Instant Pot Pot Roast and Potatoes

Juicy and tender instant pot pot roast and potatoes with gravy makes the perfect family-friendly dinner. This easy one pot dinner recipe will please even the picky eaters! 

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Instant Pot Pot Roast and Potatoes |


Why use an instant pot?

Have you joined the instant pot craze??

I put it off, like I usually do with new kitchen gadgets, because I was afraid it was a funky trend that would fizzle out but after friends raving non stop about theirs, I broke down and got myself one.

I’m obsessed! Where has this thing been all of my life?

And just to clear things up, I say “Instant Pot” because that’s the brand that I own and is most familiar with everyone, but these recipes are not sponsored by the brand in any way and any pressure cooker will do just fine! I don’t care what brand it is, just get your hands on one pronto. It’s seriously takes one pot cooking to a whole new level of awesome.

Instant Pot Pot Roast and Potatoes |

Why this is the BEST pot roast and potatoes you’ll ever taste…

Pot roast is one of my absolute favorite childhood meals.

My mother made a beef pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and homemade gravy almost every single Sunday and I never got sick of it. I still ask for it from time to time when we go visit my parents for Sunday dinner because it takes me back in so many ways, and it’s just plain good food.

My mother always used a ginormous black speckled roasting pan with a lid to make her roast in the oven and it came out perfect every time, great flavor, tender, and easy to shred. I took her recipe and tweaked it to make this instant pot version and it is everything I dreamed it would be.

That instant pot works some serious magic, you guys.

Rather than roasting your beef for hours and hours all day, you only need about an hour and a half to get from start to finish on this recipe and I promise you the meat comes out just as juicy and tender as if it were slow roasted for days. That is the magic of pressure cooking at it’s finest!

Instant Pot Pot Roast and Potatoes |

Can you cook a roast in a pressure cooker?

  • Yes! Cooking a juicy and tender roast in a pressure cooker is possible and so easy. Just season the meat, cover with beef broth, and set your pressure cooker. When it’s done, your meat will be flavorful and easy to shred. Absolute perfection.

How long do you cook a roast in an instant pot?

  • The time you will need to cook a roast in an instant pot varies depending on the size of your roast and whether it is thawed or frozen.
  • For a thawed 3-5 pound roast it will need 60-80 minutes on high. For a frozen roast of the same size, you’ll need to add about 20-30 minutes to the cooking time.

Instant Pot Pot Roast and Potatoes |

How do you cook a roast in an instant pot?

  • To cook a roast in an instant pot, first season the meat generously on all sides.
  • Add oil to the pot and set to the saute setting. Sear meat on all sides, then set the pressure cook setting on high.
  • Add beef broth along with potatoes, onions, and carrots if desired, cover, and cook.
  • Once finished cooking do a natural release for 10 minutes, then a quick release until the float valve goes down.
  • Remove lid, transfer roast and veggies to a platter, and shred the roast.

That’s all there is to it! Now read on to find out what people have to say about this revolutionary way to cook your favorite Sunday dish, the famous Pot Roast.

Can you make mashed potatoes and gravy with Instant Pot pot roast?

Yes! If you are a mashed potato fan, you’ve got to try my favorite Instant Pot Pot Roast with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy recipe! It’s made with dry onion soup mix (SO much flavor!) and you’re only putting four ingredients into the Instant Pot so it is truly the easiest pot roast you will ever make and so fall-apart tender. When the roast is done, you pull out the potatoes and mash them with sour cream, salt, pepper, and garlic and top them with savory beef broth gravy right from the Instant Pot! 

Instant Pot Pot Roast and Potatoes |

What people are saying about this Instant Pot Pot Roast and Potatoes

“I have tried many instant pot pot roast recipes but this is definitely “The One”. My whole family loved it and it was so easy!” – Joan

 “It was SOOOO delicious I ate three helpings of it, and that is something I never do… I am absolutely one of your biggest fans now. I’ve already raved about, and shared your fabulous instructions and recipe with many family members and friends.” -Sharon

“Reminds me of my moms pot roast yum yum yum.” – Leslie

“Best pot roast ever. A friend who is a foodie and owns multiple dining establishments raved about it. Thanks for the recipe. It was great.” – Nikolai

“THIS was a huge hit with us! Everyone literally slurped down the gravy. The extra broth makes a fabulous french onion soup! Thanks for the great pot roast recipe!” – Lisa

Instant Pot Pot Roast and Potatoes |
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Instant Pot Pot Roast and Potatoes

Juicy and tender instant pot pot roast and potatoes with gravy makes the perfect family-friendly dinner. This easy one pot dinner recipe will please even the picky eaters!
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 20 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 40 minutes
Servings 4 people
Author Tiffany


  • 3-5 pound beef chuck roast see notes for instructions from frozen
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika optional
  • 1 pound baby red potatoes
  • 4 large carrots, chopped into large chunks see note for using baby carrots
  • 1 large yellow onion, chopped
  • 4 cups beef broth
  • 2 tablespoons worcestershire sauce
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 2 tablespoons corn starch


  • Turn on your instant pot and set it to "saute". In a small bowl stir together salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and smoked paprika. Rub mixture all over the roast to coat all sides. 
  • Drizzle oil in instant pot, wait about 30 seconds, then use tongs to place roast in the pot. Do not move it for 3-4 minutes until well-seared and browned. Use tongs to turn the roast onto another side for 3-4 minutes, repeating until all sides are browned. 
  • Switch instant pot to "pressure cook" on high and set to 60-80 minutes (60 for a 3 pound roast, 80 for a 5 pound roast. see notes if using baby carrots). Add potatoes, onions, and carrots to pot (just arrange them around the roast) and pour beef broth and worcestershire sauce over everything. Place lid on the pot and turn to locked position. Make sure the vent is set to the sealed position. 
  • When the cooking time is up, do a natural release for 10 minutes (don't touch anything on the pot, just let it de-pressurize on it's own for 10 minutes). After 10 minutes, turn vent to the venting release position and allow all of the steam to vent and the float valve to drop down before removing the lid. 
  • Transfer the roast, potatoes, onions, and carrots to a platter and shred the roast with 2 forks into chunks. Use a handheld strainer to scoop out bits from the broth in the pot. Set instant pot to "soup" setting. Whisk together the water and corn starch. Once broth is boiling, stir in corn starch mixture until the gravy thickens. Add salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste. 
  • Serve gravy poured over roast and veggies and garnish with fresh thyme or parsley if desired. 


  1. If you'd like to use baby carrots, keep in mind that they will cook much faster than large chunks of whole carrots. To make sure they don't turn to mush, set your pressure cooking time 10 minutes shorter than the recipe states and leave the carrots out of the pot. Once the pressure cooking time is finished, add baby carrots to the pot and set the pot to pressure cook for 10 more minutes. 
  2. The recipe is written for a thawed roast. If using a frozen roast, you will need to add about 20-30 minutes to your pressure cooking time. You can also skip the searing step and simply rub the spices on the roast and then place it in the pot and then move ahead to the pressure cooking step. 



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This is in the instant pot now! Thanks so much for such a great recipe! It smells deliCious!

    I hope you love it as much as we do! Definitely my new favorite way to cook a roast!! 🙂

      Will the veggies be too mushy cooking for that long? should I wait to put them in maybe 20 minutes later instead of at the beginning?

        Check the notes section at the bottom for further instructions on this 🙂

        Just made this and it was great but all my vegies were super mushy. Would definitely add them all later next time. Delicious still though

          Leave the veggies in big chunks. Cut potatoes in half and leave carrots almost whole. Cooked mine for 60 mins and they were fine.

        That’s what I do I put my veggies in it 20 minutes before the time is up

          Lol.. impossible! like to know how you do that since you Can’t open the IP… and once you open it, it takes another 20 mins to get back up to pressure.

        Theres no way you can pressure cook vwgetables for 60 min! You will get mush! Cook them after.

        Mine did not get mushy at all.

      My instapoT doesnt have a saute opt. Any idea what i WOULD use instead?

        That’s crazy?! You just need to use a function that can brown your meat for a few minutes on each side.. so whatever your instant pot has that will do that!

        You can always sear it in a pan with olive oil first And then transer it over to the INstant pot.

        4 stars
        an actual pan to sauté your items

        Us3 the rice setting then cancel when you are done BROWNING

        4 stars
        In a heavy 12” pan, preferably cast iron, Brown on all sides in oil. Remove roast and add 2 cups of broth to pan. Bring to boil, stir to get all the crusty pieces oF roast off the bottom of the pan. remove from heat and pour into Hot Pot. Add remaining broth, stir, then cONtinue with recipes as shown.

      Imade this my first meal 2 weeks ago when I got m my pressure cooker. We love it so much my husband ask me to make it again tonight! Thank you so much.

Thank you! I Bought mY instant pot 3 weeks ago and i just made this for w second time.

Looks great, and imcant wait to try it. What setting do use use kn the newer instaNTpot whe cooking thenroast?

    I used “pressure cook” on high! 🙂

this is the first meal I made in my Instant Pot. Turned out very good. Definitely will make again.

    Glad you loved it!

4 stars
Made this for dinner last night. It smelled amazing, and the roast was delicious. I had a 3 lb roast, and used baby gold potatoes and carrots cut into large chunks. I cooked it for 60 minutes on high pressure, andThe roast was great, but the veggies got really mushy. Also, I considered just using 1 cup of broth, but followed the recipe and used 4… It was way too much broth and I feel like it diluted the flavor. I’ll make this again using only one cup of broth, and adding the veggies later.

    I agree, Denise. 4 cups was wayyyy too much broth. Deluted the flavor. I would add the addl broth afterward to make the gravy.


    5 stars
    Right a and Denise we like Our vegetables ALA DENTE and we would save our vegetables and cook them at the end. Meat was great and now we got soup!

CAn this be done in a crock pot? My kitchen is way too small to add another applance?

    Clarice, the instant pot has many functions. It has a crock pot setting.

    Yes, you can do this in a crock pot, but may,take 6-8 hours to cook. Use your crock pot cookbook to ck time needed. Will be delish!

5 stars
I have your page bookmarked. I love all your reciepes

    Best compliment! Thank you for following along!!

    When you add the VEGGIES at The end do you do a quick or NATURal pressure RELEASe?

      I was Wondering the same thing

I dont have a pressure cooker. Can i cook the pot roast on top of the stove? How long will it take?

5 stars
I have tried many instant pot pot roast recipes but this is definitely “the OnE”. my whole family loved it and it was so easy! I took some advise from the comments, however, and only added 1 cup of broth for the cooking liquid and that was plenty. Thank you! I will be using your website again!!

    This is definitely a favorite in my house! Glad it was enjoyed by everyone!


    Tony- do a quick vent when you’re going to add the baby carrots!

      5 stars
      Tony: Don’t use baby carrots. If you quick vent then re-pressurize it might toghen the roast.

        I did the baby carrots and the roast was just fine.

          Which way dId you do the baby carrots that they came fine? Put them in at start or quick vent to out them in at the end?

I made this last weekend. It was really delicious.

    Hi Shane, so happy to hear that you loved this!

Do you HAVe recommendations for how to make this in a crock pot?

    Hi Lisa- I have a slow cooker beef roast recipe on here! Search “slow cooker beef roast”. That should help you out!

Hello, My name is Susan I bought the Duo Mini instant pot and have this cooking now i can’t wait to see how it TUrns out.

    Hi susan! How did yours turn out? Mine is the same size and im afraid that it may be too small? I had to cut my roast in half to brown the sides. Hoping it still comes out okay.

Thank you For the recipe. This was my first meal cooked in the instant pot! My roast was a little smaller than 3 pounds – i added the large carrots in chunks and baby gold potatos aNd the full 4 cups of Broth. The meat was great but veggies mushy and something tasted bitter… did I overcook the veggies? Just wondering what I did wrong to make it have a sort if bitter taste!! Thank you!

    If the vegetables came out too mushy they were probably overcooked!

For the meat, is that 13 to 15 lbs? What if I just wanted to make 5 LBS?

    Nevermind. I See now.. haha

5 stars
I used this recipe on a Chuck roast last night in our Insta pot and the results were delicious!
A 3 pound rib cut roast, fingering potatoes, baby carrots and onion became a gourmet meal!

    My mouth is watering just thinking of that! Sounds so delicious. I am so glad that you loved it!

    That’s exactly how i’m going to make it tonight! Did you need to alter the instructions at all, or add the veggies in later?

      this was my first instapot roast – also came out very tough, 3.2 pound roast, cooked 65 minutes. it was stringy, i brought it back up to pressure and cooked another 15 minutes, still tough. the Cut I got is usually super tender in the slow cooker. The flavor was good but soo much broth, that never thickened with the 2 t cornstarch. Ended up adding some wondra to thicken, still was very soupy. But the flavor was excellent. I’m guessing it needed another 30 minutes.

