Baked Honey Cilantro Lime Salmon in Foil

Baked honey cilantro lime salmon in foil is cooked to tender, flaky perfection in just 30 minutes with a flavorful garlic and honey lime glaze. 

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Baked Honey Cilantro Lime Salmon in Foil |

If you haven’t cooked fish before, this is the perfect place to start. Then again, if you have been cooking fish for years, this is still perfect for you. It’s as simple and easy as a recipe could possibly be, yet so, SO incredibly tasty.

Tasty enough to make my father say it’s as good, or even better than the best restaurant salmon he’s ever tried. And that’s saying something because my father is a life-long lover and restaurant order-er of salmon.

Baked Honey Cilantro Lime Salmon in Foil |

All of that flavor comes from a 4 ingredient glaze that will blow. your. mind. Seriously, I’m obsessed with this combination of flavors. Melted butter, garlic, freshly squeezed lime juice, and honey.

That’s IT. Just pour that good stuff over the salmon, wrap it in foil, and bake it to flaky, tender perfection.

This 30 minute meal will turn salmon skeptics into salmon lovers and will win a permanent spot on your regular menu.

Baked Honey Cilantro Lime Salmon in Foil |

If that’s not enough to convince you cleanup is a breeze! You can use that foil to wrap up any leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, or toss the whole thing right in the garbage – no pan scrubbing required.

This honey cilantro lime salmon is a busy weeknight cook’s dream.

Baked Honey Cilantro Lime Salmon in Foil |

Here’s what people are saying about this Honey Cilantro Lime Salmon

“I rarely leave reviews but this one is worth my time to review! I’ve made this about 4 times now and it is DELICIOUS! My kids won’t order salmon out now because they “only like it the way i make it” using your recipe.” – Tessa

“This recipe is SO flavorful. My family and I couldn’t stop eating it!” – Carol

“I made this recipe tonight and believe me, this will be the only way I will eat salmon ever again.” – Nick

“A friend served this for dinner last night and it was amazing! Best salmon I’ve ever had and I eat salmon all the time.” – Frances

Baked Honey Cilantro Lime Salmon in Foil |
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Baked Honey Cilantro Lime Salmon in Foil

Baked honey cilantro lime salmon in foil is cooked to tender, flaky perfection in just 30 minutes with a flavorful garlic and honey lime glaze.
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Keyword baked, lime, salmon
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 6 people
Author Tiffany


  • 1 large salmon fillet (see note)
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1/2 cup butter, melted (see note)
  • juice of 2 limes (plus one lime, thinly sliced)
  • 4 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1/3 cup cilantro, roughly chopped


  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line and grease a large baking sheet with foil. Lay salmon on foil and season with salt and pepper on both sides to taste. Slip lime slices underneath the salmon.
  • Stir together butter, lime juice, honey, and garlic. Pour mixture over salmon. Fold sides of foil up over the salmon (don't worry if it doesn't cover the salmon completely).
  • Bake for 15-20 minutes. Switch oven to broil and cook another 5 minutes. Sprinkle chopped cilantro over the top and serve.


Don't stress about the size of your salmon fillet. This recipe is very forgiving and works for one very large salmon, a couple of medium-sized fillets, or even several small individual fillets.
For an even lighter version, you can cut back the butter to 4 tablespoons instead of a half cup (8 tablespoons). Keep in mind though that for a very large salmon fillet like the one I used, 8 tablespoons is not a terribly huge amount when divided between 4-6 servings.


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This looks and sounds amazing!! Is it possible to use parchment paper…trying to avoid the aluminum? I will also reduce the amount of butter and honey in order to be healthier. Anxious to try this.

    Hi! I’m sure parchment paper would work just fine! 🙂

    I made this with half the butter and it turned out great!

Would you consider adding a Yum button to your blog?

Do you open the foil when you broil it or leave it shut?

    GREAT question and I’ll update the recipe directions to state that the foil should be opened slightly to expose the top of the salmon (but not enough to let all of the glaze spill out). 🙂

5 stars
This is exactly what I need. Thank you and have a pleasant day !

You can’t beat a nice glaze over salmon, love the easy clean up too! I think I’m going to keep this one in my back pocket for our next camping trip!

Hello! Do you mean 350 degrees F or C?

    F 🙂

    350C? Whoa! Are there ovens that get that hot?

This looks great! I cant wait to make it for my family…

The picture shows lime slices that appear baked/broiled. When do those get added?

This is the best Salmon recipe I have tried! It is superb! I threw the cilantro in with the butter lime glaze in error but with NO regrets! Came awesomely delicious!

