I had the corn in it.

      Thank you for leaving a comment about the recipe and how well it turned out.

Are there any tips/tricks to having it come out crispy and caramelized like that and not just steamed?

    Hi Michelle, Definitely! If you are baking, you can open up the foil packs and switch your oven to broil for a few minutes at the end. Same with grilling, you can open up the foil packs and transfer the steak directly onto the grill to get a good char. 🙂

      That kind of defeats the purpose of an easy foil packet doesn’t it?!

My husband like med. for his steak. How long would that take to cook?

    About 15 minutes on the grill (half on each side) and be sure to boil your potatoes for 5-8 minutes beforehand! 🙂

OMG. Easy, fast and delicious! A must make

I use the Reynolds grill bags. However I was disappointed that the meat was not pretty and looked golden. It looked more boiled. I followed the directions completely. However it did have good flavor – cooking time of 20 is spot on

    Hi Melinda, I’m glad you liked the flavor! Sometimes I open up my foil packs at the end and move the meat straight onto the grill so it gets a good char on it. 🙂

Does the steak actually get the charred look? I fear it will be pale & steamed looking.

    If baking, you can open up your foil pack at the end of the cooking time and switch your oven to broil for a few minutes to get a nice broiled surface. You can also open up your foil pack on the grill at the end and put the meat straight on the grill if you want a really good char. 🙂

I like my steaks more medium rare, so maybe boil my potatoes for eight minutes???

I made this in the oven. It turned out really good. I maybe need to add a vegetable next time like carrots. Oh and adjust the spices. I liked it. The steak was really tender

Love it! Would you ever add any veggies in there?

    Onions and mushrooms are my top picks!

    Can I use chicken instead of steak with this recipe

Love all the receipts on here. I love this idea of the potatoes with the steak. However, as it has been mentioned not to cook/bake food in aluminum. What do you suggest we use to get the same effect.


    Hi Samantha, You can always line your foil packs with parchment paper. 🙂

      Hi Is parchment paper baking paper?

        Hi Jan, I haven’t heard of baking paper?? I buy parchment paper near the foil and ziplock bags at my grocery store. 🙂

          How can we get the nutritional value of this meal?

hey girl- this looks so yummy!

I’ve been cooking meat in foil for along time. Didnt know I wasn’t supposed to. What is the prob)em?

I never saw the reason not to cook meat in foil! Please answer this question. All of my friends have done this fir years. Thank you!

    I’ts now thought to be linked to high levels of aluminum in your body which is causing things like Alzheimer’s etc.
    Switching to parchment paper seems to be the advice they are giving on here.

So if you grill it as instructed is this for well done steak?

Hi. I’m 63 but not old. I have had eye surgery – retina detachment. Is this page hard to read or is it my vision? I’d love this page and subsequent recipes to be darker. The video is enticing and then I can’t read the reicipe…….

    My 74 year old friend just had that surgery also, hope your recovery is going well! She’s had a few scary moments but hoping she springs back as good as new when it’s all said and done since she’s always been so active.

    The print is very much on the light side hopefully she can darken it up to help you and others out.

    It’s looks quite yummy and I will be trying this soon as I bought stuff today to make it.

    If you use zoom and make the font larger, the color also gets darker by doing this.

I love how NOBODY answered the question if why we shouldn’t cook with Aluminum Foil, so I looked it up. A study was done, and it seems the Aluminum can leach into the food when cooked at high temps. Especially when cooked with spices and ingredients that are highly acidic. Even though we ingest Aluminum many different ways, too much could be linked to diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Our bodies do secrete it, just not by much. At least that was what I found.

    Someone did answer that question

BTW, This looks super yummy and can’t wait to try it!!

Can I substitute sesame oil for the olive oil?

    Sesame oil has a very strong sesame flavor and will change the flavor of the dish, but you could use vegetable, canola, or peanut oil.

Will this work with chicken? (:

This may be a crazy question, but do I use a baking sheet in the oven or do I place them directly on the oven rack?

    Directly on the oven rack. 🙂

      Thank you! I’m going to try this today.

Can this be done in a crock pot?

Wonder if it would taste good with pork chop? Going to try the steak just have pork chop in the fridge for tonight!!!!!!

    Hey Jody! I haven’t tried it with pork chop but that sounds delicious! Let me know if you give it a go, I’d love to hear how it turned out!

If I make it in the oven (and not the grill), what temp do I bake it at and for how long?


disregard previous question, I just noticed the baking details on your site. Sorry

It would be wonderful if you could add a nutritional label to the recipe. Some of us are watching our calories, etc. Recipe does look tasty.