        Mine was the same. Tough so I cut it against the grain to salvage it. I preferred this cut of roast in the slow cooker.

Tried this recipe with a 2.33 pound chuck roast and it was the toughest roast I’ve ever had. Did 60 minutes and the veggies were perfect but the roast sadly went in the trash. Where did i go wrong? Too long for that small of a roast? I DEFINITELY couldn’t shred the roast or even cut it it was so tough.

    Hi Neal- I am bummed your roast didn’t turn out. I think that you perhaps didn’t cook it long enough. My advice for next time would be to add another 30 minutes. It’s tricky with the instant pot sometimes, but I definitely don’t think your meat was over cooked!

      I Had the same problem my roast was tough and my broth never thickened to gravy after the corn starch. I think next time I will cook it longer with less broth. New to this, trying to figure it all out!

        Hi Jackie- sorry to hear that your roast was tough! My guess is that more cooking time will help resolve that issue!! Thanks for your feedback, even when you weren’t super pleased!

    Same Here. I used the same cut and size roast i Always have in my crock but it was very tough

5 stars
made this last night. Followed directions with exception of dropping the 1/4 cup water and added a cup of red wine. best pot roast ever. friend who is a foodie and own multiple dining establishments raved about it. thanks for the recipe. it was great.

    That sounds like a great substitution! Good job! Thanks for sharing! Happy to hear that you loved this recipe!

I made this and added the carrots And potatoes after the roast was removed. I cooked the VEGGIEs in the beef broth left in the pot. Then I made gravy. Reminds me of my moms pot rOastyum yum yum.

    GREAT idea! I bet that was so delicious!! I love when I can recreate one of my mothers best dishes- so, I get what you’re saying! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Leslie!

    How did you keep te roast hot while repressurizing the veggies?

    How long did you cook your veggies for after the fact?

    How did you cook the VegGies aFter you took the mEat out? How loNg and on what setting?

I only put in one half amount of beef broth (2 cups) and still had too much liquid. But still good. Sorry about caps computer problem? Potatoes were slightly mushy too.

5 stars
I made this a week ago and everyone loved it. The only thing I did differently was i used Montreal wet rub instead of any other SPICES Prior to Browning it on saute function. Love instant pot and LOVE this recipe!

    Sounds delicious to me! Thanks for sharing your idea, Dee! So happy to hear that you loved it!

My chuck roast is only 1.5 lbs. Wondering How I should adjust this recipe?

    I would keep it all the same! Even the time- the roast will just come out more tender and juicy! I hope that you love it!

Would a rump roast work in this recipe? that is what i have on hand to cook

    Hi Jill- that should be fine! Hope you love it!

5 stars
On your Pot Roast and PotAtoes recipe, it was fantastic! In mY opinion it is a basic recIpe that can be modiFied according to your taste. You can modify your basic rub to a more complex one like Rudy’s brisket rub or Stubb’s Dry rub. I would also add 4 stalks of celery, 8oz of pOrcini mishrooms, and 1cup of cherry Tomatoes. I followed the recIpe instructions and they are right on. If adding exTra ingredients there is no need to add more liquid. There are also several types of chuck roast and i feel that any type will work with this recipe. We will use this recipe again and again! Thank you Tiffany!

    Happy to hear that you loved it! Thanks for your great feedback! 🙂

Looks great, can’t wait to try.I only cook for one person so roast as other ingredients will be much smaller. Will I need to adjust my cook time? Thx

    Hi Mike- Not sure how big your roast is but if it is about 1 1/2-2 lbs you should just be able to keep it all the same. If anything, it should come out more juicy and tender! I hope you love this recipe!

FIrst potroast i have ever made. My mom, friends and kids loved it! Thank you for the recipe!

    Yay!! I love this! Way to go on trying out something completely brand new in the kitchen! I am so happy to hear that you guys loved it! Thanks for sharing!

I got my instant pot as a christmas gift, and have relied on the internet to provide me with recipes and how-to’s. Thank you so much for supplying this recipe for all of us instant pot newbies!

    I hope that you love it! Way to go on trying all the new things with your instant pot! You will catch on quick and learn to love it!! 🙂

4 stars
Very good recipe, I definately recommend adding veggies in the last 15 mins of cooking mine turned out nicely this way. And if i were to make again i might try with half the broth to see how it turns out. you have so much At the end and i am unsure as to what to do with IT. 🙂 Very Good THOUGH.

    So happy that you loved it! Thanks for sharing your input. 🙂

5 stars
amazing! by far the best pot roast i have ever had!

    Erin- This makes me so happy! I am so excited that you’ve loved this so much! Thanks!! 🙂

5 stars
THIS was a huge hit with us! Everyone literally slurped down the gravy 🙂 I used a 2.5lb roast and it was perfectly done, baby carrots and all. one subscriber asked what to do with the 4 or 5 cups of leftover broth, and i can tell you it makes a fabulous french onion soup! Thanks for the great pot roast recipe!

    Lisa- GREAT idea for the leftover broth!!! That sounds SO delicious! Gosh, I think I need to try that. Glad that you all loved it!!

5 stars
Dear Tiffany,
Wow! That IS DEFINITELY THE DEFINITION OF YOUR RECIPE. i AM NOT EXCEPTIONALLY KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT THE ADVANCED USE OF MY INSTANT POT. sO, i DID AN INTERNET SEARCH FOR An iNSTANT pOT rOAST BEEF RECIPE. OF THE FOUR i PRINTED, YOUR’S APPEALED MOST TO ME, SO i CHOSE TO TRY YOUR RECIPE FIRST. i NEED TO PREFACE MY NEXT COMMENTS BY SAYING, i FIND IT FRUSTRATING AND UNTRUE OF EVALUATIONS by PERSONS WHO JUDGE a RECIPE, AFTER CHANGING THIS AND THAT to their personal tastes. I mean, what did you think of the exact recipe? Can you recommend it? Was it good? I do not care your thoughts about it after your numerous alterations. So make as stated or keep your evaluation to yourself! i CHOOSE TO TRY A RECIPE EXACTLY AS STATED AND THEN GIVE MY OPINION ON THE RECIPE. pEOPLE WHO ALTER A RECIPE SHOULD NOT BE EVALUATING A RECIPE. tHAT BEING SAID, as i KNOW THAT SMOKED PAPRIKA ADDS “HEAT” TO A RECIPE, and though I’m not a huge fan of spicy food, i WANTED TO SEE/KNOW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF i FOLLOWED YOUR RECIPE TO THE LETTER. wELL, hOLY MOLY! wHEN THE DISH WAS COMPLETE, i WAS SO GRATIFIED AND AMAZED BY THE beautiful visual appearance alone! So much so, I even took a photo of the “after the lid came off.” So then, I followed the recipe to a “T” and it was soooo delicious I ate three helpings of it, and that is something I never do. In fact getting through even one helping at my advanced age is rare. By the way, leftovers the next day were unbelievably even better. I want you to know by following your recipe to the letter, I learned a few “tricks” I did not know about my IP. So, though I realize this is a very lengthy comment, I was so impressed by your step by step instructions which also added greatly to my success in producing this delicious dish, I felt it necessary to give all the “whys and wherefores”! Thank you so much, I am absolutely one of your biggest fans now. I’ve already raved about, and shared your fabulous instructions and recipe with many family members and friends. thank you so very much!

    Hi Sharon! I am SO happy to hear that you loved this pot roast dish so much!! You would be surprised how many readers don’t follow a recipe as is! 😉 Glad that you learned a few new tricks from me as well! Thanks for spreading the great word!!!

      5 stars
      Thank you, Sharon for your Comments and observations. I completely agree with you. And, Thank you, tiffany for your hard work in producing your blog. i’m a pretty experienced cook and i love seeing what you’ve come up with to get me thinking and cooking in a new direction.

        Best compliment, ever! Thank you for always following along, Michelle! 🙂

5 stars
Just love this roast, it always turns out great! The meat is tender and flavorful without the vegetables being mush.
The only alteration we do is add cellery.

5 stars
I absolutely Found this to be the best pot roast, I foLlowed the recipe and used the red potatoes with skinS which cooked perfectly. I had to peel and add russet to have enough and they did come out softer. I had way too much liquid to make the gravY, i will try 2 cups next time. Maybe 4 cups was a typo. Thanks so much, yummy!

    Hi Connie- So happy to hear that you are in love with this pot roast recipe! The instant pot is so fun, isn’t it?! Thanks for sharing!


        I AGree with your suggestion, Abby! Thank goodness I’ve read the COMMENTS prior to making this for the very first time. 🙂

5 stars
This was really good. I didn’t have beef broth but used chicken broth. It was very good! 2 and 3/4 lbs roast for 45 min, quick pressure release them added baby carrots.

    Glad to hear that it turned out well for you!! Aren’t Instant Pot’s so fun!!? Happy to hear you loved it! Thanks, Steve!

    Glad to hear chicken broth was still tasty bc that’s what i’ll be trying this evenIng (no beef broth on hand). My roast is 2.2 lbs, but other comments say the 60 min should be fine and maybe Make it more tender, so i’ll Try That.

Is this supposed to be boneless. I have a 4 lb bone-in roast. Will this work?

    Hi Cathy- Bone in should be just fine! Hope you love it! Thanks!

5 stars
Yummy. I love my instant pot. Thanks for another keeper recipe

    Aren’t they so fun to use once you get the hang of it?! 🙂

Yep, its in the pot. Looking forward to a pot roast on a warm summers eve.

    I hope that you enjoyed your meal! 🙂

This turned out too touGh to tear apart even with my hands. Is there something i couldve done wrong To Make This happen? I followed the recipe exactly, could it have just been a bad cut of meat?

    Hi Sonya- I think you may have needed to increase the cooking time in the instant pot! I feel that I have had more success when I have tough meat if I put in back in for more time! Perhaps it was the cut of meat- but next time, try some more time!

This turnd out too tough to pull apart Even with my hands. Is there something i couldve done wrong for this to happen? I Followed the recipe exactly! Is it possible it was a bad cut of meat?

What size instapot does this recipe work in?

    Hi Tamar- I use an 8 qt Instant Pot- depending on the size of your roast, you may be able to get away with a 6 qt!

      If i have a 3.5 lb roast should it be fine?

        Yes! It should work out great with this recipe.

5 stars
I just made this with a 4lb roast. I used 3 cups of broth, no carrots because I didn’t have any and did the high pressure cooking for 70 minutes. the roast came out perfect.

    Yes! I am so happy to hear it turned out perfectly for you!! Glad you enjoyed! 🙂

I’m using My my instant pot for the first time tonight and I’m using this recipe which looked very good – I’m i’m assuming that 60 minutes will probably work for a 2.3 lb ROAST BUT I’m wondering if Iam supposed to add additional time for the pot to reach the intended pressure?

    Hi Cindy- super excited to hear that you used your Instant Pot for the first time on this recipe! Hoping it turned out great for you! The time I stated is what time is left for cooking after the pot reaches pressure. It will calcite it according if you set the time for 60 minutes- the clock will start once its reached its correct pressure.

can i use my crock pot express cooker for this

    Hi Jasmine- I personally have not used a Crock Pot Express for cooking- but I think it should work out the same! Definitely let me know if you give this a try! Hope that you love it! 🙂

5 stars
Just made this I’m my 6 qt instapot. Just a few tweaks:
I thought the liquid seemed like too much, so kept the Worcestershire sauce ratio but decreased the beef broth to 1 3/4 cups and added 1/4 cup of red wine.

I had a 2.3 lb. Chuck roast that seared perfectly in the pot as directed. I peeled my baby red potatoes but left them whole. Used four large carrots cut into large chunks as directed.

I increased the high pressure time from 60 to 70 minutes to ensure the roast would be fork-tender. Natural release for 10 minutes then quick release (which took about 3 minutes). Made a perfect gravy/au jus as directed.

It was delicious! Veggies were not mushy, just perfect roast-consistency and fork tender. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe! Can’t recommend it enough.

(For some reason as I type this comment it’s in all caps. Was not my intention! Formatting just looks weird on my phone!)

    Hi Jennifer! I am so happy to hear that your roast came out so great! This has become my favorite way to prepare a roast! Thanks for sharing your awesome tweaks! 🙂

Super juicy and tender,I cooked
My roast for 30 minutes. Veggies we’re perfect. Roast was delicious , like the flavor was super infused. Loved it.

    Hi Laura- so happy to hear that you had such great success with this dish!! Not much beats a tender, juicy, delicious roast!

First try with new insta pot. Hope this turns out!

    Way to try it out! Hope it turned out great for you!

5 stars
This recipe was the BOMB!! Will definitely make Again! Thank tou so much for sharing!

    Yes! So excited to hear that it turned out so great for you!!

If you use a frozen roast, would you still add the vegetables at the beginning of the cook time? Or would you cook the roast for the 60 to 80 minutes and then add the vegetables before doing a 2nd cooking time of 20 to 30 min?