Is the honey sauce suppose to b tacky?


    No, it shouldn’t be tacky. Did you possibly add too much honey, or too little butter/lime juice?

This looks so juicy! I always look for new salmon recipes. This one definitely worths trying.

Can you use sea bass

Does “Line and grease a large baking sheet with foil” mean line the baking sheet with foil, then grease the foil?

5 stars
2nd recipe I tried from this website. Both amazing! Subscribed 😆

4 stars
ok YES! This is seriously easy & delicious. I had brown rice & stir fry veg waiting, and drizzling a bit of the butter sauce over those made this a really yummy dinner. Thanks 🙂

going to try this tonight, my hubby love salmon, hope he likes this one.

    If he loves salmon, he’ll go crazy for this! Can’t wait to hear what you think!! 🙂

Have you used other white fish?

4 stars
Loved the recipe .

This looks so delicious.

Tiffany do you think this might work with tilapia? Thank you so much!

Does the salmon need to stay frozen or be thawed

    It should be thawed! 🙂

3 stars
Just made this for dinner tonight. Salmon was flaky and liked the way the recipe baked the salmon and then under the broiler. The limes were put under and put some on edge of salmon but the limes got bitter and left a somewhat bitter flavor. Perhaps not using the actual lime would have been better.

    Hi Laurie!
    I’m sorry to hear the limes left a bitter flavor! I have not had that issue before with this recipe. Definitely try not using the lime slices next time and let me know if that works better for you! Thanks!!

    I agree with the bitter taste of the lime. I was not over-joyed with the taste like I thought I would be.

      Hi Carol, I have had it happen a couple of times with lime-heavy recipes where the particular lime(s) I used seemed to be very bitter. When I remade the dish with new limes the problem completely went away. I would recommend trying again with fresh new limes and seeing how you like it!

4 stars
This was so good! Even my picky 10 y.o. Tried it and liked it!

This recipe is SO flavorful. My family and I couldn’t stop eating it!

    Isn’t that flavor just crazy??! I’m obsessed. Glad to hear your family agrees and loves this dish too!! Thanks Carol!

Hi Tiffany. I have not tried this recipe before and I am going to make it for a dinner party of 10 tonight. What would you recommend to accompany this?

Do u think I could make this the day before and reheat it in the foil pouch? I want to bring it to a party to serve on crackers.

Do you suggest salmon with the skin on? I prefer skin on but I’m wondering if the lime slices wouldn’t have much effect with the skin on. Would you suggest putting the likes on top of the salmon?

Do you have the nutritional info?

    Hi Amy! I don’t have the nutrition stats on hand but my favorite way to get those numbers is using – it’s free and you can just copy and paste a recipe URL from the internet into their calculator and it will do the work for you!

Quick question, is it strong on garlic flavor in the end? I could cut back on it if so but don’t want it to end up lacking flavor either.

    Hi Sheila,

    I do not notice a strong garlic flavor in this recipe. I think it just enhances the other flavors! 🙂

5 stars
OMG… good and moist!!!! I don’t really like Salmon but really wanted to start incorporating it into my diet regularly for health benefits. I substituted 1/4 cup + 2 tbs Olive Oil for the butter and didn’t put limes under or beside the fish. This recipe is a definite winner!!!!

    Oh my gosh I wanted to try this for some friends i am having for dinner but one of them won’t eat anything with butter, never thought of using olive oil thank you so much!!!

Do you cook this with the skin on the bottom side? That’s normally how we cook our salmon on the grill. Just wanted to check, since we haven’t cooked it in the oven before. Thanks!

    Yes, this recipe works with both skinless and skin-on salmon.

5 stars
I made this recipe tonight and believe me, this will be the only way I will eat Salmon ever again. I didn’t have fresh cilantro so I mixed dried with the rest of the ingredients. Thank you again.

    Hi Nick! I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe! 🙂

5 stars
Greetings, O Smart one! I just tried your recipe for baked salmon tonight….wow! Slight differences were, I halved the recipe due to only having 1/2 pound of salmon; I had no lime so I used an equivalent amount of lemon; and didn’t have cilantro. I haven’t broiled in ages and forgot it’s below the oven, so I upped the oven at the right time and baked for an extra 5 to 7 minutes. No grilled effect, but it was delicious! Can’t wait to try it with the lime and cilantro! Thank you for your work and for sharing!

    I’m so glad you liked this recipe! It’s definitely one of my faves!

hi, thank you for the recipe, I am wondering as well, how do you think this might taste on other types of fish? I am going to try it on another type simply because its what I have and want to get it used up, and this glaze sounds great!


