Honey Sriracha Chicken

 Sweet and spicy Chinese Honey Sriracha Chicken – better tasting and healthier than take out!

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Honey Sriracha Chicken

We’re baaaaack! (Not said in the creepy horror film way.) The hubbs and I are not so much wrapped-gift-people. We realized that early on in the relationship – and thankfully it was mutual – but don’t you worry, we still do a little somethin’ around meaningful holidays.

Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, Thursdays…..

“Holiday” is a very liquid concept.

 Honey Sriracha Chicken

Last year for Christmas we gave each other a remodel. Woah, that came out wrong. We didn’t remodel each other. We remodeled our house, or at least a part of it. We did a three-day reno on our front room, entryway, hallway and part of the kitchen. It was a big fat bring in the family reinforcements project but it made a huuuge difference in our house and it was exactly what we wanted for Christmas.

This year….we gave each other a vacation. Not from each other! A vacation from life. Back in August we found a steal of a deal on a Bahamas cruise and we had some sky miles to use up so we booked the trip and that was that. We just got back yesterday and it was painful to leave behind our pina colada sipping, dolphin kissing, river kayaking, sea-salty romantic getaway behind and come back to snowy, frozen weather. Painful.

Honey Sriracha Chicken

We did eat a lot (A LOT) of good food on the trip but one thing I missed terribly was spicy food. I have to have my spicy food cravings satisfied just about daily. Which is why I already have put about 17 spicy dishes on the menu for the next week or two.

I made this honey sriracha chicken before we left on our trip and I have honestly been dreaming about it ever since. It’s a little sweet, a little spicy, and a whole lotta better-than-takeout homemade Asian-style yum. Healthier than takeout too so it gets an A+ all around here. And, my favorite part, you can customize the flavor a bit to meet your personal preference. If you love it spicy (like moi) then go heavy on the sriracha and/or add crushed red pepper flakes on top. If you tend to favor the sweet side of things, don’t hold back on the honey. Bada-bing-bada-boom. Honey sriracha chicken just how you like it.

Honey Sriracha Chicken

What people are saying about this Honey Sriracha Chicken

“We had this for dinner tonight and it was AMAZING!! I wouldn’t change anything. The perfect sweet and spicy taste in my opinion. We pour the mixture over homemade fried rice and it was fabulous! Great recipe!” – Jessica

“I made this last night and it was delicious!! I haven’t been impressed with most of the food I’ve made from the recipes I’ve found on Pinterest. This will be made over and over and over!!!!” – Angie

“Made this for dinner last night and it was awesome! Just the right amount of heat and definitely better than takeout. Used organic chicken and brown rice . Thank you for sharing this recipe!” – Ryan 

“Just made this for dinner and it was AWESOME!!! Even my husband said it was, and I quote, “bomb dot com.” When I make it again I think I’ll add some broccoli and pea pods to it; make it like a stir fry, but it was seriously amazing!” – Shelby 

Honey Sriracha Chicken
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Honey Sriracha Chicken

Sweet and spicy Chinese honey sriracha chicken - better tasting and healthier than take out!
Course Main Course
Cuisine Asian
Keyword Chicken, honey, sriracha
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 4
Author Tiffany


  • 3-4 chicken breasts, diced
  • 1/3 cup corn starch


  • 1 cup water
  • 2-3 tablespoons sriracha (depending on how spicy you want it)
  • 5 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 2-3 tablespoons honey (depending on how sweet you want it)
  • 2 tablespoons corn starch
  • 2 tablespoons cold water
  • optional: crushed red pepper flakes, cooked rice for serving


  • In a small-medium sauce pan, combine the 1 cup of water, sriracha, soy sauce, garlic, sugar, and honey and stir. Bring mixture to a boil over medium heat. 
  • Whisk together the 2 tablespoons corn starch and remaining 2 tablespoons of water until dissolved. Add to sauce pan and stir until thickened. Reduce heat to low.
  • Add diced chicken and 1/3 cup corn starch to a large plastic bag. Seal the bag and shake to coat chicken. Drizzle a large pan or skillet with oil over medium heat. Add chicken and sauté until browned and chicken is cooked through. 
  • Add the sauce and stir to coat. Sprinkle with crushed pepper flakes if desired and serve over warm rice.