    Hi Nancy- if using frozen meat, I would actually do 30-40 minutes, quick release, then add the veggies and set for another 60 minutes! I hope it turns out great for you!

This look heavenly-tHank You for sharing this Recipe! I have this on my instant pot noW. Used a 3.77 lb. chuck ROast. Used the Baby Reds, haLved, large carrots, ceLery and used 2 cuPs of broth instead of 4. Put veggies In from the start and pressure cooking for 75 mins. Fingers crOssed!!

    Hi Lisa- sounds like you prepped it all well! I hope this dish turned out great for you!!

      It was INCREDIBLE! This will definitely be in my rotation. Thank you, and I cant wait to try your other recipes!

I used 2-2.5 chuck roast. TRIPLEd the seasoning. Made sure the beef broth was flavorful. Put thyme sprigs and mushrooms in the pot and TRIPLEd the about of roux, for the Gravy. It was great!! Cant wait to make pot roast sandwiches TOmorrow. Or tonight!!

    Hi Jason! That sounds super yummy- I am glad to hear that it turned out great for you! Sandwiches with this leftover meat is my favorite!! I’m slightly jealous right now! 😉 Enjoy!

Made this tonight. Cut the broth down to 1 cup and put veggies in later. Used the red wine instead of water for gravy and it is scrumptious!

    Hi Linda- great thinking with swapping out for red wine! I haven’t tried that. I just might have to next time I make this dish! Thanks for sharing your idea! 🙂

5 stars
Thank You for Sharingg. I just made it and oh MMy it taste soooo Good!! Didnt need to add any more spices with the gravy. Took the advice and took off 10 mins to the cooking time and added my smaller carrots and potAtos that needed to use before they get bad and they Didnt even mush up !

    So happy to hear that your roast and gravy turned out so delicious!! Thanks for sharing, Salome! 🙂

If I double, how do I adjust the cooking time?

    Hi Janet- you would most likely have to double the time if you are making double the amount of meat!

Can I use London Broil for this? What adjustments should I make?

    Hi Caroline- My concern for using london broil with this recipe is that it may not be able to shred as well as the other cuts! I haven’t tried it, so I can’t speak for sure. If you give it a try, I would definitely love to hear how it turns out!

5 stars
Easy and Delicious

    Thanks for your feedback, Joanne!

I just made this with a 2-pound chucK roast, cooked for 60 minutes, and it came out perfect! I cut russet potatoes into big chunks and they turned out fine, not mushy at all. If you like a lot of graVy like we do, stick with 4 cups. Just add twice as much coRnstarch. Best pot roast! Thanks, Tiffany!

    Hi Yvette- So happy to hear that this pot roast turned out so great for you! Isn’t the Instant Pot so great!!? Thanks for sharing your input!

seems like if the veggies are cooked for an hour in the pressure cooker they would turn to mush.

New TOo pot THANKs

5 stars
Going to try this tonight…potroast is a classic comfort food and I live in nonstop chronic pain due to full body peripheral neropathy and can honestly say that the quick pot is a greatful FOR easy classic recipes to make myself.

    I hope that you loved this dish!

In the picture it looks like the potatoes were quartered. Was that done in the beginning during prep before you put them in the Instant Pot? Or after everything was cooked?

Or does it even matter?

    Hi Robin- I quartered them before cooking so that they would cook properly!

      How long would you recommend cook time with just roast (3lbs) 45 mins? With a cup of liquid?

        Hi Sarah- I recommend a minimum of 60 minutes for a 3 lb. roast! And probably 1-2 cups of liquid. You need to make sure there is a decent amount of liquid so that it will be extra tender!

What kind of cooking time would you use for a 3 quart instant pot? Thanks!

    The instructions don’t change as long as it’s the same amount of food!

5 stars
Made this tonight and my kid loved it! I did cut the beef broth down to 2 cups and was heavy with the spices. I used yukon gold potatoes and large carrot which I threw in 10 mins before time was up. I did a quick release and to add them back in.
Thank you.

    Hi Leah- so happy to hear that you and your kid loved this roast! Kid approved- woo! Thanks for your feedback! Glad it turned out well!

5 stars
This recipe Was fabulous!!! I was never a huge fan OF POt roast until this! I Added THe BABy carrots as stated in THe notesANd THey werePErfect!

    So happy to hear that you are now a fellow pot roast lover! Welcome to the club! 😉 So happy to hear it turned out so great for you! Thanks for sharing, Cruz!

4 stars
Alternatively, leave most of the baby carrots out, to be added later, or cook them seperately, and puree the ones with the roast, (easiest done with a hand blender, right in the pot.) to make into a gravy.

5 stars
TrIed The pOt roast. It was a hiT. I Will prob put potatoes in at the sAme time as the baby carrots, next Tume. Husband really liked it. Not sure whY, but it is typing all caps even on lower case. I promise I’m not yelling😀

    Hi Lori- Husband approved, woohoo! Great job. So happy to hear that it was a hit! Thanks for sharing your feedback!

5 stars
My family just deVoured this. It is so Good! I will definitely keep this in rotation! Thanks for sharing!!

    So happy that you love this! The best compliment is hearing when a recipe becomes a family rotation! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

I gave up. The pop-ups on this site kept blocking my ability to read anything and one wouldn’t close. Bummer.

    Sorry to hear that! Hopefully you have a better experience next time 🙂

      Have a lol for me if this comment made you laugh too

    Download adblock. this exists for firefox or chrome. problem solved. you’re never harassed on any website again.

5 stars
Thanks so much for this recipe! It was my first Instant Pot use – played a little bit with my 2.3 lb. Roast- 3 cups of beef broth, Pressure cooked for 30 minutes, then added the veggies, and 1/2 cup of red wine and cooked for another 30 minutes. Everything was really amazing (it’s gone).

    Dang it for it being all gone! 😉 The leftovers are this are the best!! So glad to hear that it turned out so great for you, Sheila! Way to go modifying it to your liking! Thanks for sharing!

This is going to be Dinner tonight (As long as I dont mess it up…lol)…quick QUESTION- my boys really like the taste of the “crock pot” brand Tavern Style gravy…can I use that with some water for the liquid? (This is my 1st major meal in the instant pot and I’m SCARED!!🤪)

    Hi Sara- I have never used that type of gravy before, always made it from scratch. So, I can’t be 100% positive, but from the sounds of it, I think that it should work! I would love to hear how it turns out afterwards! Good luck, you’ve got this!! Before you know it, you’ll be an instant pot regular! 😉

4 stars
Im newer to using my instant pot and had a roast and thought id give this recipe a try. To start, i had a 5lb roasT cut into 2 pieces that i browned one at a time. When i assembled the ingredients i had to Stack the meat on top of One another, then add the veggies. I was concerned that the pot would be too full, but the recipe stated being for a 3-5 lb roast. I cooked it on high for 90 min with a natural release for 10 min., then exPess to release the rest of the steam. This was where my pot being too full became a problem as the steam combined with the juices and spewed all over my cabinets. Lesson learned, dont fill the pot too full.
Also, the 4 c beef broth seemed too much and i felt that, along with not adding more salt than the recipe called for Left the meat flavor kind of bland. I also doubled the corn starch to thicken the gravy, but it never did.
As mentioned by others, the veggies were too mushy cooking for that amount of time.

    Hi Joan- sounds like quite the experience you had! What size instant pot were you using? I cook mine in an 8 qt. Maybe that was the issue for you? Sorry to hear that! Thanks for your feedback 🙂

    You can do a slow manual release for steam, instead of a full release.

3 stars
I counted 16 ads on this page. 16!!! It’s hard to get to the content.

    I didn’t have any ads. Must be your browser. Try adding add block plus and enjoy browsing again!

5 stars
This is my first chuck roast i made in my iNstapOt. And im glad i used your reciPe.
I will make this again for sure. I think i would just use less liquid next time. The taste was perfEct.

    Hi Tom! Way to go with the roast!! Sounds like you did great! Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

im New to instant pot cooking and a beGinner cook in general. Question about pan searing – is it normAl for a lot of the spice rub to come off and stick to the bottom of the pan? It looks like it is burnt on and cant really be scraped off. Just pOur in the broth and cook without getting it Unstuck from the pot?

    Hi Kim- in normal circumstances you should not have to clean the pot before doing the pressure cooking part! What is leftover should help with the flavoring and be just fine!! Make sure that you don’t sear it too long- that should help lesson the amount of residue left. You just want to brown the edges, not crisp them much.

Do I use the pressure cooker button or my meat/stEw button?

    pressure cooker button!

      5 stars
      Thank you : ) this was outstanding! So tender, fell apart and the flavor was outstanding!

1 star
Follwed the directions as written. 60 minutes fOr a 3lb roast. Was super tough so i added the veggies and did an add 20 minutes. Veggies were perfect but tHe meat was even tougher. Inedible. RUINEd an expensive piece of meat and my first instant pot fail.

    Sorry that you didn’t have great success with this recipe- not sure what happened to cause this!

5 stars
Your pot pot roast and potatoes seems very delicious. Gonna buy the ingredients. Thanks Tiffany for sharing this.

    I hope that you love it! Thanks for stopping by, Alysia! 🙂

      I made this my first meal 2 weeks ago when I got my pressure cooker. We love it so much my husband ask me to make it again tonight! Thank you so much.

        Husband approved! 😉 Super excited to hear that you two have enjoyed this recipe so much, Cindy!

5 stars
Ive made this for the For time In my Insta Pots mAiden voyage, lol! It was just as tender as if id cooked it for hours in the oven! Thanks so much for a great recipe!

    Way to go, Kim! Instant Pot pro now 😉 Super excited to have had your first success! Thanks for sharing!

Will it the steam scold me when adding the Carrots later? Let depressure Or just open it and drop them?

    You won’t get burned if you keep your hand away from the steam vent. If you are adding the carrots later, do quick vent and keep your hand away from the spout. Then re seal and lock for the rest of the time. At the end, my recipe calls for a 10 minutes natural release and then a quick release for the rest of the pressure.

5 stars
I MADe this today. I Am a new IP owner. This was the first roast I have EVer made that came out so moist and tender. I reduced the liquid by 2 cups and added the veggies with 10 minutes to go. I think I may need to cut back the broth to one cup and only cook the veggies for about 7 minutes. They were submerged in the juices and were mushy.

    Way to go figuring out how to use your IP! Sounds like you did great!! Thanks for your feedback, Arlene 🙂

5 stars
I couldn’t believe how tender the meat was. The Times that you gave were perfect! I will for sure make again

    Hi Cassie! I am super excited to hear that you had such great success with this! Nothing beats a homemade, perfectly tender pot roast! Thanks for your feedback. 🙂

5 stars
Im new to the instant pot. Im going to use your instructions LOOSELY and the recipe i have always used from leone’s cookbook. Hyiu skewer salt pork into the roast, and some other small steps. But your timing and broth amounts look about perfect for WHAT i was looking for. Thank you!

    I hope it turns out wonderful for you! Before you know it, you’ll be loving your instant pot! 😉

are you serious about doing this? This is not optimized for mobile, there is no option to print recipe ( that I coould find) – maybe that’s a safari issue? In that case, how can you not be optimized for Safari users? Good content, but the execution sucks.

    If you want to print it, Just screen shot it!

best pot roast ever.. was worried about cramming so much into the Instant Pot. No issue what so ever. I used a 3.6 lb chuck roast, large cut whole carrots, whole baby red potatoes and 3 cups of broth. After 70 minutes, 10 min natural release then quick release (as directed) everything was cooked perfectly. the carrots were a bit soft but not overdone by any means. I did need some extra cornstarch to thicken the gravy but that’s expected depending on the volume of pan sauce you are left with… Overall fantastic.. thank you Tiffany!

    This is SO awesome! I love it. So excited to hear that you had such great success! Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

5 stars
This is my favorite Pot Roast to make for my family! everyone always wants more!

    Best compliment ever!! 😉

5 stars
This roast recipe came out to be excellent

    Way to go, Kathy! So excited it turned out so great for you!

This is the best dinnner .

Amazing!!! Perfect the way the instructions go. Will def. do this again, Thank You. Everyones in a food coma after this!😊

    Matt- so glad that were able to please the entire crowd! Thanks for your feedback!

5 stars
i have tried several instant pot roast recipes and this is by far the best. Many folks commented on the 4 cups of broth, but i personally think that’s what makes it so good. I have cooked them all previously will less water and they weren’t as good. thanks for this recipe!

    Jordan- thanks for your input! Super excited to hear that you loved this recipe!

4 stars
Great recipe I used baby carrots, and cooked 3lb+roast 50min put in spuds and baby carrots cooked for another 7 min.came out perfect melt in your mouth!!

    Yummmm! You had me salivating! 😉 Thanks for your feedback! Glad it turned out well.