    I haven’t had the chance to try this recipe with another type of fish, but I bet it would be great! Let me know how it goes if you try it! 🙂

Can parchment paper be us d instead of foil?

    Hi Pam,
    Yes, parchment paper should work just fine!

I wanted to use this recipe just for one filet. What measurements would suggest using for each ingredient?

    I would just cut the amount of each ingredient in half. 🙂

Does the Salmon have to be skin on or off?

    Either is fine 🙂

5 stars
Awesome and easy to make. I made twice already and each time the salmon was tasty. It is one of mine favorite meals. Thanks

    So glad to hear! It’s one of my favorites too!

I never use butter in any recipe. I usually substitute spray olive oil. It works are with most recipes. Would it make a huge difference with this salmon?

    Hi Sheila,

    Since I’ve never substituted olive oil for butter in this recipe, I can’t say for sure how much of a difference it would make. But I think it would probably be fine! If you give it a try please let me know how it goes! 🙂

Can you also use the same ingredients for other types of fish ,or is it only for the salmon?

    Hi there,

    Yes, this recipe would work great for most types of fish. 🙂

The fish I bought still has the skin on one side can I cook it with that on it?

    You bet! 🙂

Instead of cilantro would it be fine to use parsley instead?

    It will change the flavor a bit, but not in a bad way. You can definitely use parsley instead if you’d prefer. 🙂

What do you suggest serving on the side with this meal? Can’t wait to try!

    Hi Sophia! This is great served with cilantro lime rice (or any sort of rice) and veggies! Hope you like it!

4 stars
?s: skinned fillet or not? Open foil during roasting?
I wanna cook it right now!

    Hi Pete! This recipe works with well both skinless or skin on fillets! And yes, open the foil up when you get to the roasting step. Hope you enjoy!! 🙂

Can’t wait to try

HI! This this absolutely divine!

I am making this tonight, yum! I am currently doing Weight Watchers and was wondering how much salmon you used/how much you would consider a portion? ( i use a recipe builder to calculate the points per serving 🙂 )

First time cooking fish for my bf and let’s see how this goes! We both LOVE salmon!!

    This is one of my favorite salmon recipes! Hope you love it too! 🙂

Love the recipe, hate the site. Too many ads! I’ll copy and paste and leave the link behind

This was delicious! I only changed 1 thing. I used olive oil instead of butter. My husband couldn’t stop eating it!

A friend served this for dinner last night and it was amazing! Best salmon I’ve ever had and I eat salmon all the time. My friends tease me about how much salmon I eat. It was easy and delicious.

I followed the instructions and 20 min in oven at 350 and 5 minutes at broil made for a completely overcoked fish

    4 stars
    You did something wrong because that is how I cook salmon all the time and it turns out perfect

4 stars
Is the sauce really sweet on the salmon. Also can I substitute the honey for like agave or something like that what is not a sweet if so?

Mine is cooking right now, under the broiler but doesn’t look Brown and wonderful like yours. What did I do wrong 😔

5 stars
Absolutely delish! A big hit with my family tonight! I only included 2 tablespoons of butter (which I cut in 8 pieces and put 2 on each piece of salmon) and the flavor and flakiness were “on point.” 🙂

Thank you so much for this recipe. Can I use a something in place of the butter? Would you use Olive Oil or margarine?

    Margarine would work fine. 🙂

Love salmon and eager to try this. I am assuming you did NOT remove the skin before cooking, and placed the salmon skin side down in the pan. Is this correct? I know from experience the skin comes off easily after cooking, but curious as to what you recommend.

    Hi Rhonda, I used skinned salmon acutally but if you do use skin-on salmon then yes, you would want to put the skin side down. 🙂

can’t get your recipes to print

Just made this.

5 stars
Made this tonight for dinner. My husband and I both loved it. A keeper for sure. I served it with a salad wedge which had home made bread crumbs and I put the leftover crumbs on top of the salmon. Delicious and easy dinner!

    Ooh I love that idea with the breadcrumbs on the salmon! Homemade breadcrumbs are my FAV!

Amazing!!!! We’ve had it 5 times in the last week!!!

    Isn’t it the best??! My husband and I can’t get enough of this salmon!

4 stars
My son n i love salmom. We always had it blackened. I didn’t want to smoke up the house today so i gave this a try. Thumbs up, only difference is no lime use lemon n didn’t add slices cause didn’t have enough. We also like skin crispy so i flip it last 3 mins.

This recipe would have been amazing had I taken the skin off of the lime before slicing it. The lime skin made the salmon taste very bitter on the bottom side. The flavor of the glazed side was fantastic however. Will definitely try this one again!