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Chinese food is my favorite! This looks incredible!

    I tried it today. It was delicious although I think I should have seasoned the chicken first.

      It is best to season the chicken. I added primarily lemon, some salt, and even a pinch of turmeric.

Fabulous photos, and what could be better than ‘remodeled’ take out? I

Bahamas sounds amazing right now! Great to hear you enjoyed your trip. I think it would be hard for anyone to come home from that trip and get back in the swing of things.

Yay, this solved my what to make for dinner dilemma! This is cooking on my stovetop right now!

I love Sriracha sauce and this chicken looks so tempting. I bet it was wonderful.

Mmm what a fantastic combination of sweet and spicy!

I can imagine leaving the Bahamas and sunny coasts would have to be hard. Sounds like a great Christmas present to me! And a reno sounds like what I what for my kitchen this year. Still waiting…. 😉
Lovin’ the looks of this chicken and definitely need to add it to the menu!

You had me at sriracha. And then again at honey. I LOVE sweet and spicy and am always looking for more asian inspired meals. Pinned!

    Amen – sweet and spicy is where it’s at!!

This looks amazing. Pinning this for the spicy food lover in the house!

ok i am seriously DROOLING at this!!! i have never combined sriracha and honey, and it sounds utterly ADDICTIVE! will be trying this one for sure!! ps: stunning shots! oh and my husband and I also give each other unusual “gifts”, mostly vacations…i think it it SO much better than anything wrapped up! experiences & memories kick material crap’s ass imo hehe

Just made this and it is delicious! I have never heard of coating with cornstarch but it made a crunchy coating on the chicken and it was delicious! Thanks for sharing all your recipes!

Made this tonight and it was a huge hit! I added sautéed onions, garlic, red orange and yellow peppers, broccoli and green onions. My boyfriend said it was the best meal he ever had! Thanks for sharing!

    Ooh, love the addition of veggies!!

Absolutely love your recipes and have made a few of your Asian inspired meals including this one! Delicious! But I do have a question for you! I’m not sure if I used too much cornstarch but when I was sautéing the chicken, I found that the cornstarch didn’t really stick to the chicken so I got a light coating of it but not the crunchy crust that I was hoping for. Any ideas??

Thanks for you sharing your recipes 🙂

    Hi! The cornstarch should lightly coat the chicken, it works best if the chicken is damp but not dripping. Also, you can increase the heat when you first add the chicken to the pan so that it sears the outside to a crispier texture, then lower the heat to cook the rest of the way though. Hope this helps! 🙂

      Thank you, Tiffany! Finally got the chicken right. So amazing!! Another question for you, when I was cooking the chicken, oil kept spraying everywhere! Do you have any tips on how to minimize the oil splashing? Made a huge mess on my stove top grates.

      Luckily I love your recipes too much that I don’t care : ) Can you cover the pan slightly just to catch some of the oil splashing? Or will that make the chicken soggy? Thank you thank you for your amazing recipes!

        Hi Yasmine! Ah that’s the worst with oil splattering – especially if it gets on your clothes! I haven’t had that problem with this particular recipe but when I do have that issue I usually off-set the lid for the pan, leaving a gap for the heat to escape. This usually catches most of the oil splatters and makes cleanup easier. 🙂

We had this for dinner tonight and it was AMAZING!! I wouldn’t change anything. The perfect sweet and spicy taste in my opinion. We pour the mixture over homemade fried rice and it was fabulous! Great recipe!

    MMmmmm, any sweet and spicy sauce is perfect with homemade fried rice – genius! 🙂

I made this last night for dinner and it was delicious! Loved the flavors, although I’m a big wuss about spice so I had to cut down the spice a bit. But it was a hit! Thank you!

    Ha – I have to cut down on the spice for my husband too! That’s part of what I love about this, it’s so easy to crank up or tone down the heat! 🙂

My husband abd I love this recipe. We have made it twice now, and it was delicious! Do you know how many calories are in this recipe?


    Hi Tracey! Isn’t it amazing??? I love spicy food so I crave this dish on a regular basis! As far as nutrition stats, I don’t know the calories but a great place to plug in recipes and get instant stats is http://www.myfitnesspal.com

I made this last night and it was delicious!! I haven’t been impressed with most of the food I’ve made from the recipes I’ve found on Pinterest. This will be made over and over and over!!!!