5 stars
There is no “le creme” – the word creme is feminine. So you’ll simply need to change your URL to lacremedelacrumb. Not difficult, and will improve the image. Good luck!

3 stars
Meat and gRavy very good. Vegetable were pulverized. I even put onion in whole!

    Sorry that you didn’t have a great experience! Thanks for your feedback.

4 stars
New to instapot cooking and tried this tonight. I wish I’d read the comments first as I would have reduced the amount of broth as well as adding in veggies later, rather than at start. Otherwise the first was flavorful and nicely moist. Would make again for sure!

    Pam- welcome to the instant pot club! 😉 Thanks for your feedback!!


    Lori- I am assuming so, yes! Sounds like you needed more time for the roast. Either just the time included for the natural release or perhaps a little bit extra cooking time and the natural release together. Typically when a meat like this comes out tough, it’s because it wasn’t cooked longed enough in the pressure cooker!

Do you need to deflaze After searing the meat?

    When searing the meat the lid is not on! Does this answer your question?

I tried this. The roast was just under 3 lbs so i did 50 min instead but the roast was still way Over cooked.

    Michelle- sorry you didn’t have great success. Remember, when a roast is tough in the instant pot it is typically undercooked, not over. More time will make it more tender.

When I was growing up our pot roast also had cabbage how long would it take for cabbage to cook

    Hi Beth- cabbage will cook pretty fast! I think it would only need about 5 minutes of pressure cook!

5 stars
Hi Tiffany, I just got the roast in the instapot. I followed the recipe pretty much to the t, except I put baby carrots in at same time. This is my first time using instapot. I like my carrots soft fingers crossed. I also added a splash of red wine but everything else the same. Thank you for such a detailed easy to follow recipe. I will follow up on results. Bythe way love your blog and you are a beautiful lady. Thanks again

    Wendy- I hope that your roast and carrots turned out wonderful! Good thinking adding red wine- I bet that was delicious! Thanks for your sweet comment!

5 stars
Exactly what I wanted and i didn’t have onion powder, but it wasn’t missed. This will be my roast recipe from now on.

    So excited to hear that you loved this recipe so much! Thank you for your feedback, Carly! 🙂

I just made this roast. I omitted the VEGGIES since i felt the timing would be off. I used oniOn only. My roaSt was 4.6 Lbs. it came out exceptional. I will be making this weeklY thIs winter. My kids ate thirds! It was juicy and tender and tasty. I also only used 1.5cuPs water since i used no potatoEs. I cooked it for 75 minutes on high pressure. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

    Thanks for your awesome feedback, Renee! I am with you- I will be doing this recipe often during the winter months! Also, way to go on getting your kids to eat thirds!!!

5 stars
i don’t normally do this, but i fixed this recipe last night and it was so delicious i absolutely had to leave a review. my roast was 4.5 lbs. because it was on the larger side, i seasoned the beef with 1.5x the anounts listed. my instant pot is 6q so i roasted my potatoes and carrots in the oven separately (tossed in olive oil with salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary at 400f for 40 minutes timed to meet the end of the instant pot natural vent). everything else matched the recipe, even broth amount. after venting, i couldn’t get the broth to thicken, even with double the cornstarch so i spooned half of it out and put it in the freezer to use for another recipe in the future. i tossed the roasted veggies with the leftover broth and shredded beef and served like that with a side of crusty bread. it was so good, but i’m happy to report it’s even better next day. today i made a side of basmati rice and i’m serving the roast and broth over that to help absorb the juice. it is phenomenal (i wish i could underline that). this is the best recipe i’ve made in my instant pot yet, you officially have a new follower.

    Evelyn, this is awesome! So excited to hear that this turned out SO great for you! Great thinking with freezing some sauce. Sounds like you’ve nailed this one out of the park! Thanks for your feedback 🙂

delucious — better yet, waRmed up the next day!
Thank you!

    I totally agree on the leftover part! This one of my absolute favorites for leftovers!! Thanks for stopping by, Mary!

5 stars
I made this with half potatoes and half sweet potatoes, plus 2 extra carrots. It came out great, but I think 60 minutes is a little long. My 2.7 lb roast was in for 60 minutes, and I realized when I got home that I had forgotten to turn the valve for pressure. The roast was done even without the pressure. I would guess at 45-50 minutes if I make it again with pressure

    Thanks for your feedback, Amber! Happy to hear you had a great experience with this recipe!

5 stars
Made this tonight and it turned out fantastic! My wife was super impressed.

    Way to go! 😉 Thanks for your feedback, Cody!

This is excellent!!!

I made this tonight and it was great! (not sure why this is in all caps!). used 2 – 2 1/2 pd. roasts. cooked for 80 mins. i cooked the potatoes and carrots SEPARATELY. used the 4 cups of beef broth and added frozen pearl onions and McCormick Slow Cooker Beef Stew mix. after cooking took out 2 cups of the broth and mixed it with 2 packages of mccormicks brown gravy mix. so good!

    Heather- great job! Sounds like you nailed this one. Thanks for your feedback!

I feel like the gravy must be the key to this recipe, because the meat on its own was bland and not salty at all.
I used a 2.5 lb roast, and should have listened to my gut, when I saw that it only called for one tsp of salt for all of that meat, potatoes, and broth.
Be prepared to season the gravy heavily and be generous on the meat to get some flavor back. All I could taste was the black pepper and a hint of smokiness from the paprika.
If I were to do this again, I’d add more salt in the beginning, use much less broth, and add something like celery and mushrooms. A big chunk of meat like that needs all the flavor it can get.
Be prepared to save this roast with gravy if you use all 4 cups of broth.

    Thank you for your feedback, Milan!

3 stars
My 4.5lb roast was tough and still a little pink on the inside after 80 minutes 🙁 I would cut the meat in peices next time or add more cooking time. The gravy/sauce was delicious though and made the tough meat edible.

    Hi Mike! Cutting your piece of meat next time is a good idea, or yes like you said… more cooking time. Either way should help solve that issue! Thanks for stopping by!

4 stars
Iadded the POTATOES AND CARROTS 20 minutes into the cooking Time and they still overcooked. I added a bay leaf. All in all very delicious.

    Happy to hear that you enjoyed this recipe! Thanks, Mari!

5 stars

5 stars
Made this the other night and it turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever cooked!

    I am SO excited to hear this!! It’s a favorite here in our house! Thanks for stopping by, Sarah!

This recipe looked easy enough but your INstructions called for you to cook the roast for an hour or whatever was needed for the size of the roast before I added my veggies and liquid. I did “exactly” what you said to do when the “Burn” mode came on. I thought you had a way to cook Without liquids!, I’m new to the instant pot. I was unaware of it until the burn notice came on…maybe you Better specify that you add all the liquids and vegetables after your searing before the allotted COOKING Time.

I leave tHe veggies out until last 10 minutes, i do quick release of steam then add veggies and start pot for remaining 10 minutes and veggies are not mUsh and taste like they were cooked in there the whOle time. My wxperience the other way the veggies Were ruined, and i am a southern cook so i do like my veggies cooked good

    Theresa, thanks for your feedback! Excited to hear that you’ve found a method that makes your dish come out perfect for you!

4 stars
Trying your recipe with this exception: I rapped the potatoes and carrots separately in aluminum foil.

    Interesting! I would love to hear how it all turned out!

Definitely check the size of your instant pot before trying this recipe. the roast and veggies were much too big to fit in mine and so i had to cut everything smaller and then do the recipe twice.

5 stars
Well did a 5.25 lb and di fellowed the recipe to a “t” . Cooked the roast for 80 min. And it turned out great. InsTapot was so full took a few to come up to preSsuRE, but it did. Don’t loose faith, just takes longer with larger cuts of meat. Thanks Dan

    SO excited to hear that you had such great success with this recipe! There just isn’t much better than a juicy, tender pot roast! Right?! Thanks for your feedback, Dan!

Shouldn’t you put the liquid into the Pot with the beef before the 60 min pressure phase?

    You do 🙂

Honestly, this was super easy and delicious, and I’m making it again for a Thanksgiving weekend potluck.
My two minor complaints are that the carrots came out too mushy, and the gravy too thin. For next time I’M THINKING of tossing the carrots in later than the rest, and just using a lot more thickener for the gravy.

    Thanks for your feedback, Nathan! I am excited to hear that you loved this dish. Good luck with your upcoming potluck!!

Bummed that i didn’t see the comments regarding less broth. Hope it doesn’t hurt my outcome.

Do you cut potatoes up? In the photo it looks like that. I assume you do not peal the red potatoes

    I don’t peel them! Correct. I put the potatoes in whole and then sliced them after for serving!

5 stars
I Brined the roast for 24 hours and could have omitted or reduced the salt to 1/2 tsp. IT still turned out great and I will definitely be making again. Life before the instant pot…. 🙂

    Great job, Jenn! I completely agree with the life before the instant pot thing, cuz man… it’s a game changer for sure, isn’t it??!

5 stars
i just tried this tonighT! It was delicious! My family loves gravY so i did add some onion soup To enrich the FLAVOUR. Side of mushroom Rice to compliment and a garden salad.

    Great job!! Sounds like you nailed this one. Thanks for your feedback, Julien!

Way way way too long. At 65 minutes (baby carrot version)with a nearly 5 lb roast, the Meat was Overdone and the potatoes were on the Edge of too soft. We took it all out and did the carrots separately for 3 minutes, which wAs recommend 45 minutes, depressurize And add all veggies for 10. At least thats what ill try mext time. Flavors were good though.

    Thanks for your feedback, Hilary!

Ok, silly question… do you half the baby reds or just toss THEm In whole? Thanks! CAN’t wait to try this!

    I toss them in whole!

5 stars
Great recipe for instant pot! checkout an entertaining review about adulting on Instant Pot from BrokeAssKid lol… Check it out:… 7/7

4 stars

Thank you for the wonderful recipe! I made this with a 5lb chuck roast, and it came out great! This is definitely my go-to recipe FOR pot roast from NOW on!

    I am super excited to hear that you had such great success with this recipe, Jazmine! Thanks for your feedback!

4 stars
I have made this recipe several times now. Really good. My only concern is all the burnt spices at the bottom of the pan from searing 3-4 minutes on each side. Still tastes delicious and the gravy seems to just pick it up. Is there any concern with ingesting all the burnt spices?

    Hi Kurt- as far as I know it’s not of concern! I am happy to hear that you enjoy this recipe 🙂

5 stars
Such a nice recipe of roast potatoes! the pictures you took also describe this this so tasty and amazing!

5 stars
This is the best I’ve ever made or eaten!!

5 stars
Hi Tiffany, tHis recip is amazing and so easy. The only issue i has was the gravy, it wouldn’t thicken. What can i do To fix it for next time?

    Hi Melody- I haven’t had that issue before, not sure what went wrong! Did you try a corn starch slurry at all?

2 stars
i went by star rating when i chose this recipe to try. i should have read the reviews first. i had to throw away the potatoes and carrots. waay too much liquid. also, i think most people have a 6 qt instant-pot (i later read that this was for an 8 qt in the reviews). that makes a difference, too. the meat came out tender, but the flavor was diluted. i won’t make again, even with modifications. aroma was great, food, not so much. i don’t understand why people give high ratings when they find they have to modify the recipe. that’s a different recipe…

5 stars
I just made this recipe, my boyfriend abSolutely loves it! I have a 3qt instant pot so i diD have to make some adjustmentS but it turned out wonderfully! Thank you so much!!

5 stars
I just made this recipe and my boy loved it! I have a 3qt instant pot so i had to make some adjustments but it turned out wonderfully! Thank you so much!

    Way to go, Shara! I am happy to hear that you had success with even in your 3 qt instant pot! Thanks for sharing!

5 stars
ThanKs for having a recipe That was easy to follow. I used my Bella InStant pot tonight for the first time. I must say, i was a little leAry using it, but i survived. My pot roast turned out preTty good.

    Way to go using your instant pot! They’re so fun once you get the hang of it. Happy to hear that you enjoyed this recipe!

Hi, I made this recipe and cooked for 60 minutes. The potatoes and carrots were like mush. It would be better to add them near the end.

    Thanks for your feedback!

I’m not convinced the author made this as written. We did the roast along for 60 plus 10 natural followed by quick release. Then added carrots and potatoes for another 12 min of high, and the vegetables we’re still pulverized. Next time we’ll remove roast after the 60min, then do vegetables for maybe 5 min.

4 stars
I made this a month or two ago, but didn’t realize it didn’t set the pressure until afterward. I thought then that the amount of broth was a little high without ghee pressure, so I decreased the broth to one cup this time. Even with one cup it still came out like soup. The meat also seemed to be too tough when cooked with pressure. I had a 3 lb roast and it was so tough I could barely cut it. In the future either I’ll make it without pressure or only cook it 40 minutes.