5 stars
This was excellent and I’ll make this again! The salmon is full of flavor and so pretty. It is company worthy, but easy enough to be in the regular menu rotation. I did use only half the listed butter and honestly it was more than enough.

5 stars
Can’t wait to try this!

5 stars
Was wondering how much calories would be in a serving size; I want to make this for dinner but I have know if it’s in my calorie range. Thanks it looks amazing.

5 stars
I made this just now for the first time for my husband because he loves salmon and I didn’t know what to pack him for lunch. It was quick and easy and he loved it. Very good recipe. I am not a fan of the fishy salmon taste and I didn’t have that problem with this recipe. I substituted the lime with lemon since that was all I had at home and I only put 1/4 a cup of lite butter. It still came out very yummy. Thanks

Why add butter?

    For flavor and sauce texture, but feel free to leave it out or reduce if you’d like! 🙂

Do you use salmon with or without the skin (scales) still on the one side?

    I’ve done it with both! If you use skin-on salmon, the meat separates very easily from the skin once cooked. 🙂

5 stars
Only had lime juice, honey and butter. Cut recipe in half. Delicious and the best salmon. Husband is so happy.


I made this dish and it was absolutely delicious! I made rice noodles with it and poured the left over sauce on it and everyone ranted and raved over it. I highly recommend!

    I’m happy to hear this recipe was a hit!

Oh my gosh! This is a beautiful thing! I’m such a huge huge fan of salmon. It’s my favorite fish to eat. I’m going to be meal prepping this one for my lunches. Lay a serving over a bed of rice and add some steamed broccoli. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about sharing any of it with my household. I’m the only one here who likes this kind of thing. I don’t get it, but I won’t complain! LOL

    The rest of your household are missing out big time! 😉

I have some frozen salmon in my freezer. Could I use them and just add cooking time? Or would I need to defrost the fish first?

    I would recommend thawing the salmon first. 🙂

5 stars
I made this tonight with white rice, salad and roasted asparagus with olive oil, lemon and garlic. It was absolutely delicious!!!!

5 stars
What a great salmon recipe. This would be my another favorite fish recipe. It seems that you used lemon, but I didn’t see it in the Ingredients.

Just thought id let you know these people didn’t credit you for this recipe or your picture:

The instructions for this recipe are a chef’s weekend nightmare. They are very ambiguous and have resulted in me wasting both time and money to cook this dish.

I had 4 pieces of salmon so I quadrupled the ingredients given that the recipe states this is for 1 piece of salmon. When I prepared all the ingredients, I had a huge amount of melted butter and garlic and practically a full jar of honey in the pan. There is no possible way that this is accurate for 4 pieces of salmon.

The poorly written, ambiguous recipe has resulted in me completely destroying 4 pieces of salmon that I would have otherwise enjoyed with a spoonful of butter and a splash of lemon.

Instructions should be updated so that it is clear what is meant by 1 piece of salmon. How can you say it is is 4-6 people for 1 piece of salmon; it’s bonkers. Also, if you have 4 pieces of salmon, do you quadruple the recipe (which is what I did obviously) or do you just have to guess what is enough for 4 pieces.

Disastrous recipe. Do not bother cooking this unless you want to throw away good money and time.

I’ll never cook from a blog again thanks to this recipe.

    Hi Mark,

    I’m sorry this recipe did not work out for you! I think you might have misread the ingredients/instructions. The ingredients do not call for 1 piece of salmon. It calls for 1 large salmon filet. Depending on the size of the filet, this should feed about 4-6 people. As far as the instructions go, I really don’t see how I could have made them any more simple or straight-forward. This is one of my most popular recipes and everyone always comments on how easy and tasty it is. I’m sorry you did not have this experience.

    Seriously? This is a super easy recipe! I’m no “chef” either!

5 stars
Tried this on a smaller piece of salmon for two people, and wow!! So easy, basic ingredients and so amazingly tasty! Will definitely be sticking around to see what other amazing recipes I can find here!

EASY and DEEEEELICIOUS!! ‘NUFF SAID!! As for Mark’s review, I’d guess he’s not a cook as the recipe is simple to follow. There’s always one…. xoxoxo

Beautiful piece of Salmon. I love, love, love the lime. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Shared and pinned.