    Thanks Angie! I actually just made this again last night for me and my husband – we just love the flavor! And how easy it is 😉

I made this tonight and the family loved it! I tried out using Stevia instead of the sugar and it was great! This recipe is a keeper!! I found it looking for Weight Watcher ones and it looked amazing…
thanks for posting and I look forward to trying more of your recipes 🙂

    Thanks Kitty I’m so glad you enjoyed it !! 🙂

This was (is, as I’m eating it literally right now, getting it on my keyboard) great! So, as strange as it sounds, I had no soy sauce and subbed Worcestershire sauce (the variety with no anchovie) and it turned out just fine.

Thanks for posting this, and the photos are great.

    Wow, I never would have guessed but good to know Worcestershire sauce is a good substitute!

Easy meal and tasty too-my picky eater went back for seconds!

made this late night…..so delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

    You’re so welcome!

Just made this for dinner, didn’t change a thing, turned out perfect. Big hit with my other half too!

Made this for dinner last night and it was awesome! Just the right amount of heat and definitely better than takeout. Used organic chicken and brown rice . Thank you for sharing this recipe!

I’m vegetarian and I actually made this using soy “chicken,” and it was amazing! The sauce is so easy and perfect, and the cornstarch method worked really well to crisp up the fried faux chicken strips. Omnivorous husband loved it, too. Definitely making this again. Thanks for the great recipe!

I made this dish this evening and it is really delicious…I made it on the spicy side, but not too much and served it with a Sesame Broccoli. I think it would be totally possible to use this sauce over cubed tofu that had been coated with cornstarch and fried, too.
Thank you for a great meal tonight!

Just made this for dinner and it was AWESOME!!! Even my husband said it was, and I quote, “bomb dot com.” When I make it again I think I’ll add some broccoli and pea pods to it; make it like a stir fry, but it was seriously amazing!

Absolutely delicious! Thank for sharing.

I made this last night and loved it! I subbed ahi tuna for chicken since my husband and I do not eat any meat besides seafood. Anyway, we love spicy so I used the max amount of sriracha and honey and it was amazing. I will def be making this again. Thanks so much for posting.

Question…..what if I don’t have cornstarch? What could I use instead…thanks

    You could use flour whisked into warm water or chicken broth.

Hi!! I am trying to make this sauce and I am on my second run through. It smells AMAZING! However, whenever I do the 2tbs cornstarch and 1tbs water, it turns into a paste, which I figured would dissolve when I put it into the sauce, but it doesn’t. There’s just clumps of corn starch in my sauce 🙁 any tips?? Am I doing something wrong??

    Hi Anna, are you using cold water? You should be stirring the cornstarch into cold water and it will dissolve. When you add it to the sauce, the sauce will thicken. 🙂

This looks AMAZING!!

This is definitely on the menu for next week – all hail sriracha!

My favorite dish!

How could I add mushrooms to this without ruining the recipe ?

    I think adding mushrooms would be delicious!

      Correct. It was awesome.
      I just wasn’t sure if I would have had to change up the quantities of ingredients, but I just added the mushrooms (I just had some extra to use up) at the end and it turned out great.

I had been drooling on this picture for a few days now and finally decided to try it! It was ASOLUTELY delicious!!! It was a huge hit with my husband and I will definitely do it again!!! 2 tbsp of sriracha was perfect for us, spicy yet good! Thanks! 🙂

This was amazing! I mean, seriously yummy. I pulled back the sriracha just a bit for my little ones, and we all gobbled it up. I also made it with boneless skinless thighs instead. I love the authentic taste they give to asian dishes.
One thought – wondering if you meant 1 Tb of cornstarch and 2 Tb of water instead of the other way around? 2Tb was impossible to stir together and then thickened my sauce too much. From your pictures, it seems like maybe you used less?
Either way, thanks for this dish. My favorite at-home “take out” recipe, for sure. It will be a regular.

Wow!! This was so good! I added some green bell peppers and some sliced sweet peppers. The sauce also made a perfect dipping sauce for our egg rolls & wontons!