4 stars
The meat was flavorful and extremely tender. As many others have stated, the veggies turned out to be pretty mushy so next time I will end up either cooking them separately or put them in only the last 25 minutes or so. I don’t see the point of so much broth–you’d pretty much be boiling the meat. I cut the broth down to 1 cup, added a couple sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme..the flavor was wonderful!

    Thanks for your feedback, Nathan! Excited to hear that you had success with this and enjoyed the flavor!

Hello! Was this made in a 6 or 8 qt pot? Making mine in my 6 qt, and the 4lb roast seems huge and potatoes and onions had to sit mostly on top. I wonder if that would affect cook time? hoping it turns out ok! Looks delicious!

    Hi Katie! I hope your turns out great!! I have an 8 qt instant pot, but a 6 qt should work, too! Just make sure that you never go past the max fill line!

My first instant pot recipe and it was awesome!

    Way to go, Kimberly!

Im trying this as we speak

    I hope that you loved this recipe, Beverly! 🙂

5 stars
My butt roast was 3.75 lbs and it took 80 min to Make it perfect. At first I did 70 but It was too tough so i flipped the roast over and did 10 more min. It Was so amazing after those 10 more min. My carrots and onions were mush but thats my fault for putting them in at the beginning. Next time i will put them in much later. I also used only 2 cups of broth instead of the full 4. This recipe is a slam dunk and my dinner guests kept going back For more!! My mom always put in a can of cream of mushroom soup in her roast to serve as our gravy so i copied that and it was almost like Reliving my childhood! Yum, Thank you!

    Great job, Jen!!! Super excited to hear that you loved this recipe! Sounds like you did great.

5 stars
(sorry its in all caps, it wont let me change it),

So a i am about to make this and all i have is regular russet potatoes that i plan on cutting into chunks.. Should i just add them in the beginning? or will they turn to mush? Or should i add them when i add the baby carrots?

    Sorry I wasn’t able to respond within the time you were cooking this dish. Hopefully you got it figured out. I would add the potatoes when you add the carrots just like the original recipe!

Looks like a lot of people said the veggies are mushy. At what point should i add them in? Ar 30 mins left? 20 mins?

Hey Tiffany, i want to cook this to ight for our guest. I beloeve for the anountnof people we invited i will need to double the recipe. Do i double the cooking time as well since i will be cooking more than four Breast of chicken?

    You don’t need to double the cooking time with the pressure cooker! Just don’t overfill the pot!

What setting do I use for pressure Cooking? Stew or meat

    You use high pressure!

5 stars
Having cooking right now.
have made it a few times and we just love it!
Only thing that i cant get Right is the gravy. How long Should it take to thicken?
(Sorry cant turn off caps)

    Super excited to hear that you love this recipe, Phyllis! It is an absolute favorite in our house! Once the gravy is boiling, it should be quick to thicken after that!

5 stars
I love this recipe it usefull for me! keep updating.Thanks

2 stars
4 cups was wayyy too much. should have checked the comments before making this.

    Thanks for your feedback, Justin!

4 stars
Just made this for dinner and it was pretty good! I decided for our first go to follow as directed, cut our carrots nice and thick and added the 4 cups of broth. Couple of notes from our house, veggies were very soft but we like ours like that for a roast. Also a ton of gravy which we love as well, as it also helps to have a bunch of gravy to keep everything moist when reheating. my only note would be the amount of corn starch. I had to double the mixture to get any kind of thicker consistency, and I probably could have added another dose, but had a hungry family waiting. but we’ll just keep that it mind for next time we make it! great recipe. thank you!

    Thanks for your awesome feedback, Rachel! I am happy to hear that you and your family loved this recipe!! It’s a favorite in our house!

Two questions. 1) I will be making this for someone who has an allergy to chili peppers which are in Worcestershire sauce. Any good suggestions to substitute that? 2) if adding Vegetables at end, do I do a quick release or natural release first before adding the vegetables and extra time? Thanks…I am new to IP cooking.

    Hi Mary- I searched online for a substitute and found one that says “use 2 teaspoons of soy sauce, 1/4 teaspoon lemon juice, 1/4 teaspoon sugar and dash of hot sauce for every tablespoon Worcestershire sauce.” I haven’t tried this myself so I can’t say for sure! For the veggies- quick release to add your veggies, then do a natural release at the end as directed!

First time user – I got a pot roast cooking right now. It is a cold rainy december evening here in New York city and boy does my apartment smell nice!!!

    I hope that it turned out delicious for you!! I feel you with the cold weather- it’s freezing here in Utah! Thanks for stopping by, Michael!

50 min turned veggies in to mush.

5 stars
Hi tiffany
I have some raw chuck roast pieves from a stew recipe leftover Can i use this even though theyre cutup in sqyares?

    Hi Bruce- I haven’t tested this recipe that way but I am sure its ok. You’ll have to adjust the cook time since they’re smaller pieces of meat tho!

5 stars
PEr husband:
“Honey, this has to be your best roast yet – really flavorful and tender”

(thank you) 😊

    Danggg! Sounds like you knocked that one out of the park- Tara! 😉 Way to go. Super excited that you guys loved this recipe!

How do i do the 10 minute natural reLease?

    After the pressure cook is finished, don’t touch anything and it will begin to release the pressure naturally through the vent on the top. The time on the pressure cooker will then begin counting back up, showing how much time of natural release has passed!

5 stars
This recipe is a definite winner! Thank you creme de la crumb for sharing this!! I also read the very informative comments before MAKing it which definitely made my pot roast a masterpiece!

I was a little nervous making it for the first time because my boyfriends parents were coming over for Christmas eve for our first Christmas. As a backup, we ordered 2 extra plates incase the pot roast wasnt tasty. I can assure you, the take out was untouched!

Here are my changes I made:

I had a 2.2lb beef chuck

1. I Like well seasoned meat. I added a dry steak rub seasoning mix in addition to dried thyme and rosemary. I also generously seasoned with the salt, pepper, paprika (I didnt have smoked paprika). I also threw in a few garlic chunks for flavor into the pot.

2. I read alot of concerns with the Amount of beef broth and liquid. I cut out the water and use 1.5 cup of natural beef broth and 0.5 cup of red wine. It was plenty but keep In mine I had a smaller roast.

3. I cooked it on pressure cook for 4omins (again 2.2 lb beef chuck) and then did a quick release and put in my potatoes and veggies for 15 mins back in pressure cook. I probably could have gotten away with 10-12 mins but potatoes were perfect and baby carrots were soft but didnt turn mushy.

3.I used red small Potatoes and fingerling they were awesome!
I also included button mushrooms and asparagus because I love veggies! Obviously asparagus Got a lil soft so if you are someone who doesnt like SOft asparagus probably best to do it separately. The button mushrooms were a great touch!

Overall this is a 5/5 recipe. Meat was sooo tender with Tons of flavor. Veggies and pot were on point and not bland.

I’ve used the instant pot before but not for pot roast and let me assure you, I will never go back to over pot roast again! Delicious dinner with very small leftovers!

    Great job, Vanessa! Way to impress the Christmas guests!! 😉 Thanks for your input- happy to hear it was a success!

4 stars
A word of caution: I didn’t realize that there are different sized instant pots. Once I BROUGHT home my hunk of beef, I took one look at the situation and concluded there was no way on this planet a 3-5 lb pot roast with carrots, potato, and 4 cups of broth was going to fit in mine, which is only a 3qt, so I think you should include what size pot you need for this recipe somewhere ON this page. I had to seriously cut down the portion. Besides that, it did turn out really delicious.

    Thanks for your feedback, Krista! Glad it turned out well for you 🙂

Can I set my I stant pot up then go to work, like I do with my crock pot?

    The cook time is too short… your slow cooker takes several hours to cook where as this recipe is under 2 hours!

5 stars
Amazing! Tasted just like my mom used to make!

    Best compliment, ever! 😉 Super excited that you loved this recipe, Jaime!

My first instant pot meal made in my new 8 quart InStant Pot Viva! Delicious! Went exactly as recipe stated, beef shredded just like pulled pork. Potatoes were perfect, carrots a little over done.

    Way to go, Chris! Welcome to instant pot fan club, haha. I am excited to hear that recipe turned out delicious for you!

Is it oK to leave the string on the chuck roast if cookinh in Instant Pot?

    I haven’t ever left one on before so I can’t say for sure… but I don’t recommend it!

5 stars
My husband made this the other night and it was delicious

    What a great husband! 😉 Super excited to hear that it turned out awesome for you guys!

4 stars
the potoes come out too mushy. Should i leave the potatoe and carrots whole? Please advise.

    Hi Gary- next time, maybe add them in a little later? Other readers seem to be having good success with that for this recipe!

5 stars
My son gave me a Instant Pot for xmas. He has begged me to make a roast for new yrs. I found your recipe onlineand i am so excited.

    I hope that you love this recipe, Shauna!! Have fun with your instant pot! 😉

5 stars
Looks yummy

Something you should remind everyone about is making sure to DEgLAzE the Pot of there are any burned on bits after browning. You don’t want to have the dreaded burn error pop up.

2 stars
iVe been aTtempting to cook a 3.9Lb roast for well over the recommended cooking tIme. Wasnt done after 80 mins, cooked another 25, still tough and undone. Its back in for another 25 mins. Ive done the 10 min nautrQl release then quIck each time.Sigh.

    Goodness- I am not sure what went wrong for you, Joanna! I haven’t had this issue before. Sorry to hear that!

5 stars
I should have realized that such a great recipe would have come from a fellow Utahn! This pot roast surpassed my expectations. Thank you so much.

    I love hearing when others are from Utah! Super excited that you loved this recipe, Jon! It’s a favorite here in my house 🙂

3 lbs is too much for my husband (I don’t eat meat). If I were to cut it down to 2lbs, how would I adjust the cooking time?

    Hi Dolly- maybe 50 minutes or so??!

This was my first meal in my new instant pot. everything was perfect except I couldn’t get the broth to thicken on the soup setting–really weak boil. (I ended up transferring it to the stove–where I got a stronger boil.) What could i be doing wrong? do you have to put the lid on?

    Hi Ann! I am not positive what you’re doing wrong… I haven’t had that issue! Sorry!

5 stars
This is the best pot roast recipe I have used! My husband LOVES pot roast and agrees that is is a home run!

    Way to go, Ashley!! Super excited to hear that you and your husband loved this pot roast!

This is my first time using my instant pot and i have a question on the baby carrots: when you say set time to 10 minutes less and then add carrots, do you mean let the pressure cooker natural release 10 min early, then add the carrots, or do a quick Release, add the carrots, and then let it natural release at the very end?

    Hi Meredith- do a quick release, add the carrots and then let it natural release at the end!

I used this recipe in my new instant pot for first thing I cooked and it turned out delicious! I had 2 helpings! It tasted just lIke the one I used to cook for hours on the sTove thanks!

    Great job, Elaine!! Isn’t the instant pot so fun once you get the hang of it?! Super excited to hear that you loved this recipe!

It was a hit with my whole family. Super tender and tasty. I took the advice from others and waited to add the potatoes and carrots until the last 15 minutes.

    Great job, Diane!! Glad to hear that it turned out delicious for you and your family. Thanks for your feedback!

4 stars
If anyone wants to make this in a smaller 3 qt pot, I made it with a 1.7lb roast, one carrot, about half a lb of potatoes and 2 cups of broth. I cooked it for 45 mins on high and it turned out great! It could probably be cooked about 5 or ten minutes less, though. The potatoes and carrots were a little bit mushy.

    Thanks for your input, Emma! Happy to hear that you had such great success with this recipe!

Vegetables will be mushy cooking for 60 min. I cook potatoes and carrots for approx. 10 -15 min. I wouldn’t add them until the last 10-15 minutes.

This recipe calls FOR way, way to much both! Says for 3-5 lb. Roast. I thought I should use less, but my roast was 5.34 lbs., so surely I used all the 4 cups. My roast turned out dry. I had enough liquid to feed a family of 20. I was not impressed. Sorry. I never put reviews, but I am so disappointed, I had to share my opinion.

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t have great success- thanks for your feedback

What if i made this recipe with just some simple veal chuck? How would that turn out? I think it will require LESSER pressure cook time as well, is That right?

    Hi Maryam- I haven’t tried this myself so I can’t say for sure! I THINK it would need less cook time, but once again.. I don’t know for sure. I’d love to hear the outcome if you give it a try!

5 stars
This came together really easily, and its so tasty! I cut my potatoes into large bite size pieces, and they got a bit overcooked. Should i consider leaving them whOle next time? I love that this only takes about an hour. The instant pot is my new obsession.

    You could leave them whole or in larger pieces- that would do the trick! Or several readers have added them later and had great success! Glad to hear that this recipe turned out delicious for you, Angela!

4 stars
I made this with a 2.5 lb roast. I cooked it for 50 minutes which wasn’t quite enough time so turned it on for another 10. I only used 1 cup of the broth, which was plenty. it had nice flavor but i might marinate it next time just to get it a little more tender and provide a little more flavor. thanks for the recipe, will definitely keep it in my files!