Hi Tiffany, has anyone ever tried cooking this recipe indirectly on their grill? I have salmon to cook and don’t use my oven in the summer and would love to try this recipe! I’m thinking I could heat my gas grill and cook it outside, just wondering if anyone else has tried it that way.

i made this last night and it turned out amazing!!!! so glad i made this for my family and we loved it !!! so good

Hi! I made this recipe but it ended up really bland – obviously other people didn’t have this problem, so what did I do wrong? I used two small/medium pieces of salmon (definitely within 4-6 servings). Skin on the bottom, so the lime slices probably didn’t do much, but the fish was smothered in the butter sauce and I feel like the flavor just didn’t infuse through the fish. Followed the recipe exactly as far as I can tell. Maybe the foil didn’t insulate enough? It covered about half the fish (half of each piece).

    Hi Carson, did you by chance use unsalted butter?

Tried this recipe yesterday! OMG! It was soooo delicious. Will definitely make it many times over!!

    I’m so happy to hear you liked it! Thank you for the feedback Joyce!

How long would I bake this for using 4 individual fillets (6-8 oz)? Can’t wait to try it. Looks delish. I will let you know how it comes out.

5 stars
Tiffany, the result you’ve achieved with this is unbelievable. I am adding this to my favorite salmon recipes no doubt. Thank you for sharing it! 😉

5 stars
Making this tonight.

Everyone of these recipes are SO easy and wonderful! I shared them with my friends and Family!

Great dish ..We make it all the time

Made this tonight. Blown away. Perfect combination of flavors. Quick and easy recipe.

5 stars
It sounds so easy, thank you for sharing the recipe! I will definitely try it to surprise my parents 🙂

4 stars

Thanks for this flAvorable recipe. In the photo it looks like the celantro has also been cooked. The seconf time I made it I used olive oil instead of butter and cooked the celantro with the salmon and it turned out great.

I found your blog through a buzzfeed article. I’m so excited to try some of your RECIPES. Following you on Pinterest now!

5 stars
Uhm. New favorite way to cook salmon!!!! I’m SHOOK!!! I didn’t have minced garlic so I used garlic salt in the mixture and sprinkled it on top of the salmon with regular salt and pepper too. Came out great! But I gotta say, my salmon came out just the slightest bit well done. Though, that may just be because I’m always really scared of under-cooking fish so I tend to follow the suggested amount of time that is lengthier… hopefully next time I can get it just perfect.

3 stars
It was good but like another reviewer, i had issues with bitterness as well. Assuming it was from the lImes.

We don’t like lime…might try it with lemon instead…i usually make salmon with orange juice, hoisin sauce, garlic and butter..will try this one, love salmon…

5 stars

5 stars
How about marinating salmon a whIle in sauce And then proceein wit The rest of the reci, us the marinad of course.

I’d like to try this with asparagus as with your lemon and herb butter salmon…not having tried asparagus with lime before…what are your thoughts please?

    Hi- I’m sure that would be just fine. This sauce is so good on just about anything! 😉

      Thank you Tiffany

I love making salmon and will try this recipe it sounds delicious

Sounds Delicious! can i use olive oil instead of butter? I have a family member who can not eat butter/dairy.

    Hi Dee! You could substitute it, however the butter is what provides a lot of the flavor for this!

    My son cannot have dairy. I substitute with “earth balance vegan buttery sticks” We cant tell the difference.

Im making this for easter om
Looking firward to trinG this it sounds delish

    I hope that you love it! Let me know!! Happy Easter! 😉

If i was going to make a single serving of this, would you reduce the cook time? I usually do about 4-6 mInites per half inch thickness at 425?

    Hi Meg- You don’t need to change the cooking time for this! Since each serving is wrapped in foil, they are single servings already.

Love salmon can’t wait to try this re ipe

    For sure let me know what you think of it!

can I use tilapia instead? not fan of salmon

    Totally! Let me know how you it turns out for you!

My Broiler has a low and hiGh option so which do i use? I tried low to be on the safe side and it Smelled great. Just curious for next time.

    I use high. Just make sure that you watch it closely so it doesn’t burn! Really, either way would work. If you do low, you may just need a few extra minutes.

3 stars
Not that great. Looks better than it tastes. Just bland. I would give it ine star, but site wont let me go lower than thRee

This was bland and dry

5 stars
i rarely leave reviews but this ine is worth my time to reView! Ive made this about 4 times now and it is deliCious! My kids won’t order salmon out now because they “only like it the way i make It”

    I absolutely LOVE this! Such a great compliment! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and let me know that you loved it, Tessa!

What about salmon in the can?

    You could use that if that is what you have on hand!

These are a MUSt. Can’t Wait to Give a try

    Definitely let me know what you think! 🙂

Your honey lime Salmon was the best I’ve ever had. Absolutely delicious and so easy.