I found your enticing photos and recipe on Pinterest. I made the recipe this evening for dinner and it was awesome! I doubled the recipe and added broccoli, carrots, and other veggies. I cooked the chicken in batches in an electric wok. I stir-fried the veggies last , then threw the chicken in the wok again to heat everything up. The chicken was great, the sauce was awesome. I served it with rice and I left the sauce on the side so everyone could decide how much to add to their plate. All the boys loved it! My husband thought it tastier, fresher, and way better than take-out. This is definitely a keeper! Thanks Tiffany!

Ive never been a person to use hot sauce, however my partner puts crystal on just about everything, except cereal and sweet stuff. Recently i tried siracha and was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked it. When I saw this recipe I had to try it. Both my partner and I really enjoyed. It was better than the crockpot honey siracha wings 🙂 This is a recipe I will be using again in the near future.

I made this tonight for my family of eight (I doubled it) and it was fabulous!! I followed the recipe but added maple syrup in place of sugar. It isn’t often that I make something everyone likes, but this one of them!! Quick and easy too. Thanks!!

Just made this for lunch and yum! Just the right amount of spice (I went wimpy and used a 2:3 sirracha to honey ratio), easy, and tasty! Will make again.

Thanks for the recipe. My family loved it and I had no problems cooking it up as instructed. 🙂

I have been trying a whole lot of recipes lately that claim to be “better than Chinese takeout” but this is the first one that actually is! I made it with 3 tbs honey and 3 tbs sriracha and it had just the right amount of kick and sweetness. Hubby loves his spicy food and he devoured it. This is definitely a keeper! Thanks!

I made this last night and it was delicious. I used brown rice instead of white. Thanks for the great recipe!

This recipe has about 452 calories including a 1/2 a cup of white long grain rice. Just in case anyone else wanted to know. I can’t wait to try this recipe tonight!

This was delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe!

i made this for me and my husband and we absolutely loved it!!!!!! I just sauted veggies with it and marinated the chicken before coating it with corn starch. Thanks for the post!! DE-LISH!!!

Found this on Pinterest and tried it out the other night, it was deliscious! Thank you for posting. Already have a request to make it again 🙂

I made this last night as part of my weekly meal prep and my husband LOVED it! Sriracha is too hot for me, but he loves heat. I think I’ll add more to the next batch. Thanks for the great recipe!

This looks delicious! But I’m curious why it’s called Chinese? Sriracha is Thai.

I just made this and it is fantastic!!! I only used two tablespoons is sriracha and two tablespoons of honey and it wss just the right amount of spice for me!!!was the perfect

Absolutely delicious, I used the sauce for stir fried noodles too!! Yummy yummy

I really want to do this recipe but when you say honey..what honey do you mean? Raw honey? Can you please let me know the brand you buy if possible!!!

    Hi Sofia! I usually buy just off-brand liquid honey. Hope that helps!

This is amazing! I have now made it three times and I pack the leftovers in lunches as well. What are your thoughts on baking the chicken? Should I bake it without the sauce and add it once it’s cooked, or should I bake it with the sauce? Thanks again for a delicious recipe that it one of my all-time favorites!

We love the sauce and often bake or grill our chicken and add the sauce after or as a dipping sauce 🙂

Finally tried this tonight, and it is SO good! I opted for less honey, more sriracha and added the pepper flakes at the end. It was perfect, and as I said, oh, so good!! Thank you for the recipe!

    Oh you and I should cook together I would totally go light on the honey and heavy on the heat!!

I made this tonight, Ive test tasted and its delicious. The recipe calls for 3-4 chicken breasts, but all chicken breasts are different. I used 2 , and just about cut all the sauce ingredients in half….doesnt seem to be as saucy as the pictures. The chicken I used totaled 1 pound…wondering how many pounds was used in the recipe! The flavor is awesome, very spicy….had to add a little more honey to cut it down but it did the trick!!!

Love it! It was super easy to make and it was super tasty!

This was so easy and delicious! I mean, holy yum! I got my take-out fix for a whole lot less cash and calories. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe.

    I think you said it perfectly – holy yum! My husband and I love this chicken, I’m so glad you like it too!!