    Great job Ellie! Thanks for your feedback!

5 stars
What do you mean when you say your a semi professional taco eater?

5 stars

    It sounds like you did a great job! Welcome to the instant pot fan club! 😉 Thanks for your feedback, Joanna!

5 stars
i made this in my mealthy muLtpot-2 LB roast, Also used 2 cups of bRoth, cooked high for 55 mins then added some baby carrots and red skin potatoes. Cooked for 5 more mins and it was perfect!!! I added some multi colored baby carrots too just to be extra lol thanks for the great recipe!!

    Way to be extra! 😉 I am excited that this recipe turned out so great for you, Laurissa!!

After you cook the meat (but before you add the veggies) do you quick release or NPR TO ADD THE VEGGIES?

    You do natural release for 10 minutes, then quick release, add the veggies, cook for 10 minutes, quick release.

5 stars
I make this recipe all the time in my instant pot. Its quick, easy and simple. Evryone loves it and i can cut a 6lb roast in half for 2 meals. Leftover meat goes ona hoagie roll for lunches!

    I love having the leftovers on a sandwich the next day!! Great minds think alike 😉 Thanks for your feedback, Lori!

Seems like the link for the mashed potato option brings you to the same page?

I have THis in My crock pot pressure Cooker now. Smells AMAzing!!!

Amazing. I used a 2.5 lb London broil. It was delicious!!!! And just like if I did it in the oven, but I’d say more tender. Will do it like this every time I want a roast with vegetables.

    Yayyyy! Another instant pot pot roast convert! 😉

1 star
Extremely tough and way too much broth. Wouldn’t recommend this.

    If your meat comes out extremely tough you probably didn’t cook it long enough

    Cooked according to instructions. LesseEd the broth and still came ouT with a bland, soUpy,mushy mess.

So the potatos go in whole ?

5 stars
I have both Instant Pot and Pressure. I never used either, just a crock pot. I need to cook fast but it scares me, but want to try.

    You can do it, Jean! I was a little scared at first… but haven’t had issues! Just make sure you read the manual first- you’ve got this! Before you know it, you’ll be an instant pot pro and an addict! 😉

3 stars
I like How Easy this is but should have read the reviews brfore cooking it. Veggies were super mUshy aNd way too much liquid. I didnt ever get a “gravy”after addinf the corn starch – just a ton of liquid thet didnt have a Whole lot of flavor.

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t have an awesome experience with this recipe, Kristen! Thanks for your input!

What size pot did you use? I m doing it in a 6 qt was only able to fot about 3 lbs

    I have an 8 qt instant pot, but it should work with a 6 qt!

2 stars
Very bland and vegetables too mushy

5 stars
Wow !! Realy good my whOle family loved it !

    Way to please the entire family with one dish! 😉

Pot Roast

can I use a frozen roast with this recipe or should I thaw the roast

    You can- but I definitely recommend thawing it first! There should be a note at the bottom of the recipe about using frozen meat!

Making this tonight, T-minus 50 min till done, i can not wait. Ill update the outcome when done.

    I hope it turned out fantastic 🙂

5 stars
made this tonight. My first attempt Using the Instant pot. Followed the instructions along with words of advice from the comment board and it turned out absolutely perfect. The carrots were so delicious and the pot roast was so tender and tasty. My family Could not believe how good it Was. Equal to any restaurant. I only added one cup of beef broth and it was great. I also added the potatoes and carrots for 10 minutes after the pot roast cooked and I’m glad I did was they would’ve been extremely Mushy. Loved every bite!

    Way to go, Christina!! Sounds like you did a fantastic job- especially for it being your first time using your instant pot!! Thanks for sharing your input 🙂

5 stars
Great recipe
Only mY second use of my new iPOT, this roast turned out so Good. I acTUally used a crOss rib roast and in addition to the broth i Sustituted some red wine, about 1 1/2 cups worth. Turned ouT amazing.

    Fantastic job, Steven! Way to go getting familiar with your instant pot- you’ll be a pro before you know it! 😉

5 stars
I remember eating something very similar to this as a kid!!!! They were always a hit!

    This recipe totally brings back all the memories of Sunday dinners!

I usually just leave the vegetables out then take out the meat at the end and do the vegetables in the broth, minus any onions (they can get softer)

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing

So delicious!!
The meat was amazing! The veggies were a little soft but i think i cut them too small. I am thinking the meat would be great, with tHe gravy, over mashed POTATOES!! I’m Gonna try that next week! Lol!

5 stars
Fantastic!! I had a 4.5 roast, 1.5 fingerling potatoes, 4 large carrots, and one white onion. Followed recipe exactly and cooked for 90 minutes. My roast barely fit in the pot and all of the veggies were on top. They cooked perfectly. I will use this recipe again, hands down!! Love that I can make the whole meal, even gravy in the IP. I’ll be looking up your other IP recipes. Thank you!!

    Fantastic!! Super excited to hear that you loved this recipe, Kristin! Thank you for sharing!


    Hi Ellie.. I haven’t tested either of those methods with this recipe so I can’t say for sure! I do think its possible though!

Will this recipe work with a bone-in chuck roast?

    I haven’t tested that myself but it could work. You just may need to increase the cook time a bit.

This was the worst MEAL….I will not be making this again ever …

5 stars
God, these Recipe sites are getting so darned wordy – All I wanted was the recipe! 🙂

Maybe post the recipe at the top?


    I think I have also died and gone to heaven just by reading your description! 😉 Super excited to hear that you loved this recipe so much, Beverly!

Hi there! This is my first time using my instant pot and im so nervous haha. I have a 1.75 Lb frozen roast and im not sure how long to do!

    I haven’t made this recipe with a cut of meat that small myself, but I would guess about 50-60 minutes of pressure cook time! Keep in mind though that this recipe is written for a thawed roast… if you don’t want to thaw it, you will need to add another 20-30 minutes to your cook time! There are instructions for that in the notes section.

I am New to the instant pot and when you say add the carrots in later, do you manually release the pressure to open it and then set it for another 10 minutes?

    Set the pressure cook time for 10 minutes less than stated.. natural release for 10 min, quick release to vent the rest.. add the veggies, then pressure cook for another 10 minutes, quick release.

1 star
Cooked mine for 60 minutes like mentioned and was overcooked. could NOT even shred the meat, too tough and dry.

Followed recipe exactly minus the amount of bEef broth, I went with two cups. My roasT was 3lbs. Cooked For 60minutes with 10 minute natural release. Meat was fall apart tender, flavor was delish. I agree with others to cook carrots and potatoes separately.
Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Great job, Kristina! Thanks for your feedback 🙂

Can you put a larger space between the “1” and the “3” in the pot roast line? I read it as 13-5 lbs.

4 stars
OOPs, I REALIZEd i accidentally put 2 instead of 4 cups broth – but after reading the comments it seems like it was a fortuitous error!

    That is funny- way to go on making a fortuitous error, Karen! 🙂 Super excited to hear that you loved this recipe!

5 stars
I used the 8 quart instant pot and it was filled to the max line with meat and potatoes. Like others on this forum, I am learning, so, when the whole potatoes came out mushy, I simply mashed them with some instant flakes and butter and sour cream/cream cheese and they were great. Used the extra broth to make gravy. stored the meat in the broth to keep it moist. Also, poured extra broth over dog’s food and he went nuts. since my roast was so big, i think i could have added a half hour to the cooking time, but it was great anyway.

    Way to go, Carolyn!! Sounds like you did a fantastic job with your instant pot! Thanks for your input

5 stars
I tried this last weekend. It turned out perfect. I had to cut the roast in half to saute and to just fit it in the pot. fed the neighbors. I know when it’s good when everyone goes for seconds. I did have trouble with the gravy. there was so much beef broth it didn’t thicken well. Thanks for the reciepe.

    Great job, Leonard! Way to please even the neighbors! 😉 Thanks for your feedback

I used my insta-pot for the forst time today. I had a 2.85 lb rump roast. I followed directions exaclty but adjusted pressure cook time to 58 minutes. I cooked it on the meat setting on high. I added potatoes and onion but no carrots. It was so tough YOu could hardly eat it. I am really bummed. Any idea what I may have done wrong. I have never been able to cook a good rumo roast with slow cooker so i got one thinking SUREly it would be excellent in this thing…no so much…

    Darn it, sorry to hear that you didn’t have a great experience. From the sounds of it, you need more pressure cook time! If the meat is coming out tough, it needs to cook longer. Sounds crazy, but really! I hope your next experience with this recipe is a total hit! Thanks, Allison 🙂

5 stars
Made this tonight and it was so good! I screwed up the corNstaRch slurry….dont ask 🤷🏼‍♀️ used WORCESTERSHIRE in its place and it was delish. I had a 2.23lB roast, so cooked for 45 mins, added baby Carrots and cooked for another 10 mins and it came out tender. Looking forward to trying your other pot roast recipe!

    Awesome job, Stacy!! Sounds like you did a great job! Thanks for sharing your experience with this recipe!

    how long did it take to get back to pressure after opening and adding carrots?

5 stars
Just made this!(added muShrooms) My fami thought that it was Amaz!

    Great idea with the mushrooms! I am a big mushroom fan… definitely going to do that next time I make this recipe!

can you make this in a slow cooker?

    Yes- it can be done that way!

5 stars
For all those reviews that said their roast was ‘tough’ after FOLLOWING the RECIPE…WELL, it’S because they cooked it on low or medium setting instead of the ‘HIGH’ that they’re suppose to cook at.
Mine was with the mini instant pot Luz and it’s confusing on how to get the settings to ‘high’. Had to watch some videos on how to put it on ‘HIGH’.
Wonderful recipe! (Had to use 1 cUP broth or it would be past the full line.) Had it on med instead of ‘high’ so adjusted that and cooked longer and turned out real tender.
Hope this helps someone!

    Thanks for your input!! Excited to hear that you had such great success with this instant pot recipe!

For all the reviews who said their roast turned out tough it’s because it was supposed to be cooked on ‘HIGH’ and not ‘low’ or ‘med/normal’.
Mine was an INSTant pot mini lux and it was confusing how to get it on ‘high’. Had to watch some VIDEOS on how to do that.
I cooked mine with 1 cup broth or it would be above the fill line. And had TO COOk it longer with the settings changed to ‘HIGH’ to make it become tender.
Wonderful recipe! Hope this helps someone.

5 stars
Best Roast I’ve ever made. I used my instant pot on slow cooker mode & this recipe turned out really great. Thanks for the recipe!

    Fantastic job, Kim! Sounds like you are an instant pot pro! 😉 Thanks for sharing your input! Glad you liked this recipe!

5 stars
Thank you was a good recipe

Used an Ajau mix in beef broth

    Great job, Paul! I love using an au jus packet when cooking a roast. My mom taught me that trick when I was younger!

5 stars
this was so tender and juicy that it melts in your mouth. It’s my new go-to recipe for pot roast.

    Super excited to hear that you enjoyed this recipe so much, Jackie! Thank you for your feedback!

4 stars
ok ive got this In tHe instant pot now but i did not read the Comments fIrst, rookie mistake. It was not even up to pressure yet so i popped the lid off and took out 2 cups of liquid. Will come back and comment on how it turned out.

5 stars
my second time making thiS pot roast in the instant pot, I think I found a new love! my boyfriend loves it. IfIf you plan on cutting your carrots small, you might want to add them in later. Mine came out fine!

    Thanks for your input, Allison! Super excited to hear that you and your boyfriend love this recipe!

5 stars
Turned out great! Thanks for this recipe! the meat was falling apart. I used “high” pressure. my first attempt with the pressure cooker – a home run thanks to you!

    Way to go, Biff! You will be a pressure cooker pro before you know it. 😉 super excited to hear that you enjoyed this recipe so much!

4 stars
This recipe is fabulous. The meat was flavorful and tender. Using 2 cups of broth with a 3 lb roast gave me 4 cups of broth. Thank you for sharing!

    Great job, Sheila! Glad that you loved this recipe!

looks great

There are so many ads on this page that it takes forever to view the recipe and impossible to follow it when cooking without copying it over into a word document so you can easily scroll up and down.

somebody needs to look at the mobile website design on this page. it doesnt load all the way on my s8. i can only see the first half of the page and it never loads the rest.

Tried my pressure cooker for the first time ever tonight and used this recipe. It was perfect! I read the comments and saw people used less broth but went ahead and used all 4 cups and it was perfect. I only had itty bitty potatoEs so I added them at the end with the baby carrots and they were perfect too. 3.2lb roast, 50 minutes, added carrot and potato for 10, then natural release for 10. Will definitely be making this again.

    It sounds like you did a great job, Megan! Thanks for sharing your feedback. You are going to be a pressure cooker pro before you know it! 😉

5 stars

    Way to go, Tina! Nice idea with adding some celery. Thanks for sharing!