    You can count your calories using my fitness pal, there you can scan the bar code of your item and it will give you info about nutritional content.

I am wary of the steak looking more steamed than the way your photo shows. How about browning the steak in a pan before proceeding with the recipe?

    Yes that definitely works! Also, when baking the foil packs, you can open the pack about five minutes before the end and switch from bake to broil for a few minutes to get some additional color.

Hi this looks delicious! I am going to make it tonight for dinner. I am deciding on which way to make it and saw someone mentioned cooking it in pyrex. I always cook is pyrex and was wondering if the cook time would be the same and if I should still use aluminum foil? I never knew cooking in aluminum foil could be bad for you before this post and do not have parchment paper.

    Hi Catherine, The foil is just for convenience – if you want to use a pyrex dish you don’t need to line it with anything, simply grease the pan first. 🙂

Hi, I am not a cook but would like to try this. Sorry if I sound stupid but what does it mean change your oven to broil?

    Hi Lorna, if you want additional browning on your meat and potatoes, you can switch your oven from bake, to broil at the end (with the foil packs open at this point). All you do is turn your oven off, and then turn it back on but with the “broil” option instead of the bake option.

How did you get the deep brown color?

    Hi Richard, When I grill these foil packs they are less dark at the end, but when I bake them, I usually switch to broil and open the packs for the last few minutes to get some extra color on them.

How did you get the charred look on the pictures you posted?

    Hi LaDonna, I usually grill these foil packs but when I photographed them I baked them and then just opened up the foil packs at the end and switched the oven to broil for a few minutes. 🙂

What do you think, if I added some Broccoli and/or Cauliflower for colour?

Could we add shrimp to the pack? Raw or cooked?

    You can add raw shrimp to the foil pack but should wait until maybe about halfway through the cooking because shrimp cooks pretty quickly. 🙂

Hi Tiffany. Thank you for this delectable recipe. I’m am trying it tonight at the urgent request of my daughter (who not-so-subtly posted it to my facebook page). I am using the foil packets as recommended. My question is, should I use double sheets of foil?

    I recommend just one layer of foil – hope you love it!

What if I wanted to add shrimp in to my foil pack? Would I cook for the same amount of time?

    Shrimp only takes a few minutes to cook so I would add it into the foil pack half way through the cooking.

Managed to follow your recipe and the result was delicious. My husband was delighted. Thank you Tiffany!

My son who is 8 watched this video and asked if he could cook it for dinner. We have just done our grocery shopping and are going to cook this tonight. Fingers crossed. Looks amazing

Hi I made my first foil pack … I did have to brown it. Which actually dried it too much BUT it was only my first one. The steak was almost melt in my mouth. It is fast cooking I had onions and bell peppers. I think though instead of opening the packs I would heat oil in iron skillet and do the quickest fry to brown it just before serving. Thanks though it was an easy and quick meal.

Can I use chicken instead of steak for this recipe

Will searing the steak do anything

So I cooked this at the recommended time and my potatos are still hard. I followed the directions to a tee. What went wrong here?

    Hi Tammy! Did you by chance cut your potatoes too large? I would also check your grill temperature – my grill is newer and gets very hot and cooks quickly (as it should) but my in-laws have a grill that for some reason does not get very hot, everything takes 2-3 times longer to cook!

I’m not a fan of thyme, so I subbed onion and added a tiny bit more garlic because we love garlic. It was ok. Different, but still not something I’d rave about

Made this tonite on the grill. Delicious!!!

Since I live alone, does this freeze well? Maybe make into 4 foils and then dump each packet into a ziplock bag and freeze (without the foil) or do you have a better suggestion?

Given that research has been reversed on so many things, how can you believe ANYTHING a scientist says anymore? Use the foil, eat all the fat you want, leave the fat on your meat, use real butter…enjoy your food, disregard SCIENCE. Life iis too short to do what they want instead of what you want. None of it will add (or subtract) one day off your Life. We are all going to die. Get over it already!

Hola Everyone, Jay from Texas here. Foil pack cooking is a big thing here. Every camping trip to the lake or river is a for sure foil pack weekend. I recommend foil pack Sausage with onion and red, yellow, green bell pepper and also foil pack fish with butter, Mrs dash, and thinly sliced onion, bell pepper and celery. Yummy

For those of you that are lucky enough to have a Dollar Tree store near you, check for the parchment paper there first. I was shocked (but delighted) that they carried it, because that stuff can be waaaaaay expensive elsewhere.