Made this the other day as per instructions although used only 3 half-breasts and full amount of sauce. Easy to make. Haedest part is cutting chicken into bite sized bits. Anyway, the result was VERY NICE! Enjoyed it thoroughly. Don’t know whether all the sauce in recipe is enough for 4 breasts. Think not. Used two TBS of sriracha and it was pretty spicy and I like spicy food. Spicy enough, I think. Had it with brown yamani rice….I loooove yamani rice (cooked in the microwave, BTW)! Two of us managed to eat halF of the stuff we made; rest went into the freezer. Will surely make again although wife balks at use of soy because of salt (used low sodium).

This recipe was Very delish!!!! So very easy also. Thanks for sharing. I will DEFINITELY make this a regular meal. Please keep posting fabulous recipes like this. Also, do you have a really good Lo Mein recipe?

    Hi Trina – so glad you loved this recipe it’s definitely one of my very favorites! I do have a great chicken lo mein recipe, you can easily sub out the chicken for pork, veggies, or shrimp!

I follow your fabulous blogg. Your recipes are amazing particularly those aimed at kids.

Please can I ask which camera you use to produce photographs of such quality?


    Hi Rick, Thank you so much! For the past 2 years I have been using the Canon 7D and only very recently upgraded a few weeks ago to the new Canon 5ds!

Tried this last night… LOVED IT!!! I will definitely be making this again! Thanks for sharing

    Isn’t that sweet and spicy sauce the best?? Happy to hear you liked it Stacy!!

anyone try this in the crockpot?

You really will not believe how good this is, how easy to prepare. Highly recommend this dish to all who love spicy food. This can easily be reduced and prepared for two people or expanded to six, without effecting the end product. Low cost, easy prep, very satisfying and not too hard on any diet! Complete meal.

Excellent dish, quick and easy. Easy change up add shrimp instead of chicken, and diced pineapples…excellent dish indeed

    I definitely have to try it with shrimp, that would be amazing!!

I made this for my daughter who loves sriracha. She loved it and thought it was better than take out. Served with steamed broccoli.

I made this chicken for dinner last week, and I’m STILL thinking about it. Best pin I’ve ever made! I could seriously hug you for coming up with this recipe!!!!

    haha! I’ll take a virtual hug for sure – I absolutely love the flavor of the sauce, I could eat it all. day. long. So glad you enjoyed it too Sarah! 🙂

I made this dish tonight and all I can say is WOW. If this was my last meal ever on this earth i would be happy. I followed the recipie to the ‘T’ and was not disappointed. Thanks for sharing such a tasty, easy, but delicious recipie that i could be put together in no time.

This was delicious! My son & I loved it!

I found this on Pinterest a few months ago and have made it at least 5 times since then. Absolutely love!

    You must be a spice-lover like me Jeannie!! You and I would get along so well. So glad you like this dish as much as I do!

Needed to find a recipe that used ingredients i had in my kitchen and that was dairy free – saw this on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. I have to tell you that it was AMAZING! Basically foolproof, simple to make, and absolutely delicious! Will be saving for the future 🙂

    So glad you loved it Nicole, it’s hands-down one of my favorites!!

Great dish, it was a hit and has been added to my weeknight dinner rotation. I actually swapped out the water for orange juice and added some peas/carrots to it. Thanks so much.

Just made this. Fantastic! Very hot and spicy but we loved it!

This recipe changed the way I look at leftovers! This basic sauce can be tweaked hundreds of ways but I just skip the 1/4 cup sugar, thicken it up in a sauce pan, and throw it over stir fried leftover meat and veggies. Rotisserie chicken, onions, broccoli, shredded cabbage, carrots, a couple of eggs, what’s ever in the fridge. It’s great over rice, noodles, …even spaghetti squash if you go crazy with the toppings. Top it with bean sprouts, chopped peanuts, sesame seeds, green onions, grated carrots, celery, cilantro, fresh basil, whatever. This is definitely a go to recipe when the fridge calls out for some creativity.

If you’re making this from scratch, I like it A LOT better when I brine the chicken. It makes the chicken juicy and savory without muddying the flavor of the chicken. I tried marinating the chicken in the sauce… Uh, no. Saucy overload!

I love this recipe and have made it several times (my fiance loves it) normally I make it the way you suggest but today we were going to be really busy and I knew i wouldnt have time to make dinner and I had all the ingredients already so I threw everything in the crockpot and it turned out great!! I did lightly sauté the chicken first and it still remained slightly crunchy after it finished in then crock pot but i do prefer it the normal way lol

Ps – leftovers always make excellent rice ball filling 🙂

    Hi Moniyq! I am SO happy you commented because it’s great to know this comes out well in the slow cooker! Love that you sauteed the chicken first!