Sadly this recipe is the biggest fail I’ve ever tasted in my life. Everything was so overcooked only a baby with no teeth would be happy.

    Sorry to hear that you weren’t completely satisfied with this recipe, Renee 🙂

If you add vegies later, does it take very long to come back to pressure?

Wow 19 ads – seriously?

5 stars
Loved this Meal! Thank you! I used arrowroot powder and some flour instead of cornsTarch (because its what i had) and worked great. I had 5 lbs (2 x 2.5 lb Sirloin roasts) and cooked for 80 minutes in the instapot. DelIcious, thanks again.

    Katie- it sounds like you did a great job! Thanks for sharing your input on your substitutions!

I wish I had of read the comments Before I cooked this. Definitely less broth, less cooking less time overall. My roast was 2.48 lbs, i would have only cooked it for 50 minutes (maybe) and the veggies would have went later. Oh well lesson learned. I appreciate the time taken to compile recipe flavors were good.

    Thanks for your input, Danielle!

I found the vegetables to be too done, so the second time I cooked roast i cooked it as directed, removed the roast and cooked the vegetables in liquid. excellent this way

    Great job! Way to modify it to your liking. Thanks for sharing!

5 stars
Tiffany, it’s awesome! I cannot wait to try this. I bet it makes the house smell divine and tastes incredible!

    The BEST smell ever!!!

5 stars
Tiffany, this sounds yummy! I would definitely make it again! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    I am super excited to hear that you enjoyed this pot roast so much, Anna!! T

Looks delicious!

5 stars
I walked in the door at 3pm, fRom the grocer. I put the grocer away, then started get ingre ready and WASHING potatoes and peelin and cutt carr and onions. Finally got my froz 3lb roast in the pot at 4:15. Dinner was on the table at 6:00 and it was probably one of the best pot roasts and gravy I’ve ever made. This was my fir time to use My new Instant Pot and this was the best recipe and step by step instructions to start off! Thank you!

    This is fantastic, Barbara! I am super excited to hear that you had such great success with this recipe, especially as a brand new instant pot user! Welcome to the instant pot fan club! 😉

It was good but not gr. I added fresh thyme and rose but forgot to add a cou of bay leaves – will do Next time. This was my Fir tRy at an Inst Pot – absolu sold!

5 stars

    It sounds like you did a great job! I am happy to hear that you found it so delicious!

5 stars
I made this, decreased the liquid to 1 cup. Added veggies the last 20 minutes. Let it slow release. Ive been marri for 34 years and my husband said its the best roadt ive Ever made. Very tender and flavorful.

    Way to knock this one out of the park, Ann!! I am excited to hear that you and your husband enjoyed this recipe!

5 stars
Great recipe! I used venison, super easy, super yummy. Instant family favorite!

    Awesome job, Jossie! Happy to hear that you and your family enjoyed this recipe so much!

Mine turned Out perfect. I cooked 90 minutes because the roast was frozen i cut the veggies in very large pieces. They were firm, NoT mushy

    Great job, Sandra!!

I’m going to buy my first instant pot tomorrow and make pot roast and potatoes. Looking forward to a great experience.

    You are going to do great!! You will be an instant pot pro before you know it! 🙂 I hope you love this recipe!

My instant pot doesn’t have a pressure cook option. Would you do slow cook instead? Thanks!

    There should at least be a manual button! Use that.

Hi, I’m planning on making this tonight, but my market only have chuck roast pre-packaged no more than 3lbs each, so i got (2) 2 1/2 lb roasts. Should i adjust the cooking time? TY!

    I would keep it the same for what I recommended for 5 lbs of meat!!

Hi all,
I have a sirlion tip roast….not sure of the difference between that, and a chuck roast. would it need more cooking time as I think it’s not as tender a cut?

    Hi Kellie- that cut of meat is likely to not be as tender as a chuck roast would be. The cooking time could definitely vary because of that. I haven’t made this recipe with that cut of meat, so I can’t say for sure what time.

There is no difference between “large chunks of carrots” and baby carrotS!

Both cook in the same amount of time.

Ohhh, I love meat! This recipe looks so healthy. I think I should try it this weekend. Thanks for your hard word!

5 stars
That’s what I do I put my veggies in it 20 minutes before the time is up

2 stars
I had high hopes for this recipe, but the meat was undercooked and the potatoes were mushy. Flavor was Ok, but had to cook the meat more after taking out the mushy veggies.

5 stars
THIs was the best roast I have ever had. For the LIQUIDs, i felt 4 cups of beef broth was far too much. So I used 1 cup of beef broth & 1 cup red wine. My roast was 3 pounds, I cooked it on high pressure for 60 mins, and let it sit/steam another 25 mins BEFORe opening it. It was PERFECT! For people who said their roast was tough, they probably didn’t use the right cut of meat. I used chuck roast. You cannot get anything too CHEAP- the quality won’t be the same. Oh, and i didn’t put any veggies in there (besides onions) because i Already knew they’d turn to mush.

    Awesome job, Angela! Thank you for your input!!

My instant pot was gifted to me over a year ago. I use it because it’s there. It won’t do anything I can’t do on the stove or in the oven. The saute function is pretty lame. Doesn’t come close to a cast iron skillet on the side burner of my grill. Yes, it’s faster but I’m retired and that really isn’t an issue for me. With that said, I’m doing this recipe. Sounds delicious

These look absolutely delicious! You have amazing food photography too :] As much as I know my girl’s will love these, I know I will too!

    Thank you for the sweet compliment, Maria! 🙂

FYI…Your site sucks on the android phone

5 stars
I tried this recipe for the first time tOnight. HUGE hit!! I will definitely make again!

Thank-yOu for sharing!

PS- Sorry for the caps. Wouldn’t let me type lower case in comments.

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed this recipe so much, Sherry! Thanks!

5 stars
60 minutes for my 3.5 pound roast was way too long. It was dried out. The flavor was delish though. Next time i will cook for 50 minutes

    Thanks for your input, Patty!

60 minutes is way too long. I only cooked mine for 30 minutes. potatoes and carrots were perfect. As is the roast beef. Lots of juice, but will make a gravy.

4 stars
Finally I have acheived the texture of my moms pot roast


Thanks for this RECIPE..

This looks amazing! Thank you foR sharinG youre creativity!

5 stars
THIS was the first meal we tried in our new instant pot. it was amazing! i was shocked at how much different it tasted than our regular slow cooker pot roast. DEFINITELY a keeper! thanks!

    Way to go, Lauren! You are going to love the instant pot!! 😉


I’m super excited to try this recipe but I have a 4.2 pound boneless chuck roast. how do you think i should modify the ingredients in the recipe and cooking time? I’d appreciate your feedback. i’m trying to make tomorrow if possible. thanks in advance.

    Hi Donna- start with somewhere around 70 minutes of cooking under high pressure!

will a more lean cut of beef (such as an eye of round) work well for this recipe? Chuck roast literally makes me gag, but a leaner cut (at least in a slow cooker) usually resembles moist sawdust. Help.

    Hi Cathy- that is quite the description, haha. You could definitely try using eye of round instead of chuck, but chuck roast is called for in this recipe because of how easy it shreds/how tender it is after cooking. I can’t guarantee the same results for you if you use a different cut! I would love to hear the results if you give it a try.

My first Instant pot recipe and it turned out delicious!

    Yessss! Such a great one to start with. You’ll be a pro before you know it! 😉

I have never cooked with cornstarch before. Mom always use flour! Do you just add one times the CORNSTARCH? Or do you add more? Thank you!

    Hi Gretchen- my understanding is that you use half as much cornstarch as you would flour. Hopefully this helps you!

Good recipe!! It is a lot of broth and i put in 4tbsp Of corn starch and it was still a tad ruNny but great overall!

I also Cooked my almost 4lb roast for 60mins then i put the vegGies with the meat for 20 minutes

    Nice job, Blaise! Excited to hear you had a great outcome with this recipe!

the recipe looks great thank you. However, how many calories roughly are per serving for this recipe? plz help

    Hi! I recommend using MyFitnessPal. They have a great (free!) tool where you can input any recipe URL into and it will generate the nutritional information for you! Hope you enjoy this recipe 🙂

4 stars
This was easy and SPECTACULAR ! I got to use the soup FUNCTION for the first TIME

    Way to go, Cindy! 😉 Super excited to hear that you enjoyed this recipe so much and got know your instant pot a little better at the same time, haha.

I’m doing a 1.66lb roast. I’m guessing 40 minutes? Anyone have any thoughts? I don’t eat beef really and have never cooked it in my iPad. Thanks in advance!!

    Gotta love autocorrect..IP. not iPad. If it does it again, well, you know what I mean! Lol

    I haven’t cooked any beef in my iPad either! 😉 I’d start with 45-50 minutes!

4 stars
I used an 8 qt instant pot. I made this and did mine for 60 minutes. I used double the seasoning. my potatoes and chunked carrots did not come out mushy at all. HOwever, the meat was a little more done than to my liking so I will try next time at 50 minutes. the 4 cups did make a lot of gravy. I added some salt, pepper, garlic powder and lowry’s seasoning salt and tasted fantastic! I would probably go down to 2 cups of beef broth as well.

    Thanks for your detailed input, Dawn! Your combo for gravy sounds delicious 🙂

This is really good but next time I’ll omit the worcestershire sauce. Not of a fan INTAKES away from the natural beef flovor to me. Thanks for the recipe.

    Thank you for your input, Eva!

Wondering, now that I’m 30 minutes in to cooking my roast, if a trivet should have been used.

    No- you should be fine!

I haven’t used instant pot for roasting potatoes, but this recipe is simple, I will give it a try Thanks a lot.

How long will I need to cook for if smaller roast? 1.5 pounds?

    I haven’t used a roast this small, so I can’t say for sure but I’d probably start with about 45-50 minutes!

5 stars
Picky family loved this. Thank you!!

    Way to please even the picky ones! 😉

Do you cook your potatoes and carrots also for 60 minutes with the beef bearing in mind potatoes and carrots take up to 5 (10 Max) in pressure cooker?

My mouth and STOMACH aRe so happy!!!
Perfect and just like grandma used to make!

    The best! I love when I can recreate things my mom/grandma make! Glad you enjoyed this recipe, Sarah 🙂

This was the very first time i have used a Instant pot. It turned out wonderfully. EVen my picky granDson liked it.i used a 5lb chuck roaSt. The only thing i did different was the veggies. After 85minutesi did a natural releaseand added carrots, onions and potatoes. I then did 10 more minutes and a quick release. It is defi a keeper!

    It sounds like you did a great job, Cindy!! Way to get out there and experiment with your instant pot! 🙂

5 stars
I have USed this recipe about 6 times now and its like the first time everytime. Very easy to follow and one of my favorite meals to make.

    Also one of my favorite meals to make! 😉 Super excited to hear that you enjoy this recipe just as much as I do!

4 stars
It’s way too yummy!

If youre adding baby carrotS at the end, do you do a npr or qr for The first 50 minutes? And what about after the 10 with the baby cRrots?

    Do a quick release, add the carrots and then let it natural release at the end!

Can i SUBSTITUTE soy sauce for the worstechire? I dont have any wosetchire on hand and making this tonight!

    They aren’t a straight across sub- after some quick research perhaps try this instead… “If you’re out of Worcestershire sauce, use 2 teaspoons soy sauce, 1/4 teaspoon lemon juice,1/4 teaspoon sugar and a dash of hot sauce for every tablespoon Worcestershire the recipe calls for” Hopefully this helps!

4 stars
As the recipe stands, one will get a nicely-cooked pot roast, vegetables on the mushy side, a thin “au jus” sauce, and overall good flavor. I feel there are some things that can be done to improve the recipe.

As others have stated, 4 cups of broth is excessive. This is what lends the sauce to be very thin and potentially less flavorful. I boiled the sauce for almost ten minutes before giving up on getting it anywhere close to the consistency of gravy. The sauce itself was still delicious, though. I added a bit of cayenne for some kick.

Anytime I see searing, I should also see deglazing. I recommend everyone deglaze their pot after searing by throwing 1/4 cup or so of water and scraping with a wooden spoon (remove the roast first). Even better, throw in a cup of red wine to deglaze and cook the alcohol out of it for a bit.

Vegetables cooked for over an hour in an Instant Pot are going to be on the mushy side, there’s no way around it. The one exception were the whole red potatoes, they came out perfect. The rest of the vegetables were certainly edible. If one would like crunchier veggies, I’d fish out the cooked veggies, throw some fresh carrots and onion in, and pressure cook for 5-10 minutes. Don’t omit the vegetables when doing the roast, as they impart excellent flavor to the broth.

5 stars
Yummy! I can’t wait to try it!

DeliCious! Thank you for sharing!