    This comment totally made my day! Thanks so much for sharing! Glad that you LOVED it! 🙂

I have made this recipe before and it is delicious.. Love Love it! Question…can this work the same on the BBQ?

    Yes- you can put these on the BBQ grill! Glad that you love it!

I am having a dinner party and will probably cook two full size salmon filets…any ideas on how this may affect the cooking time?

    Hi Katherine- the cooking time should be the same as long as the salmons are in a single layer and not overlapping!

5 stars
I dont like salmon but my boyfriend really love it, so i make it for him almost weekly. i usually just suck it up and it eat, but when i made this tonight i actually really liked the salmon for once!

    Yes!! I love when I can get people to love salmon with one of my recipes! Happy to hear that you both enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing, Anna!

Hello! This looks amazing!! How many calories are in this lovely dish?

looks fantastic, do you melt the butter or do you mix it cold with the lime juice and hobey?

    The butter should be melted before mixing! 🙂

can this be served at room temp ? having big crowd for BBQ..would like to precook some things

    Hi Fran- I don’t recommend letting it sit on the table for too long! It doesn’t have to be served immediately out of the oven though. Somewhere in between will work fine for your party!

      5 stars
      so surprised and happy to receive a reply…thank you…I look forward to serving this at our party!

Im Doing a single fillet. Should i tUrn for thatsst few Min to crisp.?
Wgat SUGGESTIONS Do you have for this dish.?

wow, this dish looks so attractive, i also want to try this dish, thank you for sharing the way.

5 stars
This was my first attempt at preparing fresh fish (used 4-6oz salmon mignons).it was amazing. I’m hooked!!

    Yes! I am so excited for you- way to go!! So happy that this recipe turned out so great for you, Emi!

5 stars
This is just so tasty and easy to do love it, it is on my permanent list

    Hi Kathy! I am so excited to hear that you love this salmon just as much as I do! 😉 It’s so easy, right?! Thanks for stopping by!

5 stars
this was the best salmon dish I’ve ever made. ’nuff said. Probably could’ve gotten away with using less butter, though.

    Hi Eric! So happy to hear that you loved this salmon so much! Thanks for the feedback!

1 star
did not care for this recipe at all. I followed the recipe to the Letter. far too sweet and too much lime.

    Sorry to hear you were disappointed, Dolly! Hoping you can find another recipe here that you love! 🙂

      I absolutly love the One Pan Garlic Herb Chicken and Asparagus. Its a great rEcipe. I appreciate the how easy it is to whip up. Will defiNately keep trying your recipes.


Skin on or off?

    Hi TJ- I prefer to use skin off! Just my preference! 🙂

5 stars
i’m not a salmon fan but i love Mahi. In your opinion, will recipes for salmon generally work well for mahi or other types of fish as well? the recipe sounds so yummy, it would be awesome if i could sub a different fish though. Thanks for any feedback.

    I think that Mahi would work well with this. Just be cautious of the time for cooking needing to change! It will change based on the thickness of the cut of Mahi, for instance… the thicker the cut, the more time it needs… if it’s thinner than your typical salmon, less time. Salmon tends to be a thicker cut of fish! I hope that it turns out great for you! I would definitely love to hear! 🙂

3 stars
this looks really succulent but i personally dont like to eat food with dark burnt look edges!! not good for health apparently….but i suppose one could either completely wrap salmon up or cook it for less time to avoid burnt looking edges ??.

Is it okay to marinate the salmon in the mixture for a while? Would it matter or make any difference? If so, how long do you suggest?

    You could marinate it if you wanted to! It’s certainly not required though. It could provide a tad stronger flavor! Maybe anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or two!!? Sorry- I haven’t done that with this recipe. Definitely let me know the details if you do!

This really is a great recipe and the way my Abuela from Zihuatanejo causes it to be I’m excited to check some of the recipes Kristin! I really like your replies everyone has gaps within their kitchen and that you aren’t scared to step outside the package. Keep up this! For the”women” who bashed; pity you! What happened to others!

    Thanks so much, Melanie! You’re so sweet! 🙂

5 stars
I live in SE Alaska and we fish for salmon every year. I am always on the lookout for a good salmon recipe. I made this tonight with king salmon and it was delicious. I cooked individually cut pieces and the recipe was easy to adapt. this is definitely a keeper.

    Boy oh boy am I jealous of your fresh caught Alaskan salmon! You’ve got my mouth watering. Happy to hear that you found a recipe that you love! Thanks for your feedback, Farrel! 🙂

      5 stars
      Husband loved it and he is a very picky eater!