Healthy and heavenly tasting! My two favourite combinations.

Hi there! I made this a couple days ago and it was absolutely AMAZING! So spicy and sweet. I’m in love! Haha. I am curious how long the sauce saves? Like if I made a bunch of the sauce, how long would it keep in the fridge? Or could you freeze it?

    Isn’t that sauce addictive??! I could put it on everything! I have kept some in the fridge up to a week, but you could probably freeze it to last longer!

Wow, this is amazing! I made this for the first time today and my boyfriend and I loved it. This will go on the regular rotation for sure!

My boyfriend and I absolutely love this recipe! He’s crazy into spicy food so I add a little bit more honey to mine and he adds mounds of Sriracha to his. We love how customizable yet simple this recipe is. It’s and easy weeknight favorite, thanks for posting it!

WoW! This is a winning recipe for boring chicken. I was hoping for leftovers but it was too good. My husband and I ate it all including the sautéed snow peas, coloured peppers and black beans I served on the side.

High five!

This was absolutely delicious! I must have thickened the sauce too much tho ecause i didnt have enough to coat the chicken properly. I also mixed in stir fry veggies.

I just made this!! It is SOO good and so easy. Served this with a side of green beans. Hubby was in love with it! Thanks for the great recipe!

This recipe is SO good! I have been making it a couple times a month! Thank you!!!

I love the recipes ,they are very easy and delicious.

    Thank you Jessie!

I have now made this recipe more times than I can recall, so I thought it was time to rate it. Even if this recipe weren’t so quick to make with ingredients I always keep on hand, I would still make it because it is so good. I love Chinese food but try to eat healthy. This recipe did not force me to choose between eating healthy and eating something that tasted good.

I found this recipe on pinterest and I just made it! It was really good! Definitely using this recipe again 🙂

Made this today. Delicious, thanks for sharing!

This was great!! I did add pineapples and a bell pepper to add more flavor and a bit of salt and pepper in the corn starch mix. It was simple and fast and so easy to clean up!! Thanks!

I just made this tonight and it was amazing! This will definitely be in my future recipe arsenal. Thanks for sharing.

This is seriously one of the best ways to eat chicken. I absolutely love this and have made it several times. In fact it was requested for Valentine’s Day dinner… and I’m trying a new rice mixture I haven’t had before. I think I might add some pineapple chunks to it tonight. Tonight I’m trying it with coconut aminos… hopefully it won’t be too weird. It’s worth the try! We just finished Whole 30 and I forgot the soy sauce when I was stocking up… darn it! lol

Add broccoli. Just do it.

It was soon good!!! my only thing would be that if you’re not a big fan of soy sauce to do one less tablespoon or something

This is a hit with our family. I had to go back and double the sauce for us because we loved it so much. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing recipes, you are my go to gal when I’m looking for dinner ideas. We’re besties in my head!!

What a gorgeous dish! I can’t stop staring at your pictures 🙂
I need to remember to add sriracha into my chicken stir fry next time. YUM!

    Thanks Maggie! This is definitely a winner if you like sweet and spicy together!! We love it so much!

This recipe is AMAZING! It is in my regular dinner rotation as my husband and I love it so much!! I use boneless skinless chicken thighs and also add stir fried veggies (whatever I have on hand) at the end. Thank you for a fabulous recipe!!!

This was amazing! Just made it last night and although I was skeptical on ALL that garlic, it was perfect. The flavor was awesome. I did 2 TBS sriracha and 2 TBS honey and it was enough spice for me without being overwhelming. My fiancée added crushed red pepper and it was just right for him then. Even our 5 year old (who admittedly does eat everything) enjoyed it and didn’t mention it being too spicy. A perfect easy meal!

Ummmm – making this TODAY with some sautéed veggies & jasmine rice! Thank you!!!

    I love it with broccoli or snow peas! Hope you like it!

5 stars
I made this and it was soo good!! Thank you 🙂

5 stars
I tried this tonight, but I added sliced celery, broccoli and matchstick carrots….my family loves this! Next time I think I may leave off the cornstarch from the chicken and do a grilled chicken. It was pretty amazing tho! Next I want to try the orange sriracha beef.