5 stars
Made this last night. Fantastic! I used whole new potatoes. They were perfect. I did an instant release, took the potatoes out, kept them covered and cooked 3 lbs baby carrots with the beef (5 lb roast). I did add onions & mushrooms per hubby’s request. Thanks for this recipe…It’s a “keeper”!!

    I bet the addition of onions and mushrooms was delicious- nice job!

Im plaNning to make this for dinner tonight, and wanting to be a SWEETHEART, id like it to be done and Ready to eat when my SO gets home from work… problem is, he never Gets off work at the same time and could vary from 6:00-7:30…. so my question is, if i get it all cooked can i leave it in the instant pot on the warm setting for an hour or two without Risk of it being ruined?

    Hey Tammi! You should be just fine to leave it on the warm setting!!

I’m not sur why my roast turned t shoe leather but the dogs enjoyed it. The roast was froEn when used and i cooked iT for 1 1-2 hrs

5 stars
Excellent recipe. Thanks for the hint With the baby carrots

3 stars
the Flavor of the potatoes was awesome, but I didn’t like the fact that they were brown like the broth as well as the onion soup mix. Great flavor and gravy. I’d make the potatoes seperate if you want white potatoes.

5 stars
I have never made a pot roast before and this was my first time using the Instant Pot. All I can say is wow. I made a few adjustments to mine, to ACCOMMODATE what I had on hand. Chicken Broth instead OF beef broth and i used a packet of brown gravy at the end instead of corn starch. I browned and then added the broth onions and spices and returned the meat to the pot. I set for 1 hour and then did a release and when ready i opened and put in the carrots and potatoes for 10 minutes., it came out wonderful. i will make again for sure.

    It sounds like you did a great job, Laura!! Happy to hear that you had a good turnout for your first time using an instant pot and your first roast!!

Seems like a very long time to cook veggies. I do the roast for that LENGTH of time, release pressure and then cook the veggies for only 2 minutes and they are nice and tender

5 stars
Yummy! Thank you for the delish recipe!!!

4 stars
I gave this a 4 because i made a few tweaks to the recipe, but It came out amazinG with thOse changes. I didn’t have smoked paprika so i used chipotle seasoning instead. For the liquid i only used 1.25 cup red wine and 0.25 cup beef broth. To thicken it i used 6 Tablespoons corn starch and mixed with Small amouNts of broth from the pot instead of adding extra water. I had a 3.7 pound roast and 6 qt instapot and at 90 minutes it was perfect.

Thanks for this useful guide on cooking! I love roast foods and potatoes and will try cooking this.

Definitely not a bad recipe! I will have to change a few things. My veggies werE mush and the gravy did not thicken with that amount of corn starch. Thank you so much for giving me something to go off of. I would’ve been lost otherwise.

3 stars
The Gravy did not turn out at all! The meat was tender and tasty, the potatoes carrots were good. the onions pretty much disappeared from cooking 70 minutes. what is the secret of making the gravy? it never thickened!!

    Are you sure you added the corn starch and water correctly? That should be enough to do the trick. There isn’t a secret! 🙂

      thanks tiffany- yes, i dissolved 2 tablespoons corn starch in cold water and then stirred it into all the remaining juice in the pot after removing the meat potatoes and carrots. it did not thicken, though the juice was boiling on ‘soup’ setting. i wondered if i was supposed to use just ‘some’ of the remaining juice instead of all? I put another 2 tablespoons of corn starch in and it still did not thicken, plus the corn starch floated around as i did not dissolve it in water first on the 2nd try with the starch. I wondered if i should have added flour? it was better on the 2nd day, but it was never ‘gravy like’ the best i could say was au-jus was closer than gravy to what it looked like. tasted good. meat was a bit dry on day 2 and 3. i put in glass bowl with potatoes and carrots and microwaved it after ladling cold ‘gravy’ on it on 2nd and 3rd days. overall it was better than i expected for a first effort on something other than soup. thanks for the recipe.

It was my first time cooking roast potatoes and it came out perfect. Thank you so much

    Way to go!

5 stars
This recipe could bot have been easier to make and was so tasty! I have always cooked mine low ans slow for hours and my husband even commeNted that he couldnt tell any difference in tEnderness. I had to add a bit more cornstarch mixture to thicken the gravy than the recipe called for, but i also used the smaller size roast. Served with some horseradish cream sauce, this was so tasty!

    Way to go, Lisa! I’m happy to hear that this recipe compared to your favorite low and slow recipe!!

5 stars
Tasted great and was very tender. The potatoes and carrots came out very soft, but I like them that way.

    Happy to hear you enjoyed this recipe!

5 stars
I made a 1.6 lb roast from frozen I more or less followed your instructions. Instead of rubbing spices I added them to the broth. I then cooked on high pressure for 25 mins, quick release, then turned over the roast (to get the spices on both sides) added the vegetables and then 55 mins more. Turned out perfect. Thanks for the recipe

    Awesome job, Alan!

5 stars
Cooked a 4.2 lb roast & 4 cups of broth for 70 minutes on high pressure natural release for 10 min then cooked potatoes,carrots and beans for 4 min in the broth on high pressure removed and thickeNed the broth by adding a pkg of brown gravy and cornstarCh. Best roast we ever ate!

    Awesome job, Kate!!

5 stars
This recipe is awesome! I followed the recipe exactly as written, and everything, including the veggies, were perfect. I have a Back + Decker electric pressure cooker/slow cooker and used the meat setting set for 70 minutes for a 3.82 pound beef boneless chuck roast. I also used uncut petite red potatoes and cut whole carrots. I did use extra cornstarch for the gravy, but that’s it. My family and I loved everything!! The potatoes were tender and the carrots were soft. Thank you for sharing.

    Super excited to hear that you enjoyed this recipe, Katie! Thanks for sharing your experience.

2 stars
Beef was ok, not tasty, a bit tough, and veggies were VERY VERY mUSHY

Used a 4.3lb roast, set for 60 minutes, put potatoes and carrots and more onion in, put on high for another 10. Very good. But that’s way too much broth. I used one can, and still ended up with 6 cups of gravy!

Do a quick release, add the carrots and then let it natural release at the end!

I plan on making this tonight but dont have small potatoes. would using 1 lb. of chopped russet potatoes be an ok substitute?

    I think so!

5 stars
This was amazing! My whole family loved it. The only change was I used Pomogranite juice instead of wine because I didn’t have any on hand. It was awesome. Will make again!

    That sounds delicious!!

5 stars
Yum! Yum! Yum!
I just bought an InstaPot yesterday and made this for dinner last night! Wow! This recipe was just awesome! I followed exactly to the tee and everything turned out to perfection!

    What an awesome way to break in the instant pot!! You’re already a pro! 😉

5 stars
This recipe worked terrific!!! Tasty and tender and the gravy was intense and full of flavor. Totally adding this into the rotation of meals!

    Glad you loved it!

5 stars
so yummy! i added a lil cayenne to spice up the gravy.

    Oh that’s interesting! Thanks for sharing!

2 stars
Unfortunately, i didn’t read the reviews first. i cooked for 60 minutes as instructed, and my vegetables were mush.

5 stars
Tasty beyond my imagination. Each fiber melts when it is put into the mouth. I am very impressed with your professionalism. Are You A Culinary Expert?

    So glad you enjoyed this recipe!

5 stars
This was So tender and flaVorful! I waited until the end to add the baby carrots like directed and it was the perfect tenderness. I had a little trouble with the gravy consistency but eventually worked it out. Definitely making this again!

    Happy to hear you enjoyed this recipe!

4 stars
Just made this and follo the directions exac, i agree with everyone else, my veggies were to mushy. I will add them halfway through cook time next time. I did use large carrots and red potatoes, to mushy! Meat was very good and loved the smoked paprika added!

Help…im new to the instapot and im going to try this tonight. We have a larger family, so i need to double Everything. I have 2 roast both 3 pounds, using large CHUNKS of reguLar CARROTS and PETITE golden POTATOES. What is your recommended cooking time? Also, shoukd i add all the veggies in the last 10 minutes? If i do tHat, do i quick release, add Veggies aNd start the pressure cooker again with 10 minutes. Sorry…just nervous and have a lot of questions. Any otHer tips? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Sorry I’m just getting to this comment. I hope your meal ended up delicious!

4 stars
2 tablespoons of cornstarch did not not thicken the broth at all. How long does it need to boil to get it to thicken? Or should I just use less broth. 4 cups is a lot but it is nice to have plenty of gravy for leftovers. I added an onion, some celery and whole mushrooms. The mushrooms held up nicely but the onion and celery did get mushy.

    It should be enough on both sides as written, but quite a few readers have had great success using less liquid. Whatever your preference is I suppose 🙂

5 stars
absolutely amazing!! I am not trying to do all caps it just is making me. Did half the broth and used the red wine. for 3.5lbs I did the Ninja for 70 minutes. Everything was perfect! Thank you for this.

    Thanks for sharing, David!

5 stars
Typically Don’t leave reviews but this was amazing! Just a tad tough in some areas but i WASN’T sure on the weight. For those tHat struggled with the veggies: Cook the roast with onion, broth, seasonings etc. and omit the carrots and taters. Pull the roast after its cooked and set aside in a pan with some of the juice. Dump the vEggies in the instant pot and do a quick high pressure cook. I had very small potatoes and baby carrots. Did 2 min high pressure with 5 min natural release and they were perfect. DIDN’T have corn starch so made a butter / flour roux and it was Incredible!

    It sounds like you did a fantastic job, Emily! Thanks for sharing!

I would recommend following the recipe as written but cut the roast down into smaller chunks to help speed along the cooking. If it isn t tender enough at the end of the cooking process, you ll most likely need to remove the carrots and potatoes and then set the Instant Pot to cook the meat for another 5 or 10 minutes. I don t think you can go wrong with this recipe but I wouldn t want you to increase the cooking time with the veggies in there or they could become too soft. It would be great if you could come back and comment on the result so others could benefit from your little experiment ?? Thanks and good luck!

Absolutely fabulous! Most delicious pot roast i’ve had in my 62 years of existence. I followed directions PRECISely, and meat aL,veggies, and gravy could not have come out better. Thank you for this super star recipe!

    Yesss! You are so welcome!

Loved it. Iwill never make another pot roast in the oven or crockpot. . GReat recipe And the pressure cooker is thE way to go.

    SO happy to hear you enjoyed this recipe so much! Thanks, Mary!

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5 stars
Making this right now. Smells great.

5 stars
Beef is very nutritious but very difficult to digest.
It is suitable for those who do heavy work.
thank you

5 stars
I normally hate poT roast, but made this for my husband. It was more than delicious!!! I think i ate more than he AtE!

    Haha!! Welcome to the dark side.. 😉

Keeing my fingers Crossed im doing a 3 pound in my 6qt instApoT. I have it all Tightly packed in to the fill line. Cut up 4 large carrots hope they are not mushY, used the full 4cups of broth. Cut baby Red potatoes in halF. Anyone else use a6 qt pot? I didn’t see until the comments she used an 8qt. Not sure if that makes a difference.

Thank uou for sharing your recipe. I wanted to love it. But like other reviewerS mentioned, the vegEtables came out very mushy. My potatoes fell apart into bits. Both the carrots and potatoes were bitter from cooking in the broth. I just threw them out. The roast was cooked but not as tender as i would have thought. Also, 4 cups of broth is much too much. I had to double the water and cornstarch to make the gravy and it was Very bland. We had to add a lot of seasonings to it. I love the idea of being able to cook roast more quickly, but i will stick to my fool proof slow cooker recipe.

    Sorry to hear that you weren’t completely satisfied with this recipe 🙂

5 stars
Really great recipe! Thank you for sharing.
You are my go to for Our weekly menu and with my family full of baseball Playing boys, C.d.l.c is a reliable hit!
Followed the Instructions. Perfect results.

    Yesss! You are SO kind. I’m so flattered that you enjoy CDLC so much! 🙂

5 stars


5 stars
wow! Thank you for sharing. this is the second IP recipe i have used from your blog and will for sure be using more.
For those that ended up with extra broth it can be used in other recipes that call for beef broth or you can store it int the freezer to use it the next time you make this roast recipe.

    Thanks for sharing, Sherry!

5 stars
YUMMY!!! X 10!

5 stars
great recipe!
I had a 2.7 lb meat so it was a little less and i added mushrooms i had gotten to make my normal crock pot recipe but forgot to make it in the morning so this was last minute. I pressure cooked it for 50 minutes.
the only thing i had an issue with was the veggies being super soggy. like my husband dropped a carrot on the floor and it splattered into a baby food CONSISTENCY. any recs on how to get firmer veggies? I do know that i switched it up a little and am one of those people but It was too easy to do “last minute” and I want to do it again but better. Maybe a tweak for less meat or extra veg?

Fixing it right now 🙂 Can not wait…

5 stars
This was the first yime we tried our instant pot and it came our amazing. Cant wait to try other recipes.

    Perfect recipe to start with if you ask me!

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