5 stars
Hello. I must tell that this food is really awesome. I love it and my family give much good compliment about the recipe. Thank you

    Thank you!! Super excited to hear that you and your family enjoyed this salmon! 🙂

Was so excited to try this but Was disappointed. Used half the Honey and butter and it was still super sWeet. Wont be making this again

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t love this dish- thanks for your feedback, Christine 🙂

Be careful if you decide to use parchment paper instead of foil. It didn’t do well under a broiler. I ended up setting a small fire in my oven because I got it too close to the heating element.

I couldn’t seem to achieve the awesome golden color. Since I couldn’t get the fish as close to the hearing element as I would like due to the parchment paper. I’ll use just foil next time.

    Thanks for your feedback, Amber! I am glad all turned out ok, even after your scary situation!

Cannot print it

I made this dish Tonight and hubby loved it. I wasn’t sure if he’d like the sweetness via the honey but it was five STARS and two thumbs all the way. Thanks for a great meal!

    Yessss! Husband approved- way to go! 😉

5 stars
interesting AND flavorful recipes will be coming BACK For more for Surer

5 stars
I serve salmon a few times a week. This will now be my favorite, go to, recipe. Delicious. I used more olive oil than butter. The marinade was so wonderful, that I brushed some of the marinade on the roasted potatoes that I served with the salmon. Love your website. Keep the recipes coming!

    You’re so kind! Glad that you have found a new salmon recipe that is your favorite!!

if i were to do this recipe on the grill, how much time should i leave it for and at what temperature? would it be preferable to grill it using direct or indirect heat? Thanks.

    Hi Dave- direct heat, wrapped in foil. Because of the high heat from a grill I would cut into individual fillets rather than leaving whole salmon intact because the outside will cook so much faster than the inside. I’d love to hear how it turns out!

    I made this dish Tonight and hubby loved it. I wasn’t sure if he’d like the sweetness via the honey but it was five STARS and two thumbs all the way. Thanks for a great meal!


      Great job, David!! I am super excited to hear that you knocked this one out of the park!

Is nutrition information available?

    Hi Pat- you can easily get this info for any of my recipes by using My Fitness Pal. They have an awesome tool where you can input any recipe URL into and it will generate the info for you!

I am new to your sight, very interested in trying several recipes I have seen. thank you for your hard work and dedication!

    Tina- you’re so sweet! You’ve made my day. Thanks for being here and welcome to CDLC!

5 stars
Hi Tiffany
We made the cilantro lime Salmon. Excellent with the exception there was too much liquid and it didn’t crisp from the broiler. I did not want to broil longer than 5 min. Worried would dry. Please Advise?

    Hi Christine- sorry to hear that you had issue! I am not quite sure what went wrong for you, I haven’t had that issue when making this recipe. I typically have great success with broiling it for the crispness!

3 stars
Wow, the food is delicious and attractive, I like this dish.

2 stars
Wow, the food is delicious and attractive, I like this dish.

5 stars
This was DELICIOUS. Broiling the salmon at the end of the cook time made for a very nice finish.

    Broiling the salmon is the best! Thanks for your feedback, Barbara. I am excited to hear that you loved this recipe!

The filet i just bought has skin on one side. Do i Need to remove the skin??

    Whatever your preference is!

5 stars
Ijust made this for dinner..” 5 stars! We have a home in the florida keys, and i thought i was back in key west!! Amazing!,,

5 stars
This Special Food on my birthday party

Insted of butter can i use oLive oIl?

    You can- but it will alter the flavor somewhat.. just keep that in mind!

Could I grill this instead of baking it?

    You could- just be careful not to burn it since the grill will be much hotter!

      How long would you grill it for? What Grill temp would you grill it at?

What kind of samon do you get… its so con wi di choi.. frozen? Skin on? Farm raised Atlantic?

5 stars
Yummy, That’s Look’s Delicious, I’d Give it a try.

5 stars
FrIggin amazing! My new signature dish!!

    Yessss! Super excited to hear this, Michelle! Thanks for your feedback!

Friggin amaZing!

5 stars
This dish was amazing! So easy and fast to make. My whole family loved it. Inserved it with some parmesan And garlic roasted broccoli.

    Yum!! Great side dish pairings. Excited to hear that you enjoyed this recipe so much, Jenifer!

god easy healthy recipe

4 stars
THis was so yummy. I did cut back the butter and honey as i only had 2 – 8 oz pieces of Salmon. I also made sure to use organic limes to ensure they were juicy.

i did tinfoil but will try parchment paper next time.

    Fantastic job, Rainey! Thanks for sharing your experience!

4 stars
i think this RECIPE is enough good for one month hahah!