5 stars
Made this tonight and it was AMAZING!!! I did 3 tbsp honey and 2 tbsp sriracha as I’m not a fan of spicy. It was still spicy thats for sure. I used chicken thigh meat for this and my oil of choice was bacon grease, really put it over the top I think. I served it over broccoli and DH requested rice next time. I will make an additional half of the sauce next time as we’re saucy people 😉

Thanks for the great recipe!

4 stars
Pinned this a few weeks ago and finally got around to making it. Wow, I will definitely be making this again. It was so easy and will be great served over brown rice to take to work for lunches. I made some steamed broccoli as a side and it was phenomenal. I even forgot the garlic (which I loooove) and you would never know it was missing something. Will be making this again soon (and not forgetting the garlic which I can only imagine makes it even better).

5 stars
5 stars for Shrichara honey chicken. Added 1 tablespoon of Sake. Yum, husband loved it.

5 stars
I came across this recipe a few months ago and I have made it several times since then. My husband and I are Chinese takeout junkies, but I think this chicken is better than most of the takeout I’ve eaten, and it’s definitely cheaper than ordering out! 5/5!

I don’t ever comment on anything, ever! However, I made this for dinner and I was blown away by how delicious it is! The cornstarch coating gave the chicken that perfect crunchy texture, and the flavor is amazing. I can see making this every Friday night in place of our “take-out Chinese” night.
If this is just sitting in your pins and you haven’t made it yet, do yourself the favor and try it.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment Diane! So glad you really enjoyed this, it’s a personal favorite – I can’t get over the sauce!! 🙂

5 stars
A big “wow” – a simple and delicious chicken dish. Thank you!

This is a great recipe, I followed the instructions but went a little light on the sriracha but when saving to Pinterest made a note to use the recipe amount next time. The texture is perfect for the chicken and I believe that the honey, cornstarch and other ingredients perfectly coat the chicken for a very consistent, flavorful experience with every bite. I’m making it again tomorrow. The photography is fantastic and realistic.

5 stars
Just made it last night and it was even more delicious than it sounded. I added some frank’s hot sauce as well for more of a taste. But definitly going to make it again! Thanks alot for the recipe

I know this article is a few years old so I’m not expecting a response.
I was wondering if there was any way to reduce the amount of sugar used without compromising the consistency of the sauce.

    You could reduce the sugar and still should have a nice, thick sauce! 🙂

5 stars
This sauce is the best!!! My husband likes things spicy and salty while I prefer sweet and sticky and this makes us both happy!! Tried it with tofu and veggies too and it was amazing. Thanks!!!

5 stars
This Honey Sriracha Chicken was SOOOOO good. My husband was craving sriracha, so I found this recipe on Pinterest and the rest is history. I just made this on a bed of white rice and it was a perfect mix of sweet and spicy. I am really bad with breading chicken but I just followed the instructions on the recipe and they turned out perfect. This breading method would be perfect for sweet and sour chicken. Thanks for the recipe, I can’t wait to make this again!

Super good I made it for dinner today! Just caurious, what are the nutrition facts for this recipe?

5 stars
I made this recipe this weekend– it was SO good! Thank you for the recipe! I made a YouTube video about it if anyone is interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XaTV48e6dw

xo Sarah

    Has anyone tried oven frying the cornstarch coated chicken? I LOVE this recipe but I hate having to fry it over the stove because of the oil splatter.

3 stars
Didn’t love the recipe for the sauce. The cornstarch stayed in giant chunks, even with vigorous whisking.

Uh, this was AMAZING. My boyfriend and I made this the other night with some brown rice and frozen stir-fry veggies, and it was to die for. Honestly, one of the best recipes I’ve stumbled upon online. We’re both babies when it comes to heat. So, I only used two tablespoons, but it was still pretty spicy. Lol. That didn’t stop me from devouring my portion within five minutes though. SO SO GOOD.

This is seriously my favorite recipe!! I make it all the time with brown rice and garlic green beans and it’s the perfect food prep meal to put in Tupperware and bring with me for lunch in grad school. So happy I found this recipe

Have you ever done this in the slow cooker?

5 stars
This tasted amazing, was so easy and had so few ingredients. Thank you for this recipe!