Omg!!! I tried this tonight but I tweeked it a little. I used 2 pks of Lipton onion soup mix instead of garlic and the others ingredients I did use Olive oil and worchester sauce So good. The steak was so tender as well as the potatoes. 30 minutes and done!! Soooooo good

Can this recipe be done with stew beef/ beef chuck?

Have you ever done in pressure cooker? If so, how much liquid would you add and how long would you cook?
Thank you!

Whenever I mention trying new reciepes, my husband crimes because we’ve disliked a few. But this was a HIT!! Even my daughter who’s a picky eater wanted seconds!! Very yummy reciepe we will be making again!!

I added mushrooms, green beans and sliced onions. Delicious! As for cooking in tin foil, I worked with Alzheimer’s patients for many years and attended lots of lectures, workshops, conferences and symposiums on the disease. Would I cook daily with aluminum cookware? No. Do I worry about cooking in foil several times a year? Absolutely not.

This recipe is heavenly! I have tried for my boyfriend and we both love it! Thanks

Is this something we can make ahead of time and stick in the freezer and bake when ready?

Does anyone have an estimate of the calories per serving on this recipe?

Looks great! Definitely going to try this out tomorrow. Question, based on your recipe, what is the wellness of the steak? Is it rare, medium rare, medium, medium-well or well done? Thank you!

I am making this right not and let me tell ya!! It smells amazing! Thank you. I never knew you could cook like this till I went out camping with some family this last summer and it is amaing!

I made this the other night and overall was pleased. I did double the amount of garlic and added an onion, some butter and some Worcestershire sauce. The family liked it well enough and have even cleaned the leftovers which is rare for them. Next time I will use even more garlic than I did the first time and add a pouch of Lipton Onion Soup Mix. I might also toss in some chopped celery while I am at it.

BTW: Like many dishes this had even more flavor when re-heated the next day.

I wish people would read all the comments first before asking the same questions that have been answered already [Multiple times, too] Very annoying

You get more Aluminum from your deodorant.

I’m cooking this now in the oven and I’m excited to see how it turns out. I’ll let you know!!

Okay, amateur question here…when you boil the potatoes first, do you boil them whole or cut them up first? Thank you!!

Hi! Loved the flavor of this recipe but my steak was so tough? Did I just get a tough piece that time or is it always that way? Also, steak and potatoes were not brown at all. How do you cook chunks directly on the grill? Don’t they fall through? How did you get your steak and the potatoes so browned? BTW, everyone did love the flavor of this so I will be making this again, I’d just like to perfect the technique! Thanks!

Made this tonight and it was good. The potatoes were not quite done at 30 minutes, but the steak was. The pieces of potato were small, but will boil first next time. Going to add mushrooms, zucchini, and butter next time. It’s kind of like deconstructed shish-kabob. Did the broil trick after baking and things browned nicely.
I think this idea in the foil has many possibilities. I may try marinating the meat first too. Yum!

I had too much meat and ended up with 6 portions (that really could have been 7). My oven is old and there was more stuff, so i ended up cooking it for 35-38 min before I got that ‘beef stew’ tender. Should have boiled potatoes first to get medium well meat and broiled, but all in all, fantastic for a quick work meal for the week. Thank you!!! (how do i calculate calories for this? so new at this)

When i dit it last time, it came out very flavorful but the potatoes were not cooked enough. Any tips to ensure potatoes are not underdone?

    Your potatoes might’ve been cut a little larger than mine – I would recommend par-boiling the potatoes for about 5 minutes before proceeding with the recipe and you should have no problem!

Enough of the scare tactics about cooking with foil. I have seen no actual doctor’s names show up on the ones that say foil causes Alzheimer’s. But the link below shows actual doctor names and institutes that have done the studies.
As the famous comedian George Carlin once said… “Saliva causes stomach cancer!
But only when swallowed in small quantities, and over a long period of time.”

This sounds & looks yummy. I’m definitely going to try it. My QUESTION for you is I like my steak medium RARE, how long do I BAKE it for if I add corn on the cob, mushrooms or carrots? Also, would you suggest that I boil the potatoes first and for how long? Thanks!

    For medium rare steak, I would definitely boil the potatoes and corn first, then begin baking without the steak, and then add the steak in after about 5-10 minutes in the oven. The steak will likely need 10-12 minutes but keep an eye on it!

I Love all your Recipes , Thank you !

    You’re so sweet, thank you for your comment Georgia!! 🙂