What would be a good side to serve with this salmon?

Love this recipe. Would it be possible to publish in a cookbook some women in my church are making? Credit would of course be given. Thanks!

    Absolutely- thanks for asking!

5 stars
This was great! I had to sub in maple syrup when i ran out of honey but it was delicious

    Way to use what you had on hand, Rachel! Thanks for sharing!

How many carbs per serving?

    Hi Patti- I recommend using MyFitnessPal. They have an awesome online (free!) tool where you can input any recipe URL into and it will generate all the nutritional information you are looking for!

Fantastic job, Rainey! Thanks for sharing your experience!


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The food you cook is delicious and delicious. I will save the recipe to learn to cook this dish.

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wow….it looks tatsy….

I’m going to try this recipe but will go for a lighter version since i’m trying hard to cut calories 😛

This baked salmon looks super delicious!

4 stars
Can’t wait to try this!

Its Awesome! I am Gonna Use it 🙂

I love this recipe

good work keep it up

Looks delicious, but please leave an option for Facebook sharing and one for emailing.

4 stars
This is exactly what I need. Thank you and have a pleasant day !

This looks delicous! And oh so smoky!

    The best!!

5 stars
Smells INCREDIBLE as its cooking and tastes even better!

    Don’t you love when your house smells just as good as it tastes! Thanks for your feedback, Catherine!

this looks delicious

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It is very delish, thanks! Note: it is much safer for your health to use parch paper in of alumin.

5 stars
While i am partial to my own salmon recipe…i gave this one a try & was VERY PLEASANTLY surprised! It is elegant, light, delicate & the flavour palette bursts open in your mouth, in the most delicious & delightful way! I will most certa be using this recipE again & again!

    I’m excited to hear that you enjoyed this recipe so much, Rita!

5 stars
I made this for lunch for my sister in law and it turned out perfectly delicious!

    What a great SIL you are! 😉

Nice post. I found it on google

After 57 years of a blessed marriage my wife passed away. Now I have to cook my own food. It was a great day when my daughter introduced me to your Blog/cookbook. Now I can cook myself great meals. Thank you for being there. I am sure there are many many people who feel the same way. You showed an old how to cook a delicious meal
Thank you tiffany

    You are SO kind!! I’m sorry to hear about your wife. What a wonderful life- 57 years! Great job getting out of your comfort zone and cooking! I’m so happy to hear that you have found some recipes here that you enjoy!

5 stars
Super excited to hear that you loved this dish and felt all the Florida feels while enjoying it!

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    You have creative hands and minds of great food, really the recipes you share I feel very delicious and beautiful, thank you for sharing these great recipes.

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I love salmon and the its taste already got me drooling.

In small bowl, mix melted butter, lime juice, honey, garlic and cilantro. Pour mixture over salmon. Fold sides of foil up over the salmon, and tent with an additional piece of foil to cover completely.

5 stars
Really nice and interesting post. I was looking for this kind of information and enjoyed reading this one.

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this post is great post and i really like it and so informative to us

Would letting it martinste for about 2 hours bebad? Ive made it the other way and everyone loved it! Was just windering if marinating would make it even better

    I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt!


    Good job!

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Great, delicius

One warm summer evening recently, we walked to our nearby fish market and picked up this gorgeous fillet of fresh salmon. Since I ve been craving tangy, citrusy flavors, I couldn t imagine a more delicious sounding combination than honey, lime, cilantro and a kick of Sriracha. Dinner was decided!

This recipe looks great I cannot wait to make it for my son and his family who is coming from England to spend Christmas with the rest of the family in the us.

    I hope it’s enjoyed by all for you, Jean! Happy holidays to you and yours.

Hi! I’m sure parchment paper would work just fine!

4 stars
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It says ‘juice of two limes’ and am wondering HOW much juice? My LIMES are small and am wondering if that’s why others said there sauce was ‘tacky’? It looks amazing and I can’t wait to try it!

    I’d say about 3-4 tablespoons!

How many calories for 1 servings

    Hi Dora- I recommend using MyFitnessPal. They have an awesome tool where you can input any recipe URL into and it will break down all the nutritional information for you.

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You can’t beat a nice glaze over salmon, love the easy clean up too! I think I’m going to keep this one in my back pocket for our next camping trip!

    Yesss! Perfect meal for camping!

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I made this with half the butter and it turned out great!

Hi! I’m sure parchment paper would work just fine! 🙂

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I made this with half the butter and it turned out great!

    Good to know- thanks!

I love such tangy recipes 🙂

I made this with half the butter and it turned out great!

    Awesome to know! Thanks 🙂

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