5 stars
A+ recipe

5 stars
Awesome recipe!
Cooked it 20 mins ago, all gone now hahaha
Very easy to cook and its hard to see the pan empty now… 🙂

5 stars
Stumbled upon this recipe 2 hours ago and decided to try it out after class. Result: the simplest savory dish I’ve feasted on yet! Perfect for college students and busy people in general 🙂
Added just a few things: salt, pepper, and garlic powder to the chicken, then doused it with a little sesame oil after cooking; I also added a bit of ginger.
Thanks for the recipe!

5 stars
My daughter made the Honey Sriracha Chicken for me for Mother’s Day and it was fabulous. I can’t wait to make this for my husband.

5 stars
My daughter made this for me on Mother’s Day and the 2 of us ate it all that night (was probably 4 or 5 servings. She added fresh green beans. I liked it so much I came home and made it for my husband a few days later but added broccoli. He loved it! I made it again a few days after that but added broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. Again, it was a hit! Next I’m going to try the Sirracha Orange Beef. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. Is definitely a new favorite at our house.

5 stars
I made this last night and it was delicious. I’m definitely keeping this in rotation. I also plan to try this with beef.

    So happy to hear that! Let me know how you like it with beef too!

5 stars
I made this last night and it was delicious. I’m definitely keeping this in rotation. I also plan to try this with beef.

This was so good! I added red & green peppers, onions and pineapple. Absolutely delicious

5 stars
Absolutely awesome recipe. It’s become a go to staple for my wife and I

5 stars
Wow- I want to try them “ALL” – THEY LOOK/SOUND, SOOO DELISHOUS!!!

So easy and so good! I had aLl the ingredients at my house already…love when that happens! The recipe calls for 2-3 T of sriracha. I used 2 T and my mouth was on fire! I love Spicy foods Usually, but i think ill cut it down to 1 or 1.5T next time. This recipe is a keeper!

Just made this and my husband & I loved it. Broccoli is a great addition to it. Just printed the recipe and it will be a keeper. Much better than restaurant food. thank you for the recipe!

This is the best recipe ever!! My family loves it and is always asking me to make it and i always say yes. And it doesnt need to be changed.

Best recipe ever. Its perfect!

All recepies I tried yummy

I love this recipe so much, I shared your link for it on my blog 🙂 Thanks for posting!

    Thanks for sharing! So excited that you love this recipe so much!! Thanks, Elise! 🙂

eemm.. good taste usualy served by boiling it

I discovered this recipe 2 months ago and have made it at LEAST 6 times (and making it now). I love SPICy food and if you leave out the cornstarch it makes an awesome marinade. ITS also great for lunch the next day.

    I am so excited that you love this dish so much, Erin! Thanks for your awesome feedback about the sauce!!

Hi, I dont eat meat but do eat seafood. Have you tried this with shrimp?

    Hi Crystal- I haven’t! But I bet it would be delicious!! I’d love to hear what you think if you give it a try!

Just made This and wow!my search for a new asain Takeout is over, Its my own kitchen! I Added onions but other than that followed it to a T! ThaNk you for posting!

    I am super excited to hear you’ve found your new favorite take out, Amanda! 😉 It’s a go to over here when we’ve got the take out feels!

5 stars
This was absolutely delicious! I served it over jasmine rice. It had just the right amount of kick (I used 2T of sriracha, and 2T of raw honey). I did season the chicken with kosher salt and pepper as I sauteed it prior to adding the sauce. Tasted like something right out of a restaurant, only better. 😉 Super easy too. My kind of meal.

    Awesome job, Kass! It sounds like you did a great job!!! Thanks for sharing your input!

5 stars
I love this recipe so much! I actually make this and then put it in a grilled cheese sandwhich, with some cashew nuts. Delicious!

    Woah- awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

5 stars
I have made this many times. It’s one of my favorite dishes. Follow the recipe as is. It is perfect!

    Super excited to hear that you’ve enjoyed this recipe over and over, Beth! 🙂

What if you dont use the cornstarch?

    I highly recommend you do 😉

It’s very good. I think it may be a little not spicy enough for me but literally all i eat is spicy food. next time I may have to do like 5 tablespoons of sriracha instead of 3. very easy to make, doesn’t take too long either.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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